From around 1:50 onwards, you can see the introduction to the Outstanding Daily Drama Award. No Freddie in this video but thought you guys would want to see anyway :) 

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The Backlot interviews Freddie Smith at the GLAAD Media Awards in LA (2013)

Days of Our Lives stars Kate Mansi (Abigail) and Nathan Owens(Cameron) did more than pose for a photo. They chatted a good long while about the show’s gay storyline involving Will and Sonny which, as you know, is followed closely here on Greg In Hollywood.

Will share our interview in the coming days.

Then there was Sonny himself - Freddie Smith. We had a nice interview about the Will and Sonny plot and about his acting relationship with Chandler Massey(Will). I’ve noted in some of my recent Days posts that Freddie as Sonny has been able to really flex some acting muscles and is doing a terrific job.


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Freddie Smith walks and poses on the red carpet at the GLAAD Media Awards 2013 in Los Angeles

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Days of Our Lives Actor Freddie Smith at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Info about the award DAYS is up for at the GLAAD Awards

As you guys know, DAYS is once again up for the award of “Outstanding Daily Drama” Here’s some info on that, thanks to Mark at the Wilson facebook page.

I was curious about the GLAAD awards for Outstanding Daily Drama, since Days was nominated, so inquired as to which event the award was going to be presented. 

The Associate Director of Communications responded: “This year we will not be presenting the Daily Drama category onstage. It will be announced as part of a reel during the LA show on April 20, and in a post-event press release." 

Looks like due to time constraints(I presume) the award for ODD has been cut and put into a reel type thing instead, so if DAYS wins, the boys won’t be appearing live, if at all. Just letting you all know :)

GLAAD Awards Information tonight!

I’m not entirely sure if Freddie will be walking the red carpet, but on the off chance he will be, be sure to register here so you get an email that’ll give you a link to the livestream (which is at 5:15PT) that’ll be showing the red carpet :)

We’ll do our best to record the stream anyway so that if he does walk the carpet, we’ll have the video and will upload it for you all. 

We’ll also being doing our best to keep you up to date with any other coverage, you can follow us on twitter here, which is where our quickest updates will probably be.

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Freddie Smith interviewed at the GLAAD Media Awards (2:57-3:26)