[Album Review] Beatastic - GL1TCH3S

Back in April, the UK band Beatastic released their latest effort, GL1TCH3S. When I first pressed play to start the album and the first electronic notes of the track “Glitchy”, I decided it was time to settle in for a super fun and upbeat electronic ride. Then the guitars kicked in - simple, retro sounding rock n roll guitars.

Ok, so maybe my first assessment was jumping the gun a little, it has been awhile since I listened to an album and even as the first track was playing and I was falling love, I had no idea what to expect from the next one. What the Parisian born Nico of Beatastic was doing was something I wanted more of. And I decided all of this in the first minute. The second track, “LCTR” kicks the electronic beats right back up into high gear while still maintaining that retro indie rock n roll sound. They slow it down and get full on electronic for “Give It Up” and keep the mellow going for “Dreamcatcher”. Of course they pick it back up again with “Together / Forever” and then really start to show off their British-ness with ballad “26 Years”, one of my favorite tracks on the whole album.

It’s almost like these guys went to the Rob Gordon School for Mixtapes, the flow of their album is so perfect. With the exceptions of the tracks “Addicted” and “High Tide” which were just a tad too mid 90’s Prodigy for my tastes I loved everything about this album. The Brit pop, Blur-like vocals and softer tones are what really turned me on while listening to this record. Ballads like “How Fast The Fog Comes In”, “If You Want To Be Mine” and “Bedtime” make this an album that I will be reaching for a lot, especially during the hanging-out-on-the-porch-sippin’-a-beer summer months. And while all the other tracks on the album try and stick to a sub 4-minute playing time, the final track “Comets And Nebulas” clocks in at 8:28 and it is totally worth it to listen to every second of it. This album may get you shouting “Hey you got your Massive Attack in my Brian Jonestown Massacre!!” but I doubt you will be disappointed with that. I know I wasn’t. - Tracy


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