Elixir Ch 13

I will no longer be translating Partition because I am going to Korea for about a month. after I get back I will start my new job which is full time. I won’t be able to give the Partition the attention it should have…. BUT ‘TheShinSakura’ will take up the series. I am really sorry, I wish I could continue it! On the plus side I will continue It’d Be Great If You Didn’t Exist! and I picked up Elixir. Since both of them are to the most current chapter, I may do small projects on the side too. Partition is just too big to do with a full time job. I hope you all understand! 

They will start after their exams 

Find them here:



The Kase-san Anime MV is out. Please watch it.

The staff behind the animation wants to make a full TV anime, or at least a proper OVA adaptation of the manga, so they put this together as a pitch in hope to generate buzz. Share it with everyone, it’s so beautiful and it nails the mood of the manga so well.