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[10/6/2016 2:19:02 AM] Nice meme!: ok so i just finished the game  100%
[10/6/2016 2:19:17 AM] Nice meme!: and heres what i can say
[10/6/2016 2:19:29 AM] Nice meme!: FUCK ROSHAMBO TEMPLE 8

Color Splash came out today and from what I hear from my friend who was one of the lucky ones and got it a week early, my queen Luigi is finally getting the spotlight he deserves……..I. can’t. wait. 

Can I just talk about the lengths Satoshi will go to to save his POKéMON? Seriously, I love this episode so much: Hinoyakoma evolves into Fiarrow and shows off his awesome side, Fire was pretty cool in this episode, Trova was a fucking gift, and there was, like, a small diodeshipping moment. 

Then there’s this. Hinoyakoma just got blasted by Fire and Fire’s coming closer for the kill while Satoshi just tries to jump towards where those two are ( it’s like AT LEAST a few miles of distance between them ) in order to protect Hinoyakoma from Fire. Now, Satoshi knows just how deadly legendary POKéMON can be, and he’s SCREAMING at Hinoyakoma to wait for him because he’ll fucking fight a Legendary in order to protect his friends ( he’s done it before, and he’ll do it again ). 

There’s no way that Satoshi would be able to jump that distance, but he tries anyway, and it takes Trova, Pikachu, and Gekogashira to stop him from jumping towards Fire and Hinoyakoma, as well as Fire shooting off a huge Flamethrower at him as well. And, the thing is, the protection thing is mutual, and Hinoyakoma evolves jUST TO TAKE THE HIT AND HELP PROTECT SATOSHI FROM FIRE. However, he takes a massive blow and then – 

– it’s only thanks to Gekogashira that they’re even alive. Seriously, do you SEE how close they are to that lava? Honestly, I’m pretty sure Gekogashira’s fluff should have caught on fire due to that close proximity, but then we’d have a dead protagonist on our hands ( again ), and it’s not like Fire can revive dead human beings. 

One thing that differentiates Satoshi from other people are the length he goes to protect POKéMON. Like, in the first episode when Garchomp was rampaging through the city – Garchomp wasn’t even his own POKéMON, but he chased it to the top of Miare Tower in order to try to calm him down. 

Not everyone can do that, and not everyone does that. Hell, I don’t think most of his travel companions would have done that before meeting Satoshi. Satoshi really brings out the best in people and POKéMON, and he does it by being his charismatic, caring, and brave self, and people can’t help but follow his lead because he’s so earnest and bright and full of life. Everything is do or die with him, and he has an energy to him that surrounds him with amazing people and turns them into superbly amazing people. 

Look at how shocked Fire and Fiarrow are at the fact that Satoshi jumped into a freaking volcano in order to catch Fiarrow. What could he have done anyway? He couldn’t fly, even if he protected Fiarrow with his body, they’d both be dead anyways, but all his mind and heart were set on was to try to protect Fiarrow, and that’s what stops Fire’s rampage ( because someone who’d jump into a volcano to save a POKéMON can’t be a horrible dude ). 

Bonus: Scolding Pikachu because WTF PIKAPI THAT WAS SO DUMB