This is a Kate Bishop that George Kambadais (gkambadais) drew for me as a commission a few months back. It’s going to be a tattoo, and originally I didn’t post it because I was going to wait till I could post the tattoo, but some of my financial priorities have shifted recently and I probably won’t be getting it for a while (but I absolutely will get it, and post it when I do). So you get to see the artwork now.

George was awesome to deal with, and if you’re looking to commission art in a classic clean-lined comics style, I highly recommend him.

The text (which I added to George’s art) is a reference to Dorian Corey’s line from the end of Paris is Burning: “If you shoot an arrow and it goes real high, hooray for you.” Kate’s outfit was designed by by David Aja, and credit also goes to Matt Fraction, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Annie Wu for making Kate a character I’d want tattooed on my body.

Tagging mattfractionblog kierongillen mckelvie and kellysue because they might like seeing it. I’d tag David Aja and Annie Wu too, but I don’t think they’re on Tumblr.

I commissioned the incredible George Kambadais (“The Double Life of Miranda Turner”) - who has worked with DC Comics, Image, IDW, Arcana Comics and more - for a Cap/Bucky piece which I adore!

He’s currently open for commissions and if you have the desire for an amazing illustration, I highly recommend you check him out!  Support artists everyone!!

Thank you again, George! <3


art by me, George Kambadais and gkambadais, along with Disney…


File this under ‘fan fiction’ or nerd-ramblings in theservice of procrastinating real work I should be attending to… but I’ve grown near obsessed with my wish (need) for the movie versions of Big Hero Six to be incorporated into the mainstream Marvel Universe. 

Why hasn’t this happened yet?  Who are Marvel/Disney needs shaken upside down by Tadashi so to figure this one out?

And before you say, ‘it won’t work because the BH6 world is too different from the Marvel 616 universe,’ I’ve got it covered.  I’ve spent a good amount of time in San Francisco and, outside of all those blimps and the friendly police officers, there really isn’t that much that distinguishes San Francisco from Sanfrantokyo.  Plus, didn’t Tony Stark ‘futurize’ SF in recent issues of Iron Man? 

Furthermore, who’s to say that Reed Richards didn’t establish a West Coast campus for The Future Foundation?  It would be the perfect stand-in for The Sanfrantokyo Institute of Technology in BH6. 

The advanced-tech that Hiro, Gogo, Wasabi et al. tinker with isn’t all that different from similar inventions created by Hank Pym, Peter Parker, or Dr. Doom… indeed, the tech in BH6 is a good deal more realistic and grounded in current science than most of its 616 counterparts. 

The Marvel Universe is constantly looking for fresh new properties; it desperately needs greater diversity and representation in their lineup; and the company has tried on countless occasions to create teen group books that will catch on with readers.  All of this can be attained in one fell swoop with BH6.   

Whose with me on this one?

#Big Hero 616