i was supposed to draw but i decided to nap first and i just woke up and its midnight…….i slept for 8 hours :^)

Thus concludes chapter 4!

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So TCAF was an amazing experience for us, our first convention/exhibit we’ve ever done and it went great! We were so happy to see some fans in the flesh getting excited for us being there, we can’t thank you enough for dropping by and making our trip worth while. And for everyone who didn’t know us at all and decided to give our book or merchandise a chance, or even just picked up a card and became a new reader, thank you, thank you it honestly means the world to us! 

We met a lot of amazing people there, a lot of amazing artists and writers it was really incredible to see! We were so so lucky to have had really awesome neighbours at our booth too, they really made our stay enjoyable! To our left was an amazing artist Sabrina Cotugno, who is very sweet, intelligent and completely rad, please check out her webcomic The glass scientist! To our right was another comic artist all the way from glasgow Neil Slorance who was such an awesome and chill neighbour to have, please check out his stuff as well!! Right across from us was also Isabelle Melançon who is continuously cool as heck and supportive, please check out her webcomic Namesake!! 

This was such a huge experience for us and we’re really hoping that we can continue going to cons and meeting more people along the way, thank you everyone for your support!