Mark Stoermer Announces Surprise ‘Dark Arts’ Show in Hollywood TONIGHT

Mark Stoermer has announced a surprise, last minute show for TONIGHT at 10:30pm at GJ, Grandpa Johnson’s Cocktail Club, in Hollywood.  Stoermer states that he’ll be ‘playing a few tracks with a bunch of friends tonight…’.

Playing a few tracks w/ a bunch of friends tonight 10:30PM at GJ in Hollywood. #darkarts pic.twitter.com/KMP7O7Jq33

— Mark Stoermer (@MarkStoermer)

August 25, 2016

From this point on it’s //spoi lers// so here’s a link directly to the archive!

Chapter 7 Cannibal Syncopation: Page 68

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nopenopenopenopenowaydude  asked:

The account will be closed???? Why???

[[ GJ: Not closed… just VERY VERY VERY inactive… I just dont have a lot of motivation to keep up a hs blog anymore. I had a lot of fun, but its just not as fun anymore and i just dont get a lot of interesting asks anymore. I still like to draw and i default to doodling jade on my notes, but im just kind of not sure about this blog anymore. I appreciate all of my followers and all of the support i have gotten in the past!!! Dont get me wrong!! I just cant see this blog really going anywhere with the conclusion of HS. 

tldr: this blog will be open archive but i wont update here unless i really want to and i want to thank all my great followers who have supported me!!]]

@vestiica (continued):

    Clint snorted at the denial, a wry grin tugging at his lips before he nodded his head.  “C’mon, if you’re going to be stealing something of mine, we can at least get you something that isn’t my favorite shirt,” he stated with a chuckle.  He padded into the laundry area and dug around in the drawstring bag until pulling out a dark blue tee that was a little longer, baggy with SHIELD monogrammed on one of the sleeves.   He tossed it to her without a second thought.  “Pulled it out of the dryer about half an hour ago, so it might still be a little warm.”