Tbh one of the most underrated Padme Amidala things in Episode 2 is how she would handle Anakin’s advances when she didn’t want them

My personal favorite example is the scene where she’s packing to fly to Naboo, when she firmly states: “Don’t look at me like that. It’s making me uncomfortable.”

There’s absolutely no sugarcoating there to avoid hurting Anakin’s feelings or whatever (and we know Anakin has A LOT of feelings to hurt, he’s an emotional guy). She says EXACTLY what she means and demands respect.

Like whenever she felt her boundaries were being overstepped, she was explicitly vocal about it. Instead of being submissive in any way, she would take command of the situation and dissipate it to the best of her ability. I feel that says a lot about the spirit of her character and who she was.

Anyway Star Wars may not have done everything right but Padme was a Blessing and I’m glad she was one of my childhood role models