just a quick thing of The boy™ since I’ve yet to draw his feetsies. I’ll probably draw a full respectable ref for him eventually, but I hope this will do for now!

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❀ = fluff || ✧ = angst || ♡ = smut || ✿ = fantasy 

✾ = personal fav.

Kim Seokjin // 김 석진

Divided Sky ↠ outsiders au ❀ ♡

Min Yoongi // 민 윤기


Honne & Tatemae ↠ soulmate au ❀ ✧
Part 1 || Part 2

Jung Hoseok // 정 호석

To Love Somebody ❀ ✧

Kim Namjoon // 김 남준

Love’s Intoxication ✧

Park Jimin // 박 지민

Until Next Time ↠ gaming au ♡

[collab w/ignis] Song of the sea ✧ ✿


Honne & Tatemae ↠ soulmate au ❀ ✧
Part 1 || Part 2

Change Your Mind ↠ childhood friend & fwb au ❀ ♡
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

Luxury Demesne ↠ wealthy au & arranged marriage au ❀ ♡
Part 1

Kim Taehyung // 김 태형

Give You the World ↠ street artist au 

[collab w/ignis] Crossroads ↠ time travel au ❀ ✧ ♡
Part 1 || Part 2

Remember the Night ♡


Luxury Demesne ↠ wealthy au & arranged marriage au ❀ ♡
Part 1

Hometown Glory ↠ rockstar au ✧

Jeon Jeongguk // 전 정국

The Light We Share ↠ outsiders au ❀ ♡

Inherit the Stars ↠ dystopian au ❀ ✧ ♡


Change Your Mind ↠ childhood friend & fwb au ❀ ♡
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

Hometown Glory ↠ rockstar au ✧

Food is the language of love

My friend and I used to always talk about how food, making something with your hands is the best gift one can give. I thought it was a theme that fit well with Yuuri and Yuri on Ice!!! 

“Just keep your eyes closed!” Viktor said, hands over Yuuri’s eyes as he guided him to his chair. “Now I know we said we’d have katsudon together if you won, but I thought I’d do something special instead!”

Now Yuuri was concerned. 

“He spent all day in the kitchen, dear,” Yuuri’s mother said in Japanese, the words floating from somewhere near his shoulder.

His mother had a way of saying things in such a way that she sounded pleased but there was that tinge of annoyance that Yuuri understood. Other skaters didn’t like sharing the ice for their performances and such was the same with chefs, he guessed. He was also sure he had never seen Viktor wash a dish. He twisted slightly to look towards the kitchen.

“No peeking!” Viktor said, clapping his hands over Yuuri’s eyes again.

“Why does it look like he murdered someone in the kitchen?”  Yuuri asked, also in Japanese. Now  he was very concerned.

“Kitchen! I recognize that word!” Viktor said cheerily before depositing Yuuri into a chair.


“No,” Yuuri shook his head.

“Tada!” said Viktor with a flourish.

“What is it?” Yuuri asked.


“Boru…” Yuuri trailed off, not understanding.


“Bo-ru-shu-tsu,” Yuuri said carefully and Viktor beamed. 

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