Roxy's NickNames for people in HS (all by me, just things I would think she would call the characters)

Dave: The Time Guy / Davey
Dirk: Dirky
Hal: The Code W/ The Load
John: Johnny Appleseed
Rose: Rosey Posey Who Is Nosey
Jade: Doggy G
Jake: Jakey 
Jane: Janey / Crocker With A Pocker / Jane With The Frame
Sollux: SolLuxray
Kanaya: Ka nay nay
Vriska: Vriskers / SpiderBitch / Eight Eyes
Gamzee: Gamsayyyeeeeeeeee
Karkat: KitKat / KarKritter / The Guy Who Wont Stop Yelling At Me
Kankri: Mr.Tumblr / Mr.TurtleNeck / TriggerKins
Cronus: Greaser Who Needs A Mixer
Mituna: Tuna / Honey Boy / Red Light Blue Light / Helmet Guy / Street Light W/ Blue Instead Of Green