Somewhere near Polish & Ukraine border area exist place floating in space. It’s place where tradition meets modernity and history fights with cultural and national disagreements. In spite of all, people are friendly here and nature is wonderful and irresistible.

People here have a lot of patriotic strength. Most of them dislike neighbors from East. But vodka, cigarettes and gas are cheaper in the east. “Sellers” came across the border to sell illegal products. Lot of them risks accusation of smuggling, but they do it for extra money (in many case’s it’s a full time job). Paying attention to what is happening at Ukraine nowdays, revelations about refugees in gas tanks are not so extraordinary.


Elżbieta Ryl-Górska 

photo session made for EAST NEWS photography agency

make up by Maja Misiołek


Elżbieta Ryl-Górska (born 16 april 1933) is operetta singer (soprano) and muusic mentor of Polish origin. She was studying under care of Ada Sari - one of the most famous European opera singers of 20th century. In years 1954-82 She was soloist of The Warsaw Operetta. She had lot of tours around the worls (USA, Canada, West and East Europe). Despite she’s age, Elżbieta is still performing and working with music education. Person full of splendor, but in positive way of thinking. She has healthy distans to her work and… Huge sense o humor. It was really nice to work with her.