Celebration of Independance Day in Poland, 11.11.2013.

Presented photos shows March of Independance organized by ultra right-wing nationalist groups from Poland. I’m not proud of way of thinking and behavior that they present by themselves. These groups becomes ultra nationalist and fascist. They use symbols and ideologies of fractions which our grandparents were fighting during II World War. 

I’m also specifically not proud of this material. Nationalist militias participated in this march, they made lot of damages and robberies in Warsaw, attacking one of Squats in Warsaw, seting fire under contemporary sculpture, destroying lot of storefronts and attacking embassy of Russia. I was taking photos of that incident and a crowd of angry beasts attacked me, and take lynch on me (for being photographer and doing my job), destroying part of my gear. I’ve lost half of material with riots, fighting with police and frames from embassy attack. Friend of mine - also photographer - was taken to hospital, alfter being thrown to the ground and kicked several times in the head (they taked of his helmet! bastards). This should not happen.

One thing - please do not allow Your fellow-citizens to make that point. It’s pointless. Cheers.


Freak Agency is project made by MImello Event Agency. It associates all sort of “freak” artists, such as clowns, mims, acrobats, jugglers, puppeteres and other circus related performers. I’ve prepared making of promo clip, creative reportage, ads and photography documentary. Whole photo set contains almost 140 shoots.

You can see whole photo set here:

Freak Agency:



Somewhere near Polish & Ukraine border area exist place floating in space. It’s place where tradition meets modernity and history fights with cultural and national disagreements. In spite of all, people are friendly here and nature is wonderful and irresistible.

People here have a lot of patriotic strength. Most of them dislike neighbors from East. But vodka, cigarettes and gas are cheaper in the east. “Sellers” came across the border to sell illegal products. Lot of them risks accusation of smuggling, but they do it for extra money (in many case’s it’s a full time job). Paying attention to what is happening at Ukraine nowdays, revelations about refugees in gas tanks are not so extraordinary.


Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland, some photos from set made for Gdy Zyje Sie Zdrowo food & lifestyle blog

Bohemian Switzerland is a picturesque region in the north-western Czech Republic. It lies on the Czech side of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains north of Děčín on both sides of the Elbe River. It extends eastward into the Lusatian Mountains and westward into the Ore Mountains. The National Park is adjacent to the Saxon Switzerland National Park. It’s a beautifull region full of delicious food, nice people and great hiking sites. Mountains are'nt high, but there are lot of really steep rocks and view points. Also bikers will love this place - due to diversity of terrain.



East News photography agency from Poland is one of thh biggest agency of that kind in Poland. They are press (photo) agency, but also operate in advertising and illustration sector of media market. In years 2008 - 2012 East News was developing project called ENstock. ENstock Was child-agency with stock & illustration photography. In 2013, East News asked me to prepare re-branding of ENstock. My project contains logo design, web design, digital published adverts and newletters, visual communication strategy, stationary office design & show reel production.

Claim for whole project was to integrate photography & footage stock with services such as photograhy & video production, graphic design production, event & corporate services. We managed to contain every of this on web page and communicate it with press realese, newsletters and meetings with current and potential customers such as advertising agencys, publishers and main digital and traditional media. We started a large scale cooperation with Age Photo Stock - they are provider of search and data base engine for stock.

You can watch the show reel HERE.

Freak Agency is project made by MImello Event Agency. It associates all sort of “freak” artists, such as clowns, mims, acrobats, jugglers, puppeteres and other circus related performers. I’ve prepared making of promo clip, creative reportage, ads and photography documentary. Whole photo set contains almost 200 shoots. Here are some examples. Freak Agency:

Claim in eng: “We are changing the laws of gravity for You”


Elżbieta Ryl-Górska 

photo session made for EAST NEWS photography agency

make up by Maja Misiołek


Elżbieta Ryl-Górska (born 16 april 1933) is operetta singer (soprano) and muusic mentor of Polish origin. She was studying under care of Ada Sari - one of the most famous European opera singers of 20th century. In years 1954-82 She was soloist of The Warsaw Operetta. She had lot of tours around the worls (USA, Canada, West and East Europe). Despite she’s age, Elżbieta is still performing and working with music education. Person full of splendor, but in positive way of thinking. She has healthy distans to her work and… Huge sense o humor. It was really nice to work with her.



Photo session made for EAST NEWS Agency.


Józef Hen (originally Józef Henryk Cukier) is a Polish novelist, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and reporter of Jewish origin. His history is full of tragedy and also a positive. Part of his siblings (brother Moses, sister MIrka) and father were killed during second World War. He escaped from Poland, trying to survived Nazi occupation and Holocaust. In Soviet Union, he is forced to worked on a construction of Lvov - Kiev highway, after that manage to get to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, where Polish general Ander’s form’s an army on exile. He was refused to join. After all Józef joins Polish People’s Army on exile in 1944. He is writing during the war.

After war he fight’s with comunism in Poland. Many of his novels were adapted for movies (propably most know is “Law and the Fist”).

He was awarded the Cross of Valour and the Commander’s Cross with Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta. 

Now days he works and live in Warsaw, capital of Poland. He is lucky father and grandpa. Despite his age (89 years old), he is full of energy and positive way of thinking, has no claims for tragedy of war and comunism that he was involved in. His way of life shows perfect distans and honesty.   

I’m really grateful I had an opportunity to met him.