gizmo's drunk


The kids ask Sportacus to help with an educational video, and he’s like “Of course!!” So they guide him to this chair in front of the camera, and there’s this table of different foods like cherry pie, grape juice, different applesauces, etc. 

Stingy and Trixie explain to the camera that they’re running an experiment. What ambiguous food is healthy and what is not. And they hold up a fork with a bit of cherry pie in Sportacus’ face, and he has this really confused look on his face like, “uhhhhh, what did I agree to exactly???” And he looks over towards Stephanie, who shows him a stash of fresh sportscandy and assures him it was safe. Ziggy’s hopping on the balls of his feet. He looks over at Pixel who’s at his computer ready and eager to analyze all the results. And then Stingy and Trixie start pleading.

So of course he gives in and takes the bite and passes out. And they mark down on a chart “cherry pie: not healthy.” And then Stephanie feeds him some sportscandy and he’s okay. And it just goes on like this. Surprisingly, one of the applesauces doesn’t cause him to pass out.

For the last test, they hold up a spoon full of honey, and Sportacus draws the line there. He holds up his hands in refusal, and they start whining out of disappointment, but he just stands up and apologizes a bunch of times and then nopes the heck out of there.