Note: my blog identifies as a “Blog-Born-Blog”.

This means that it is was born and socialized as a blog, unlike your blog. While your blog may identify as a blog, live as a blog, and may face the same anti-blog discrimination that my blog faces, my blog believes that your blog isn’t nearly as oppressed. After all, your blog may call itself a “blog”, but it never had a bloghood like mine had.

You should know that this is a “blog-born-blog”-only webspace, which means that my blog doesn’t want so-called pseudo-“blogs” like yours around. But rather than say this to your face, my blog will instead insist that this webpage was always meant to be a place for other “blog-born-blog”s to get together and reminisce about our bloghoods - a bloghood that your blog unfortunately was not unfortunate enough to have had.

However, don’t you dare accuse my blog of being prejudice against your blog, because if you do, my blog will claim that “blog-born-blog” is a legitimate webpage-identity. That way, if your blog challenges the policy, my blog will accuse your blog of disrespecting its identity, and then it can retaliate by disrespecting your blog’s identity as a “blog”.

Face it, it’s a lose-lose situation for your blog …
—  Author, spoken-word performer, trans-bi activist, and biologist Julia Serano on Julia’s blog! circa August 2011

I. Game

Sometimes things happened without reason. Things that seemed completely random. They left behind little but the reminder that life was, innately, unpredictable. Valerie hated unpredictability. She liked to prepare and yeah, she was a girl that needed answers.

So of course it threw her for a loop when, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, with absolutely no warning and no explanation, Danny Fenton was kidnapped from her English class by suits.

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Okay so I was gathering rights and laws and shit to prove that the Guys in White wouldn’t be able to take Danny, but then I remembered that rights can be temporarily lifted during a State of Emergency, so I looked it up and

Danny Phantom takes place in 2004.

The United States has been in a State of Emergency since 9/11. Technically we’re still in one now.

So despite all human rights laws saying otherwise, if the Guys in White can convince the President that Danny is a big enough threat to National Security that he needs to be placed into their custody, they would legally be allowed to do so.

So, yeah. I guess the whole “Danny’s captured and experimented on by the GiW” schitck is actually legally plausible. Sucks to be Danny.

This came across my feed today. Thought it’d warm y'all’s hearts. 

[image: a facebook screenshot from the Transgender Law Center’s page. The image is a notification from Facebook that reads: You reported Gender Identity Watch for containing hate speech or symbols. Status: submitted Feb 3, 2014. This page has been removed. 

Details: We reviewed the page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols. Since it violated our community standards, we removed it. Thank you for your report. We let Gender Identity Watch know their page has been removed, but not who reported it. Facebook never discloses who submits a report.] 

GIW Danny AU idea!! (I hope nobody has thought of this)

The Guys in White learns of Danny and Vlad’s half-ghost identities as well as their connection and uses Danny as their pawn to bring down Vlad basically. They capture Danny and the struggle somehow results in Danny getting a permanent scar on his left eye…(I was thinking that perhaps he could get shot in the eye/head or something so that the GIW can conveniently perform lobotomy on him and brainwash him), as for the white tuff in his hair (reminiscent of Phantom Planet) it could be from tampering with Danny’s half-ghost physiology.So in the 5 years that Danny goes missing and is widely believed to be dead, the GIW trained Danny (Not sure what I want his new identity to be yet) to become one of their top agents. They would make Danny believe that Vlad killed his family so that Danny would have the motivation to do their bidding. I was also thinking that perhaps Danny would have this special medication prescribed to him that suppresses his ghost powers as well as prevents him from regaining memories of his past (he gets frequent migraines which are side effects of the lobotomy DANNY DOESN’T KNOW THAT OF COURSE and the GIW would make him believe that his condition is Vlad’s fault as well hahah). /rambling ends