morph… by ian-giw featuring coastal throw pillows

Nova Lighting arc lamp, 19,300 PHP / Red home decor, 5,130 PHP / Vitra wooden figurine, 6,170 PHP / Claire Gaudion coastal throw pillow, 3,640 PHP / Paper wall art / Nolen Niu black table, 124,680 PHP

the-ghostwriter asked:

"Hello, Daniel. How are things going, if I may ask?"

“Oh, hey— I mean… Hello, Ghostwriter. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Things have been… stable, I guess you could say. Definitely better now that the GiW is being dealt with. And you? How’ve you been?”

lucky strike… by ian-giw featuring leaf tables

Wästberg light bulb lamp, 176,195 PHP / ESPRIT blue area rug, 7,455 PHP / Jonathan Adler throw pillow, 12,860 PHP / Kay Bojesen blue home decor, 5,005 PHP / Sofa, 67,665 PHP / Moustache leaf table, 36,455 PHP

imgoinghost asked:

"Oh, hey Mom! Glad I caught you. You said you wanted to talk to me, right?" Danny gave his mother a smile, catching her in the lab as he was heading back from a quick patrol. "Do you need to get Dad, or was this something else?" While he wasn't precisely avoiding his parents like he had before, he still didn't often stick around long, at least, not until the news about the GiW came out.

Maddie gave a small smile, gesturing to the rolling computer chair beside her. “Hi Sweetie - why don’t you come have a seat, okay?” She folded her hands in her lap, absently playing with her fingertips through her gloves. “I think it’ll just be me and you this time, Danny - your father’s busy buying some new fancy tools that caught his eye.”

in living colors… by ian-giw featuring orange home decor ❤ liked on Polyvore

Twiggy floor lamp, 3,385 CAD / Rug, 1,390 CAD / Orange home decor, 1,430 CAD / Koko euro throw pillow, 180 CAD / Kate Spade green home decor, 125 CAD / Elephant vase / X Q home decor / Yellow toss pillow, 56 CAD / Giraffe home decor / Koko embroidered throw pillow, 140 CAD / Upton Home colored furniture, 195 CAD / Magis - me too Magis Me Too - Puppy, 430 CAD
the cool issue… by ian-giw featuring black furniture

Fabbian colored light, 37,335 PHP / Nuevo black floor lamp, 27,465 PHP / Wandschappen black home decor, 78,535 PHP / Bitossi home decor, 55,395 PHP / Richard Ginori colored candle, 11,945 PHP / Black and white home decor, 3,890 PHP / Monde Mosaic new york skyline wall art, 3,610 PHP / Park B Smith tapestry throw pillow, 1,140 PHP / OFFI black furniture, 11,830 PHP