skipping through most of the episodes to get to the gay stuff like

my name is keef

that much is tru

after hard train

i gets the juce

i driv a kat

her fur so red

we liv in space

til zarkon’s ded

i fite wit lance

and hav a nife

gots galra blud

that bring much strif

hunk giv warm hugs

space very wow

we go to mall

and ride the cow

pidge is smol birb

shiro is bro

he gets the bayard

but wer he go

i cant lead voltron

or fite da brutes

so here i sits

i drink the juce


Imagine; You told Cody everything. Trust was really important in your relationship. So of course you talked about Exes, and you told him about the abusive boyfriend you had before him. So naturally, when he sees the guy talking to you, he’s pretty overprotective. 

((F = Friend))

Another short one to give you guys something back for all the comments and response I’ve been getting. I really want you to know that I smile about every comment and I read it all, so keep giving me feedback loves, it’s really motivating :))