Possible Valla style mage (that i hijacked that face mask that made an appearance for but a moment since I thought it’d be nice looking for mages). I like both dark mages and regular mages so I used both colors.

I’ll borrow a lot less from the resident Vallite for heavier armored classes if I give those a whirl. :’)

[Benji seems to be greatly amused by all these comments]

Benji: Look at these idiots Carrot. They are making me out to be like one of the worst pokemon on the planet!

Carrot: Well… umm… you did attack several innocent pokemon…and tried to claim public property as “your territory”… So… I can’t really blame them…

Benji: Yeah yeah whatever. I just find it hilarious that they seem to think that I give a shit about their words/opinion!

Carrot: Well… umm… Maybe…if you apologized to those you hurt… people wouldn’t be so mad at you anymore?

Benji: I didn’t kill her, isn’t that enough of an apology?

Carrot: ….. not really…

((Sorry I answered these in bulk lmao. There is just a lot of them and I wanted to empty out my inbox some so I just did it in bulk. I kept one or two that are interesting/plot related tho))

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What's your official speculation for episode 5 for Olicity?

I think I know what is likely to happen but I don’t think anyone is going to like it. So, sorry in advance.

I think 5x01 - 5x04 is going to be Oliver and Felicity tip toeing around the awkwardness and not talking about their relationship. In 5x05, I think they’ll finally implode and talk (argue) about their relationship in some aspects. (This is the part I don’t think people will like) I think the reason they’ll finally talk about it is because Felicity will tell Oliver that he has to stop thinking they’re getting back together and move on. She’ll point out that she’s dating someone and he has to move on. That’ll mark the “turn.” 😕

Yeah, that’s my speculation.

mcsprk replied to your post “Sol guy is a black activist so stop speaking over him just shut up”

isn’t ezra miller jewish tho

@mcsprk right! i looked it up and ezra’s dad is Ashkenazi Jewish (and ezra has spoken about his jewish identity. [FULL DISCLAIMER: i am not jewish so feel free to correct me] but being jewish doesn’t automatically make someone a person of color and that’s a really complicated conversation. (here’s more reading on that! his being an american also affects this) but, basically, ezra isn’t black and has at least a degree of white privilege, so his doing the short is very :/ 

Another fill for this prompt.

IV: Muffet sings karaoke with Papyrus.


One human hotel is used to house every single one of them during the transition period. It’s chaos in every way you’d expect and a couple more, but not all bad; Karaoke Night is a lot of laughs, for one.

Tonight’s theme is duets, and for Sans, staying safely out of that particular limelight meant finding a partner for Papyrus. Since Alphys and Undyne were already spoken for, he elected to approach the loner sipping ice cider at the bar. Muffet had greeted him with a scowl—yeah, he didn’t miss the hotdog stand either—and he’d gone with…

Something about admiring her discipline, since this was the only vacation any of ‘em were going to be having for a long while. He’d ordered something sweet with rum and ‘forgot’ about it as he left to find his brother.

By the time she totters on to the stage with Papyrus wearing four pairs of hot pants, three of them like armbands, and they (loudly) break out into I Wanna Be Like You—song and dance, kind of, thank god for the kid’s movie recommendations—Sans considers it to be effort well-spent.



ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!



The most splendid work ever built by the hands of men, a palace worthy of the gods themselves. Surely even the Father Above does not have such a seat.

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Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen talk Densi in S8 at San Diego Comic Con

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