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I have this headcanon that Himuro's parents would be even more beautiful than him :D so i'd like to ask a scenario where Tatsuya bring his gf home to meet his parents and, after being stunned by their utmost beauty (you're free to characterize them as you wish ^^), she whispers to him "has your family got the Venus'gene in your DNA or something?" xD

Is it even possible that anyone is more beautiful than Tatsuya? -Admin Red

“Meet my parents?”

You nod earnestly, leaning forward to take another sip of your milkshake.

“I need to see them for myself, Tatsu,” you say seriously. “I need to see where you got your amazing looks from.”

Himuro laughs, albeit nervously, a blush colouring his cheeks. “You’re getting ahead of yourself, ________-chan. But I don’t mind, I’ll talk to them tonight and we’ll try to arrange something.”

“Good,” you smile and sit back, pondering. “But what if your parents don’t like me?”

“That’s impossible,” Himuro smiles, reaching to tilt your chin up with a finger. “After all, I like you.”

And of course, when the day came, you found yourself nervously pacing in your room, unable to decide between two dresses.

Himuro knocks lightly on the door and you jump. “Tatsu!”

“Are you ready to go? We have to-”

“Wait, come in, close the door, quick!” You yank him into the room, then lift the two dresses up to your body. “Red or black? I like both, but red’s too flashy, and black seems depressing, I-”

“________-chan,” Himuro cups your face with his hands. “Calm down. They’re just my parents. They’re very kind people, and they won’t judge you by your clothing. Trust me. It’s just dinner.” He kisses your forehead and heads for the door.

“Go with the red, I like that one more - I’ll be waiting outside.”

You grip Himuro’s arm tightly, standing before the front door of his house, contemplating making a run for it. Unfortunately, you’re in heels and you know better than anyone that Himuro will easily be able to catch up.

“I’m scared,” you murmur.

Himuro smiles. “Don’t be.” And he rings the bell.

When the door swings open, you choke back a gasp. Standing before you are the two most beautiful people you’d ever seen - and that’s saying something since you’re currently dating Himuro Tatsuya.

His mother is pale-skinned, with clear skin and flushed cheeks. Even with make-up on, you can tell that she’s beautiful. Her eyes are glowing, and her hair is tied back into a chignon, fashioned with a flower hairpin.

And the father - gosh, you can see where Himuro got his looks - the man is tall, broad-shouldered, with a defined jaw. Under the white shirt he is wearing, you run your gaze down the line of his collarbone, and you can feel blood rushing to your face.

“I-it’s nice to meet you,” you stammer. “I’m ________.”

The mother laughs - a lovely sound, not unlike Tatsuya’s - and gestures for you to enter. “It’s good to finally see you, ________-chan. I hope our Tatsuya’s been treating you well. He does speak of you often.”

“Ahh, let’s not embarrass our son further, hm?” Himuro’s father regards you with a smile. “Come on in, dinner’s ready.”

“Tatsu!” you hiss, pulling your boyfriend into a corner. His parents are in the kitchen, laughing at something Himuro had told them over dinner.

Himuro steals a glance towards the kitchen, then loosens the tie around his neck. “What is it, ________-chan? Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, it’s nothing like that,” you shake your head. “But your parents, they-”

“Are they too much? I-I can tell them to-”

“No, no, Tatsu, they’re gorgeous. I mean it! Why is your whole family so perfect?”

Himuro stares at you for a moment, then bursts into laughter. “My, ________-chan, you’re really something.”

You pout and cross your arms. “I’m serious. There’s no way everyone in your family is so beautiful and gets away with it. Did your ancestors please the gods of beauty or something? Is there a secret formula? I really want to know.”

Himuro is still laughing, and you resist the urge to pinch him. “Tatsu! C’mon, you’re all so hot you’re actually giving me self-esteem issues.”

“I guess we have lucky genes,” Himuro grins, and kisses your cheek. “You’re beautiful too, ________-chan. Have confidence in yourself, like I do with you.”