giving zero


Been marathoning YOI on the living room’s TV

And my dad’s here next to me giving zero shit because he’s probably accepted that his daughter is this kind of trash LMAO


Ok, so it actually goes like this.

Me: “Can I watch anime on TV?”

Mom: “Sure.” *gave me potato chips and leftover chocolates from valentine*

Dad: *i stole the TV from him, so now he stole my headset*

ok so I am one of those people that think Gajeel and Acnologia are related (the resemblance is too much). But I would want it handled a certain way. 

Ok so they’re related and Acnologia gives NO FUCKS. Like zero. He does not give one single fuck that they’re related, there’s no banter, nothing. He does not care who is his blood and who is not, he wants everyone dead, he gives no kind of fucks. If Acno gets some kind of back story, he didn’t give a fuck then and he doesn’t give a fuck now.

Even better is if he does know that Gajeel is related to him and he has an even bigger desire to kill him more than anyone because they are blood related. I don’t want an Eileen 2.0, she’s hot af but I think she’s a disappointment of a character so whatever.

If it occurs differently, I don’t know if I’m going to disappointed, mad, happy, whatever, only my future self knows, but until then I am going to enjoy all of the papalogia fanart @acnologias-ass  and enjoy how fucking cute it and he is

Why do I never have problems with Shawols? This is an appreciation post of this super chill fandom that gives me absolutely zero headache. You’re a Shawol? I  fucking love you. Other fandoms: learn to behave with Shawols. Every big group fandom except Shawols: you’re grounded. Go sit on a corner and think about the shit you all collectively been doing.

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Post inspired by @everybodykpops. Hugs and kisses to @shawolparadox, one of the best Shawols I know.

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I kinda have a feeling that Jshit is doing to Eliza what he did to Ricky, he is sidelining her, giving her zero to work with, no good material, but she is on screen because she is the lead and he knows that if she is gone he can kiss goodbye for good this thing he calls a groundbreaking show. With Ricky he could sideline and kill him cos he was not carrying the show even though being a fan favorite. With Eliza he sidelines her but the killing part is dependable on a S5

Hmmm, interesting, however it doesn’t look far-fetched cos all I have heard is the few screen time she gets and the poor material she is dealing with. My girl needs a better script than what she is getting in that flop.

  • MC: I don't know what to give my parents for Christmas...
  • 707: Give them me as a son-in-law. ;)

Today at school:

Classmate: This just got seven times tougher-

Me: Did you say SEVEN???

BFF: *looks into the camera like in the office*


Finally had some free time to work on the plot for his manga.

So…..I saw my Human Zero Au going around and well…I’ve heard your cries and now I have answered.

I don’t particularly remember if I had a whole idea going on with this but you all seemed to like it haha and so I tried to keep the over all design and concept the same, even though my own style has developed quite a bit since then.
I’ll try to get X drawn in sometime.

This version of Zero is around 16-20yrs
In have a different design for him as he gets older. I have a lot of MMX Aus….but I like suck at being organized about these things so I’ll try to poke some fun into old and new ones.


“I can’t believe you two would to this to Malia. She’s your friend, Lydia, and your her anchor, Stiles. This is horrible. This is not being good friends. No, you know what? This is being selfish fucks.”

Okay, I’m sure everyone has already noticed this before but I have a lot of questions…

This picture existed on Mulder and Scully’s wall like…WHY??
Who just casually took this?
And then did they show it to Mulder and Scully?
And they’re like, cool, yeah, can we have a copy to hang up, thanks.
Yup. There we are hard at work (??)
But really we’re just in love and this is the only picture we have together so far because we’re too busy working.

Also…is that low key a dead body on the far right side?
Cause that’s some dark shit.