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Why the signs are frustrated

Aries: they feel like they failed something, relationship issues
Taurus: money issues, too much to do
Gemini: existential crisis, stressed
Cancer: they can’t get their alone time, they feel like failures, they don’t know how to take care of themselves, family issues
Leo: art block probably, self esteem issues
Virgo: they’re being self critical, they feel like they’re doing/saying something wrong, they probably didn’t sleep enough either
Libra: nobody helps them, they have to do everything, someone lied to them
Scorpio: you said something that made them go in existential crisis mode, they overthought themselves, stress, basically anything bc moods.
Sagittarius: they can’t get their freedom, you didn’t want to fight for them
Capricorn: they can’t finish something, they have to give up
Aquarius: they don’t feel unique, self esteem issues, tired of smiling when sad, doesn’t get comfort
Pisces: they overthought(again), you said something that hurt their feelings, bc they can(mood changes), they read/heard something (music/a book) that made them sad

DATING MARK OR basically boyfriend!mark

im even ready for this asdfghjkl;

  • bro mark would be so freaking perfect as boyfriend 
  • like he would be so into calling each other “babe” because it’s so freaking cute NOT TO MENTION HE WOULD GIVE YOU THAT CUTE ASS SMILE LIKE THE ONE ABOVE
  • lots of hand holding especially around the other members
  • normal conversations in English that somehow drift into Korean and you guys are just speaking a mixture of both  
  • lots and lots and lots of KISSES
  • cute goodmorning/goodnight calls because he prefers listening to your voice before he goes to sleep and right before he wakes up 
  • random ugly snaps in the middle of the day, whether he’s on tour, at practice JUST WHENEVER OKAY  
  • back hugs
  • back hugs 
  • did i say back hugs 
  • *calms down* dEEP BREATHS 
  • datessssss 
  • i feel like you and mark would have lots of dates
  • but like not the types where you always go out and do something 
  • more of the stay at home and watch a movie and make cookies type
  • but of course there would be the casual ones like taking coco for a walk WITH POOR EOMMA YOUNGJAE CALLING EVERY SECOND WONDERING WHERE THEY KIDNAPPED HIS POOR BABY 
  • and there would be the dates where Jackson would tag along mostly because you could never say no to him simply because he was annoying as fuckkk
  • there would also those dates where we have jinyoung spamming mark because that’s his man and you have no right just “taking him and seducing him” 
  • but back to being serious and to what all you lil hoes have been waiting for  S I N 
  • so basically sex with mark would be special
  • you guys would have restless nights of love making 
  • meaningful love bites trailing down your chest and thighs 
  • sweet whispers of i love you’s 
  • lots and lots of ass grabbing 
  • lets be S E R I O U S mark tuan is an ass person 
  • but he would love each and every single inch of your body
  • but of course mark tuan isn’t anything but vanilla in bed 
  • 95% of the time you guys aren’t whispering sweet nothings into each others ears you’re moaning curse words out loud keeping up you’re neighbors for the 3rd night in a row
  • which one of the main reasons you don’t sleep over at the dorms half of the time
  • heavy breathing and tiny lil whimpers coming out of his mouth simply because YOU WORK HIM SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!
  • long line of curse words leaving each others mouths with moans coming right after each one of them 
  • finishing each other still feeling as euphoric as you did in the moment
  • mark picking up his t shirt and putting in on you and laying you back down taking you into his embrace 
  • staring at each other in silence as he strokes your hair feeling lucky as ever because you’re his girl and he’s yours while feeling content over the fact that his family may be thousands of miles away but he has never felt so at home laying down next you in each others embrace 
  • thinking about the future but not to far into it because all he knows is that he wants you by his side forever and that’s all he is asking for
  • being perfect in each others eyes

                                                                      ~ Erica


being best friends with namjoon

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  • you guys would be friends just before he became trainee, you would be a few years younger than him
  • you would always always always encourage him to write lyrics; even before they debuted
  • it would take him a while to introduce you to the other boys, him not wanting you to date any of them
  • he would be very protective of you
  • you would finally get to meet the boys when they debuted, namjoon taking them all out to dinner and inviting you
  • the boys would start teasing him about how he was friends with a beautiful girl like you
  • “yah! shutup you idiots!” 
  • him smacking them across the head slightly gently
  • after that you and the boys became very close
  • you and namjoon texting before and after rehersals all the time
  • you being his inspirtation for some lyrics
  • both of you telling jimin that he has no jams
  • you guys facetiming all the time when the boys and him go on tour
  • “oh my god you’re so loud why am i friends with you?”
  • you guys speaking in english infront of the boys, using hard vocabularity just to tease the boys
  • you guys would always find comfort in each other
  • if you needed to rant about some girl at school or work you would instantly call namjoon
  • if he needed to talk about how stressed he was he would call you
  • you helping him with lyrics sometimes
  • him helping you with school BC GOD IS THAT BOY SMART
  • late nights drives listening to eachothers music
  • namjoon getting annoyed because the other boys respect you more than him and he is their leader
  • armys actually loving you and namjoons friendship
  • namjoon and the other boys posting selfies with you on their twitter sometimes
  • you guys giving eachother fashion advice
  • you teasing him about his old hair
  • “y/n. stop. your hair wasn’t the best before either!”
  • you picking him up on his lunch breaks to get lunch together
  • him saying that the waiter is totally checking you out
  • you ignoring him and rolling your eyes playfully
  • late night texts to him when you can’t sleep
  • watching his music videos on repeat to annoy him
  • you also learning his rap parts to annoy him
  • one night, almost 4am, there was a knock at your door
  • slowly and tiredly you make your way to the door, being surprised when you met eyes with namjoon
  • “joon? what are you doing here at this time of night?”
  • “y/n, we need to talk.”

dating ur tc would include:

- tons of cuddles
- making each other laugh
- you hugging him after a stressful day
- him making sure you always realize how beautiful you are
- finding secret places to meet
- driving around the city bc you can’t go out together
- singing along to ur favorite songs
- you writing poems about him
- him making fun of them but secretly loving them
- giving hickeys to each other
- u smirking when other students tease him about the hickeys
- midnight texts
- spending ur evenings at his apartment
- finding ways to “randomly” bump into each other in public
- “ur so tiny and cute” “oh shut up”
- trying not to grin when you meet each other in the hallways
- flirting through homework papers
- him kissing your forehead while you fall asleep in his arms

GOT7 As Roommates

So I was reminded of the one I did for BTS (which you could find here) and I thought this would be a cute thing to do <3

(gif credits to the original owners)


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(hot ass)

  • he strikes me as a dad type
  • like he’ll be kinda protective of you, making sure you don’t stay out too late and come home at the right time.
  • he’ll say that it’s to keep a watch on you but he lowkey misses you.
  • typical dad always ends up falling asleep on the sofa.
  • so you always have to shake him to get him to actually go to bed.
  • you’ll feel really awkward when you accidentally call him dad bc he basically is
  • “is this a new fetish or something?”
    “shut up im jaebum”
  • also just another gross male that you have to deal with.
  • “leader of got7 or president of the US i don’t care, just wash the dishes”
  • people often mistake him for your boyfriend bc you guys are weirdly comfortable around him.
  • he’ll probably just walk around half naked with no shame
  • you’ll just throw his dirty laundry to get him to put clothes on.
  • does get a lil’ awkward if you’re ever upset.
  • will shyly admit he ordered take out to cheer you up and you chill for the rest of the evening.
  • he’ll get quite angry if someone has upset you or work is giving you a hard time but won’t show it.
  • since he’s a dad for thot7 as well, just expect the guys to often be over.
  • reliable dad friend roommate beom ™
  • you always make him cringe or make fun (in a friendly way okay)
  • you’ll be over sitting in a weird position on the sofa you’ll just be like “the a teaser, amirite” and poor boy would die of cringe.
  • with that weird dinosaur laugh he has

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i had to make this 2 parts (maybe 3 we will see) cause i was almost at 5 k and you and eunwoo still havent met so like, it had to be 2 parts

Originally posted by astrodaily

  • So its finals season, you are dying because of AP testing/revisions/big mean tests that give you too  much stress
  • Should you be studying cause these tests that have a huge impact on your grade? yes
  • But will you? I mean technically yes,,,
  • It still counts as studying if you are looking at studyblrs right??? totally
  • You end up finding a blog that posts study tips and weekly updates of their bullet journal
  • Tbh they look like they have their life together bc sometimes you see some moodboards of their desk and like healthy smoothies with like,, kale, and spinach
  • Their url is @morningwakeupcall Wow even their url makes it     seem like they have their life together
  •  You follow their blog because it’s pretty and you like pretty things, so you close tumblr because it’s 11pm you really should start studying
  •  Your life doesn’t really change after that, sometimes instead of jungkook’s abs on your dash now you see a  pretty bullet journal 
  •  One day you’re scrolling through tumblr and you see a picture of bts at the bbms in @mornginwakeupcall ‘s bullet journal 
  •  You’re dying on the inside because!!! One of your favorite groups!! Is in that journal!!! that someone who has their life together!!!  
  • O h  m y
  •  You reblog the post and add a bunch of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and keyboard smashes in the tags 
  •  You feel very happy and kinda like a proud mom that this guy likes bts too 
  • You decide you’re gonna send them an ask (on anon of course you feel hella awkward showing them who you are,, what if they think you are a weird stalker online no thank you you’re not about that life) 
  • Before you send them the ask     you wait like 6 minutes so they maybe won’t think that the kpop blog that     just reblogged thier kpop themed bullet journal sent them an ask, like this     is some 007 james bond shit right here you gotta take some precautions 
  •  After the 6 minutes have passed     you double checked that you pressed anon, and send the ask
  •  You’re sitting there on your phone refreshing his dash smh why are you so invested in this just to see his response- oH SNAP HE ANSWERED

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some headcanons from me to u

•Dark and Wilford are secretly the closest of the egos, behind closed doors they’re always laughing and sharing stories about each other but in front of the egos, they gotta keep that shit under wraps or they’ll never hear the end of it

•Dr. Schneeplestein and Dr. Iplier went to the same medical school, but only one of them graduated with an actual doctor’s certificate. Who that is is up to you!

•The Host listens to ASMR rain videos to calm down from a stressful day of writing blanks

•Bim fuckin loves P!ATD’s “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die” album, it gives him showtime Vegas vibes that hype him up for hosting HMA

•Chase didn’t start getting into trick shots until he saw Dude Perfect and ever since then, he’s been busting his ass trying to be just like them, even better than them actually

•Anti keeps going to Dr. Schneeplestein to get his neck stitched up so much that he has to start bringing in his own thread bc the Doctor is always running out and can’t always afford to get his own

add your own if you’d wish !

The Signs In a Relationship

Aries: Highkey jealous about everything/everyone. Comes off as a badass but is surprisingly overprotective of you.

Taurus: Worries about eVERYTHING they say or do. is probably always asking their friends how to reply to text messages.

Gemini: “do I really like them OR IS THIS JUST ANOTHER PHASE. Am I really ready for commitment?? do I really need this stress in my life rn??”

Cancer: “Why aren’t they texting back itS BEEN .010137 SECONDS OH MY GOD THEYRE GOING TO BREAK UP WITH ME”

Leo: “ok but we’re like the cutest couple ever”

Virgo: internally screaming 24/7

Libra: internally screaming bc they want to kiss you 24/7

Scorpio: sexts u nonstop

Sagittarius: wait a minute HOW DO YOU “RELATIONSHIP” agAIN?? I can’t do this nvm I give up

Capricorn: “Sorry I kind of suck at this whole…liking somebody…thing..”

Aquarius: “For the love of God just leave me ALONE FOR 2 SECONDS. you’re great and all but I need some ME TIME.”

Pisces: Relates their relationship to every romantic song/poem/movie/anything

thefandomismad  asked:

Do you have any tythan head canons cause I need life rn


-Tyler being super awkward when he and Ethan first met, before Ethan just starts talking about some random shit and Tyler warms up to him really fast

-Ethan being really scared of big man Tyler, before he sees Tyler playing with Chica and his heart just melts

-Amy being tired of their constant pinning and just walking up to Kathryn and going “if these idiots don’t kiss by the end of the night-”

-Mark being completely oblivious when they start dating, and one day Tyler just makes out with Ethan in front of Mark and he goes “woah wait, friend kissing is a thing??” Before Tyler just gives up hope

-Nights where Ethan is up super late editing, Tyler will just come and sit in the room with him, not talking just keeping company

-Date nights that end up as movie marathons bc both boys are too tired to go out and just cuddle on the couch the whole night

-Tyler loving Ethan’s hair so much, and just running his hands through it constantly 

-Ethan is an actual angel and Tyler can’t fucking stand it, HOW IS THAT MAN SO BEAUTIFUL

-Both boys confiding in Amy, bc supportive mom

-Ethan sometimes stresses himself too the point of breakdowns, and Tyler has to be there to remind him that its okay, he’s here

-Just holding hands and shit bc its so fucking cute i cANT

-Nicknames. All of the cheesy ones

(there u go, im so in love)

fake dating! junhui

Originally posted by beautifulshuas

  • by the way this is a non idol! college! jun au
  • so, you and junners, have been friends since high school, and you two were never really close, until college/uni came along, and now, when you haven’t started an assignment due the next day, you go to his dorm and cry about it
  • at this point you’re well acquainted with his chinese friend minghao who’s like your child but anyways,,
  • jun gets all the girls in college
  • and like it’s not a few, it’s like 230572 girls who want his number and so many of them have asked you for his number and you kinda just, lol bye
  • so you’re good friends with chick-magnet jun do people still use that phrase???
  • and jun’s pretty greasy, so he’ll probably flirt back and you’ll be like
  • ‘do you think if i got a tattoo of a dog, i can get more girls??’
  • ‘nO STOP IT’
  • and he goes on so many dates, but he never sees the same girl twice
  • and basically most girls are just now part of his fanclub hoping he’ll text them back, if he even has their number, which he probably gives to like hoshi and dokyeom to prank call
  • and you never really wanted to get involved with jun’s love life, but thAT BoY DRaGGED yOU IN
  • so one do you were chilling in the library studying and jun runs in and sits beside you
  • and you’re like ‘are you okay??’ because he’s panting and sweating and he’s like, ‘FAKE DATE ME …PLS’
  • and you said something along the lines of ‘wtf why?’
  • and he’s almost yelling and he’s like, ‘ so you know that girl i’ve been avoiding since what feels like forever??  yea??  so i went to the movies with her to watch guardians of the galaxy volume 2, and now she thinks we’re like exclusive, and she’s trying to make this serious, bUT I ONLY WENT BC I WANTED TO WATCH GOTG AND SHE WAS PAYING’
  • and you kind of laugh it off because he looks like a stressed mother of five, but agree, and that’s how you end up fake dating junhui
  • and minghao’s kind of aware it’s fake, because junhui tells him like everything, but little baby myungho ships you and junnie boy
  • and at first you’re like wow! this is easy! until his friends and the girl he’s avoiding walk by and you could be like tying your shoe lace and he’ll crouch down and start giving you really bad pet names and being all
  • ‘are you okay?? do you want me to tie your shoe laces??’
  • and you’re kind of like ew, but also, okay this has to look legit !!
  • and this goes on for a few weeks, and you’ve grown use to junhui’s arm lingering around your waist, constant back hugs from him, his really gross but endearing ?? nicknames, him teasing you about your height, unless you’re tall of course
  • and you’re sitting in the library sitting about it, and jun walks in and kisses your cheek and says ‘hey babe/jagi/your preferred term of endearment’ and you realise oh fuCK I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE CAUGHT FEELINGS
  • and you kind of hesitate to say hi back, and jun looks at you weirdly and you’re like oh,,, i’m sick :DDDDD
  • and he replies with, ‘oh, you shouldn’t be, let’s go back to one of our dorms and i can take care of you’
  • and mentally you’re like fuckfuckfuck, but you just reply with no it’s fine
  • and now you’re stuck in the worst situation because you’ll never know his true feelings because you’re faking feelings, but you don’t know if he’s really faking it
  • and part of you wants him to actually like you back, but you’re like no that won’t work
  • and baby dino is always saying how cute you two are and you’re like dINO NO
  • and jun’s like dINO YES
  • and you’re hanging out with jun’s friend jisoo, an exchange student from america, and his other friend jeonghan, a science student
  • and you kind of know jeonghan from high school, and joshua/jisoo is pretty laid-back and you guys end up talking about how you and jun got together
  • and you’re like wELL uM,
  • and they’re kind of like, we know it’s fake, but his feelings aren’t 
  • and you kind of wanna run out of the room, because yAY but what am i going to do with this information??
  • and you realise jun’s going to pick you up because you guys are going on another fake date to look legitimate, but BOY HE’S AT THE DOOR AND HE’S HEARD EVERYTHING
  • and he’s like to jeong and jisoo yOU JUST EXPOSED ME 
  • and jeong’s like SHE LIKES YOU TOO 
  • and you’re like WELL I DO, BUT I NEVER SAID THAT!!
  • and ohohoho jihan just exposed the next power couple
  • and everyone knew you were dating, but when you’re actually dating, everyone can tell and they’re like,
  • ‘jun’s gone on so many dates, and he finally asks out y/n, took him long enough’
  • ‘they should’ve been together ages ago’
  • and jun’s really cute and such a cute boyfriend, bUT THATS ANOTHER AU
  • and you guys are just the cutest college couple, and you do all the cheesy things and the girl chasing after jun has nothing on you bc dAMN THATS A CUTE COUPLE THEY DESERVE IT
  • and jun’s friends, seventeen teen teen, all knew it was fake, and tell you about how much he talked about you before you were dating and how infatuated he was
  • fake dating jun was a good time, but dating jun is even better

hey everyone, i’ve finally written something for my boy junners and i hope y’all like it and we’re almost at 500 followers wowowowow, but anyways, hope you have a nice day/evening

- admin jola

anonymous asked:

if jk and jm really were dating, could u give us ur opinion on how/when u think they romantically started getting involved?? I never really here people talking about their friendship before and the lead up

If jikook are really dating (key word: if!!), I have a few theories about them and when or how they got together. I think it’s one of those things I imagine a lot because of how much I ship them. But I’ll share my most realistic theories (once again stressing this post is for fun, not saying jikook are actually real). This is really long (it also took me hours bc tumblr crashed 2 times when making it smh). 

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anon request;; headcanons for dating alex

•Alex is always sleepy. let him sleep whenever bc if he doesn’t at least get a cat nap he’s gonna be pressed and grumpy.

•omg ur gonna have to physically force him to stop working bc this lil shit is non stop (*wink wink*)

•ok but imagine if you’re trying to distract him from working and he won’t look at you, so you go change into some rlly hot lingerie and go back to his work space and ur like “Alex, baby please look at me” and he sighs deeply and then looks up at you and seems that lil lacy number on you and is shook™ and he shuts his laptop and comes over to you and whispers in ur ear “Are you trying to impress your daddy, princess?” fuckcuxjns i have to write a smut like that.

•when he’s working long hours (tbh when is he not) he comes home w flowers for you and showers you with kisses and apologies and he’s super soft

•he’s such a cuddle bug omg. he’s always down for cuddles. always. even when he’s working. just give him the puppy dog eyes and pout your lip and he’s done for

•sex is big in your relationship. it’s not just about the sex (even tho it’s gr9) but it’s about the intimacy and the love and all that soft stuff. (if ur ace,, than change the sex thingy to kissing or cuddling, ok)

•he almost always wakes up before you and he wakes you up with little kisses around your face and when you finally get up he begs you to make breakfast for the both of you.

•sometimes,,, he’ll wake you up,,, by going down under the sheets ;;;)))))


•king of oral!!

•he’s defff more of a giver.

•daddy kink ™

•white lace is his fav to see on you.

•omg he’s usually a dom but when he’s had a really bad day and he’s stressed he becomes soo submissive and he calls you mistress or something and it’s so hot omjshshsh

•he grunts a lot and his moans are drawn out. he also compliments you a lot while y'all are going at it

•you always cum first. always.

•when you give him blowjobs, look him in the eye bc that gets him off so qUICK

•i’m bein 100% serious. if you make eye contact with him while letting him fuck your mouth he’s gonna nut so quick

•quickies at his work

•quickies at your work

•quickies in gwash’s office (sorry george)

•quickies in the hallway

•makeup sex

•shower sex

•just a lot of sex you guys omgg.

giving this idea to yall, FREE OF CHARGE, nd absolutely with altruistic intent… dnp care packages, dnp shop releases care packages, socks, candy, a little copy paste note from them, candles, lotions and bath stuff, a plushie, some sort of thing u need to do like plasticine or one of those colouring pages, the option to send one to a friend & diff ones for diff things eg exam stress, a pick me up, birthday gifts, holiday specials & both dan themed ones and phil themed ones. maybe it changes every couple of months and the dnp shop crew all choose their favourite things. OF COURSE at this point dnp shop also does sell socks/candles/etc separately so it will be the Actual gift basket/care package experience. ur welcome, do with this idea nd info as u will

When You’re Stressed (iKON)

“How do you think Ikon would cheer you up when your stressed or how would they react to you being stressed? Thank youuuuuuuuuu ☺️”

(gif credit to the original owners)

He would be concerned. Over time, he would start to notice that you looked a little paler and that the circles under your eyes had darkened. One day, he would shyly come over with some snacks. He would awkwardly stutter out that you hadn’t seemed yourself lately and knew cuddles and food would definitely give you a chance to relax for a bit. Would then get all blushy and sweet when you pulled him in for a massive hug bc it’s just what you needed.

Originally posted by sugutie

I think he would pretty much notice it straight away. It saddened him, you were just acting differently and he couldn’t figure out why. So, he would go out of his way to talk to you about it. He’d call you or go and see you to talk everything out. He’d want you to just vent, let everything go and some stress with it. In a mum-like fashion, he’d tell you to rest and take a breather. He’d ensure you got the break you deserve bc he probably wouldn’t rest if you didn’t.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

(he’s so cute he doesn’t look real wow)

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  1. first off they’re thirsty
  2. really thirsty
  3. i mean their natural habitat is literally the ocean
  4. which may explain why they constantly spend money on water
  5. always thirsting for kim jongin
  6. they never go without one day without being thirsty
  7. honestly kim jongin is their man and they want you to know that
  8. like jongin?? bACK UP
  9. will fight the good fight for their hot ass man
  10. have a thing for frog jumping cricket laughing kim jongin
  11. they’re so soft omg
  12. they’re so soft and fluffy but did i mention kINKY
  13. they’re really kinky
  14. almost as much as fluffy
  15. probably like the idea of being tied up by a jongin in a tuxedo ??
  16. bdsm is something they probably wanna try ??
  17. their sex better involve roses and petals and candles
  20. but also thirsty for his heart :’)
  21. watching jongin dance practice focus videos like they can’t leave 
  22. they’ve accepted the fact that they can’t leave this crooked fandom
  23. they’ve also accepted the fact they don’t wanna leave
  24. they’re honestly pretty damn chill over everything 
  25. have thought about jongin in a hot pink thong
  26. if they haven’t now they are
  27. don’t deny it
  28. interrogated by friends as to why there’s a sexy man as their background
  29. and will respond with “that’s the father to my children”
  30. laughing at friends’ faces
  31. honestly they’re probably the chillest out of all the stans
  32. but the minority are gonna be stripping naked bc jongin exists
  33. honestly exo stans themselves can become different stans
  34. watching fanwars like “lol no biggie”
  35. supporting other exo stans but don’t give enough fucks to get involved
  36. carefree ngl
  37. highkey stressed about little things
  38. laughs at stupid antis in their inbox
  39. laughs at everything in their inbox
  40. laughs
  41. but have you seen how perverted they are
  42. i mentioned this earlier but dUDE
  43. but not as much as they like laughing at jongin’s face ??
  44. honestly they love jongin derps so much ??
  45. texting a jongin stan takes up a shitload of gbs
  46. honestly jongin stans are:
  47. 50% perverted
  48. 50% laughing lil puppies
  49. honestly if that doesn’t describe them what does
  54. but too busy rolling around on the floor
  55. with their dirty smut collection
  56. smutsmutsmut
  57. really like smut
  58. not as much as ksoo stans but they really like it
  60. hIS LAUGH
  66. but his laugh is literal sunshine
  68. unless you’re like me and a tiny asian girl that hates the sun
  70. if you mention jongin around them be ready for a bunch of
  71. OH
  73. and oh he’s cool
  74. and yeah i’m not hyper at all
  75. and no don’t worry about me okay i just have to breathe in
  76. see? chill.
  77. friend is probably a chanyeol or sehun stan i feel ??
  78. if not it’s probably a tao or yixing stan ??
  79. or an exo stan ??
  81. because they’re:
  82. 1. chill
  83. 2. perverted
  84. 3. fluffy
  86. but mostly the smut
  87. hell i wouldn’t be surprised if they had a jongin smut masterlist link saved
  89. honestly they love being exposed
  90. unless they don’t
  91. always want his dick
  92. every single day
  93. never go a day without wanting that bulge
  94. mm they think about it a lot too
  95. because they read too too much smut
  96. aaaaah they also want jongin’s baby but only show it on the internet
  97. irl they’re like “oh that guy he’s pretty hot”
  99. “dicksdicksdicksdicks”

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BC WE'RE ALL SINNERS how about the marauders jerking off headcannons

God damn I’m going straight to hell, aren’t I?


  • Very quiet.
  • Makes little grunts, but is very conscious of the fact that the other’s could hear him.
  • Slow and steady, teases his slit.
  • Uses it as a means to unwind when he’s feeling particularly stressed. 


  • Does not give a fuck about being quiet. 
  • Will moan and groan so that you know exactly what he’s doing. 
  • Runs a hand up and down his abs and chest for extra stimulation. 
  • Jerks off in the showers quite a bit. 


  • Very vocal. Dirty talk. Always. He just can’t keep his mouth shut.
  • Lots of ‘Oh yeahs’ and ‘right there’s.’
  • Plays with his balls a bit and is very good at multitasking. 
  • Teases his nipples.

theyre bonding ;)

you cant tell me that post-game after being nigh-disenfranchised with that demotion and being forced to confront past inhumane sins somebody like faba wouldnt take up stress-smoking 

at least he found a smoking buddy he can surprisingly stand for more than 30 minutes

(it also gives nanu the perfect opportunity to talk casually with the guy bc hes super-califragilistic-expiali-gay and thinks fabas pretty)

Hey let's remember

Reproductive Justice (RJ) isn’t just abortions. And it’s not just just about cis white women.

• RJ is folx of color not having children bc they are afraid of them being killed due to racist injustice.

• RJ is transmasculine (transmen, non-binary afab people, bois/boys, etc) folx being denied medical care because of our trans status, that is if we can even afford it.

• RJ is predominantly folx of color not being to keep their children or give them up for adoption, even if they wanted to, bc they can’t afford the medical bills that come with having a baby.

• RJ is folx who don’t speak fluent English having limited access to medical care, no matter what their decision is.

• RJ is dark-skinned folx receiving less pain meds during pregnancy or the doctor will ignore them all together bc of racist stereotypes which puts their bodies under unnecessary stress which in turn effects the fetus.

• RJ is transmasculine folx being misgendered by hospital staff.

• RJ is transmasculine folx having to teach our health care providers about our bodies, HRT, detransitioning (bc you can’t be on T if you’re pregnant), basic do’s and dont’s, etc. all while being sensationalized as a “pregnant man”.

• RJ is medical staff assuming you want an abortion since you’re transmasc.

And that’s all I got so far. Please add more. And I like the word ‘folx’.

nct 127 goes on a roadtrip

feel free to request stuff!


  • developes a hate/love relationship with google maps (taeyong: i diDN’T TOUCH THE SCREEN WHY AM I SUDDENLY IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN)
  • what do you even need for a roadtrip (johnny: nerves of steel / taeyong: lol not today)  
  • panic-googles roadtrip tips the night before they leave and can’t sleep
  • has seven cups of coffee and is as ready as he’ll ever be
  • lots of strained laughter
  • this whole ordeal is gonna take at least 20 years off his lifespan
  • why is yuta in the seat next to him
  • h o w did winwin get the passenger seat
  • double checks everything (taeyong: water, phone, sanity, food, sunglasses- “ / yuta: when are we leaving it’s been 10 years)
  • “has everyone got their seatbelts on?”
  • asks that at least 6 times before the actually leave
  • needs the loo but doesn’t say so bc they’ve only been on the road for 20 mins
  • openly doesn’t trust yuta as a reliable navigator
  • doesn’t even touch the sat nav
  • kind of calms down when the kids start a sing-along (and yuta is in the back)
  • nvm he’s gonna murder the next person who asks “are we nearly there yet”
  • exchanges pained mother smiles with the mum’s in the car next to them when they get stuck in traffic


  • ha lol taeyong is gonna age 30 years in one week
  • doesn’t know where they’re going and honestly couldn’t care less
  • generally looking forward to it bc long car rides are fun
  • *shows up 10 minutes late with starbucks*
  • smiles:) bc he got the seat he wanted (right behind the driver’s seat)
  • pillow, starbucks, portable charger, headphones and the calm mentality of a blue whale yes he’s ready
  • wait no taeyong being stressed is starting to stress him out
  • messes around with mark’s ear to relieve said stress
  • kicks back his seat when they get onto the highway (doyoung: my leGS)
  • puts on headphones and zones out
  • zones in again when doyoung kicks him in the back bc he was humming along to his music
  • takes out his headphones when yuta finally gets the aux cable from taeyong
  • yaY SING-ALONG oh no wait this is anime  
  • “i need the loo” x12 (taeyong: ohmYGOD OKAY WE GET IT)
  • how is he so calm in all of this noise


  • 9 people stuck in a blACK van for god knows how long
  • they’re gonna boil to death
  • carries everything down to the van before taeyong even tries
  • he’s stuck in the last row with his knees in his face bc jaEHYUN WON’T BE CONSIDERATE
  • what did he do to suffer like this
  • tries to sleep but yeah no that’s not happening anytime soon
  • the first one out of the car at a rest stop
  • he can’t feel his legs
  • why did he give donghyuk sweets
  • they all change seats at the third rest stop bc donghyuk keeps kicking mark’s seat and they’ve gotten lost several times bc yuta can’t read (maps)
  • get’s the seat next to taeyong
  • much better passenger seat person than yuta (can actually read maps wow)  
  • now he’s in charge of the aux cable yesssssss


  • knows this is gonna be a trainwreck
  • makes a playlist on his phone bc he knows he’s gonna win the passenger seat battle
  • wins the battle but gives it up for his one true love(winwin)
  • shit now he’s the navigator
  • suddenly can’t read hangul sorry:)
  • wow why doesn’t the foreigner tactic work with taeyong
  • great now he’s car sick
  • “yes these are anime theme tunes mark stop whining i have the aux cable u don’t”
  • pouts when he has to switch with johnny
  • complains but stops bc wow the backseat is so stress free
  • is quiet for like 7 minutes
  • but then the johnny sing-along is started and he’s bACK
  • (reluctantly) has a good time 


  • doesn’t even attempt the passenger seat battle
  • sits in the back bc that’s where the Cool Kids sit
  • oh god now he’s stuck with donghyuk next to him
  • eats an entire packet of gummy bears and now he can hear heart beating
  • now they’re on the same wave length
  • high on sugar and ready to fIGHT taeil for putting his seat back
  • “how about a game of fuck marry kill?” (taeyong: theRE ARE CHILDREN IN THIS CAR)
  • b o r e d and won’t shut up
  • gives mark his spare headphones
  • by the time they reach the third rest stop he’s made himself a lil nest
  • is considerably less bored when johnny get’s the aux cable
  • shares a pillow and blanket with jaehyun when he has to switch with donghyuk
  • the kids steal his sweets
  • now he’s hungry


  • made/bought most of the food and is exhausted
  • brought three blankets but forgot a neck pillow and wants to run into oncoming traffic
  • kicks his seat back like 2 centimetres but johnny won’t shut up
  • just trying to s l e e p
  • gives up and just sort of exists in his nest of blankets
  • lowkey backseat road rage
  • “that one is gonna cut u off tae”
  • “fuckin called it” when said driver does just that
  • rolls his window down to see if it’s cooler outside
  • it is not
  • “I’m hungry:(“
  • stares at the food he made like “why don’t i want to eat u”
  • bounds out of the car at every rest stop bc he wants gas-station food
  • moves into the backseat and his squished between doyoung and yuta
  • it’s chill for like 10 mins and then johnny puts on bohemian rhapsody
  • at least mark and donghyuk have stopped bickering


  • got the passenger seat and didn’t even have to lift a finger
  • shoes off the moment he gets comfortable
  • is never q u i t e comfortable tho and moves around a lot
  • get’s a blanket from taeil and curls up
  • headphones on but the music is really low so that he can hear everyone talking 
  • it’s so noisy even with headphones
  • tries not to laugh at yuta and taeyong bickering
  • has a vague idea of where they’re supposed to go
  • “i think that was the wrong exit but i’m not sure”
  • just adds fuel to the fire:)
  • reads place names out loud in a really satnav-y voice (mark: w h y / winwin: i’m practicing my korean)  
  • mispronouncing names so bad it’s making doyoung flinch
  • unfazed by the seat changes
  • dances whilst sitting down and slapped johnny in the face once by accident


  • forgot his headphones:(
  • has a bad feeling when donghyuk sits behind him
  • bad feeling is confirmed 13 minutes into the trip
  • 30 years of tension are being unloaded on this trip
  • taeil keeps fiddling with his ear (mark: ily but pls stop / taeil: i can’t sorry)
  • complains about yuta’s choice of music
  • would put on headphones but he forgot them:)))))))))
  • is he hangry
  • (yes)
  • drinks 1 bottle of coke in 15 minutes
  • regrets it 3 seconds later
  • taeyong: seat change i can’t take this anymore
  • what do you mean donghyuk is gonna sit next to him???? this was not in the contract he signed????? (taeil: he can’t kick u if he sits next to u)
  • *watches the entrance of a rest stop pass by* i need the toilet  
  • does this 5 times
  • donghyuk and he become friends again when johnny puts on some Tunes
  • harmonises with with taeil and donghyuk at the galileo (galileo) part
  • doyoung gives him a spare pair of headphones and he almost cries


  • ate sweets and now he can’t sit still
  • long car trips man they’re a thing
  • won’t!!!sit!!!!still!!!!!!!!!
  • yutae’s bickering keeps him entertained for exactly 6 seconds
  • “are we nearly there yet”
  • “i’m hungry”
  • pulls a face at the food that’s being offered (donghyuk: not that kind of hungry)
  • so much pent up energy h o w
  • johnny is googling tranquilisers
  • sings over the anime theme music bc he’s petty and b o r e d
  • starts a fight with mark bc he’s tHAT bored
  • yuta actually makes him run a lap around the parking lot of their first rest stop
  • laughs when doyoung get’s yelled at for saying fuck
  • bohemian rhapsody is the balm for mark and his friendship
  • calmer???? not really?????
  • suddenly goes out like a light and is dead to the world for a good chunk of the trip