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dating ur tc would include:

- tons of cuddles
- making each other laugh
- you hugging him after a stressful day
- him making sure you always realize how beautiful you are
- finding secret places to meet
- driving around the city bc you can’t go out together
- singing along to ur favorite songs
- you writing poems about him
- him making fun of them but secretly loving them
- giving hickeys to each other
- u smirking when other students tease him about the hickeys
- midnight texts
- spending ur evenings at his apartment
- finding ways to “randomly” bump into each other in public
- “ur so tiny and cute” “oh shut up”
- trying not to grin when you meet each other in the hallways
- flirting through homework papers
- him kissing your forehead while you fall asleep in his arms

Headcanon that Yurio tries to cook pirozhki bc he wants to give them to his grandpa but fails numerous time and it’s getting pretty stressed about it when Otabek calls him to hang out, Yurio accepts bc at least he’ll be away from the kitchen and all the failures. While they’re hanging out Otabek notices Yurio is more angry than usual and asks him what’s going on, Yurio says it’s none of his business so Otabek it’s just like “…okay” and decides to just leave it like that. He knows that Yurio will tell him when he’s ready. So after a couple hours Yurio opens up and tells Otabek about the kitchen situation. Otabek just goes “uhm, i see” but that’s all of it. Until the next morning, when he randomly appears in front of Yurio’s door with bags of ingredients and when Yurio’s about to close the door in his face, he asks why did he even bother to come so Otabek says “it looked like it was pretty important for you, besides, i seem to have more patience for this stuff than you” and Yurio’s scolding himself in his mind and using all his self control not to kick him right in the face, but he leaves Otabek in and they start reading a bunch of recipes online while Yurio’s trying to remember the way his grandpa did them. It took them a couple tries and many frustrated rants from Yurio but after a whole day in the kitchen they made a pretty good imitation of Yurio’s Grandpa’s Pirozhki. “These are really good, Yuri” “I know, right? But they’re not as good as my grandpa’s!! Just wait until you try them!” “Are you inviting me to Moscow?” “Uh—”

DATING MARK OR basically boyfriend!mark

im even ready for this asdfghjkl;

  • bro mark would be so freaking perfect as boyfriend 
  • like he would be so into calling each other “babe” because it’s so freaking cute NOT TO MENTION HE WOULD GIVE YOU THAT CUTE ASS SMILE LIKE THE ONE ABOVE
  • lots of hand holding especially around the other members
  • normal conversations in English that somehow drift into Korean and you guys are just speaking a mixture of both  
  • lots and lots and lots of KISSES
  • cute goodmorning/goodnight calls because he prefers listening to your voice before he goes to sleep and right before he wakes up 
  • random ugly snaps in the middle of the day, whether he’s on tour, at practice JUST WHENEVER OKAY  
  • back hugs
  • back hugs 
  • did i say back hugs 
  • *calms down* dEEP BREATHS 
  • datessssss 
  • i feel like you and mark would have lots of dates
  • but like not the types where you always go out and do something 
  • more of the stay at home and watch a movie and make cookies type
  • but of course there would be the casual ones like taking coco for a walk WITH POOR EOMMA YOUNGJAE CALLING EVERY SECOND WONDERING WHERE THEY KIDNAPPED HIS POOR BABY 
  • and there would be the dates where Jackson would tag along mostly because you could never say no to him simply because he was annoying as fuckkk
  • there would also those dates where we have jinyoung spamming mark because that’s his man and you have no right just “taking him and seducing him” 
  • but back to being serious and to what all you lil hoes have been waiting for  S I N 
  • so basically sex with mark would be special
  • you guys would have restless nights of love making 
  • meaningful love bites trailing down your chest and thighs 
  • sweet whispers of i love you’s 
  • lots and lots of ass grabbing 
  • lets be S E R I O U S mark tuan is an ass person 
  • but he would love each and every single inch of your body
  • but of course mark tuan isn’t anything but vanilla in bed 
  • 95% of the time you guys aren’t whispering sweet nothings into each others ears you’re moaning curse words out loud keeping up you’re neighbors for the 3rd night in a row
  • which one of the main reasons you don’t sleep over at the dorms half of the time
  • heavy breathing and tiny lil whimpers coming out of his mouth simply because YOU WORK HIM SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!
  • long line of curse words leaving each others mouths with moans coming right after each one of them 
  • finishing each other still feeling as euphoric as you did in the moment
  • mark picking up his t shirt and putting in on you and laying you back down taking you into his embrace 
  • staring at each other in silence as he strokes your hair feeling lucky as ever because you’re his girl and he’s yours while feeling content over the fact that his family may be thousands of miles away but he has never felt so at home laying down next you in each others embrace 
  • thinking about the future but not to far into it because all he knows is that he wants you by his side forever and that’s all he is asking for
  • being perfect in each others eyes

                                                                      ~ Erica


Hey let's remember

Reproductive Justice (RJ) isn’t just abortions. And it’s not just just about cis white women.

• RJ is folx of color not having children bc they are afraid of them being killed due to racist injustice.

• RJ is transmasculine (transmen, non-binary afab people, bois/boys, etc) folx being denied medical care because of our trans status, that is if we can even afford it.

• RJ is predominantly folx of color not being to keep their children or give them up for adoption, even if they wanted to, bc they can’t afford the medical bills that come with having a baby.

• RJ is folx who don’t speak fluent English having limited access to medical care, no matter what their decision is.

• RJ is dark-skinned folx receiving less pain meds during pregnancy or the doctor will ignore them all together bc of racist stereotypes which puts their bodies under unnecessary stress which in turn effects the fetus.

• RJ is transmasculine folx being misgendered by hospital staff.

• RJ is transmasculine folx having to teach our health care providers about our bodies, HRT, detransitioning (bc you can’t be on T if you’re pregnant), basic do’s and dont’s, etc. all while being sensationalized as a “pregnant man”.

• RJ is medical staff assuming you want an abortion since you’re transmasc.

And that’s all I got so far. Please add more. And I like the word ‘folx’.

Honestly, one of my favorite uncanon friendships in WOY is Peepers and Beeza. I just think with Peepers’ bottled up stress and anxiety, and the fact that Beeza’s job is literally to help people relax, it would be a really healthy friendship for him.

Plus, I’m sure Beeza l o v e s hearing Skullship drama.

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Mercy - aka most hunted target

its like when u bring in a pack of gum during school and u give some to ur friends and u tell them to NOT say anything to /anyone/ but at least one if them usually ends up betraying u and tells someone else and it eventually spreads around and /everyone/ is hunting u down asking u for gum

but with mercy it’s 10x worse bc its like ppl wanna kill u for that pack of gum

i need the entire s4 of fdtd to be kate, seth and richie going across the country and robbing banks and sharing shitty motel rooms. richie complaining because kate and seth take the only bed and whines on the floor all night. they all get matching tattoos. they stress freddie out on the reg and give him like a million gray hairs but its okay bc he lowkey loves them. seth and kate kissing the first time and richie being a jealous bean. kate protecting the gecko brothers because shes a bad ass bitch. 

Headcannons - Edmund

-grew up to be a lawyer bc he wants justice, but it to be fair. Like Aslan granted him.

-willing to give second chances to everyone which can be a problem

-runs his hands through his hair when he’s stressed

-and its not too long or too short, but stands on its end all the time


-Like a lot

-But can also be really confident at the same time

-A good listener to everyone and gives everyone advice even if its crap advice

-Actually awful relationshp advice but he tries

-Doesnt get into a lot of relationships bc gave someone another chance and they destroyed it

-Everyone loves him

-Not just bc he’s v cute

-But hes a caring guy who smiles and is honest

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today i felt proud because I reached my fucking dream I had a badminton tournament and people (even my trainer lol) said i had a 0,3% chance to win and id instantly lose and I won the first games, but then it became hard i was about to give up*actually I'm proud bc I motivated myself not to cry and not to just lay on the ground* i was so stressed bc people were watching me AND LIKE WTF I ALREADY WON a few games AND THEN I WON I WAS SCREAMING EVERYONE WAS AND omg Ive never felt this proud before


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Husband Woozi
  • Would ask to marry you in private
  • Maybe sing you a song 
  • Private wedding as well 
  • But oops SVT would throw you a party anyway
  • Always near you but gives you enough space 
  • Small displays of skinship with you and only you
  • Bc he loves u
  • Singing while doing things around the house
  • Makes him the happiest man in the world when you sing with him
  • Stressed bb but doesn’t want you to know 
  • Cuddling whenever you’re alone
  • Pretends he wouldn’t care if you had kids or not
  • But secretly really wants them
  • Would come up behind you and hold you in silence
  • Sometimes he sings you a soft song 
  • Did I mention he’s v romantic 
  • Would never turn down the chance to be with his kid(s)
  • Best dad ever
  • Ideal husband tbh
  • Strict enough but very loving dad
  • Sometimes goes overboard with discipline
  • So you have to remind him not to be mad sometimes
  • Protective of u
  • Because you are so v precious
  • Secretly jealous but doesn’t say it
  • Because he always wants to be seen as cool and calm
  • V precious bean
  • Take care of him & love him 
  • Bcuz he loves u
  • (and ur kid(s)


HOLY CRAP. I DIDN’T THINK THIS WOULD EVER HAPPEN??? Thank you so much you guys what the heck????? ;u;

Last year I bought Animal Crossing New Leaf and joined Tumblr, and the ACNL community. My blog was actually supposed to be a makeup blog and ended up being this lol but I will never regret that decision! I made lots new friends, discovered things about ACNL and even Pokemon and lots of other things! Thank you for that experience in my life ;u;

I want to give a quick shoutout to all the cool new pals I made last year and then we need to decide what to do to celebrate 1k bC I GOTTA DO SOMETHING DUDE
@cupcakecrossing @hemlockcrossing @mayor-aby @foxiemayor @mayornoa @grandmaof3 and @rayne-queen-of-rain

SO now we should vote on what we want to do to celebrate! I get to stress out with giveaways, so please not an item giveaway, but maybe some sort of giveaway that I might be able to do! I was thinking things like an art livestream, or smth if it wasn’t 7 am I might have other ideas lol so yes put your ideas and then I can make a google doc or smth on them and we’ll vote! 🙈

Thank you!

wow i literally lov haikyuu so much

Face masks are also GREAT if you have dermatillomania and you’re at that bad stressed guilty stage where you’ve fucked up and now you can’t fix it and the only way to ‘fix it’ is to do it more??? It feels like giving myself a reset somehow bc my face feels really clean + it’s doing something positive to address the problem without giving in to that urge

what to do when ur parent constantly tries to guilt u into giving them hundreds of dollars a week and no matter how many times u say no they keep calling

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do you have any tips for gaining ambition? i feel like my anxiety hinders me from so much

i find that eliminating stressful/unnecessary things from my life gives me an insane amount of motivation like realizing that i don’t need to be dating rn or that i don’t need to be taking that extra class or i should get rid of that chair i never sit on bc it takes up space just getting rid of unnecessary things in ur life and focusing on what u want right NOW i also found that coming to terms w the fact that u won’t get immediate results when trying to achieve something and that PATIENCE is extremely important and tbh volatile to ur well being ur young and smart and will get to where u need to be so take ur time also give urself some incentive! when we work hard we deserve rewards so take urself out to a nice dinner or a movie or shopping or somethin

i lvoe my friends so much but it pisses me off they are all so pretty and smart and witty and kind and beautiful and funny and pretty and flirty and likeable and i can only find myself wishing them the best but its so fucking INFURIATING that they always outshine me they alwasy call themselves ugl y like shut up your beautiful you mean teh world to me i want everything for you i want to GIVE you everything , 

but then theres the selfish part of me that is jealous of them. jealous that they are pretty and smart and people like them, they talk to them bc they can hold a converstation and look nice and not cry all the tiem and throw up after getting stressed out and not constantly worrying about relasping and what people think they are implusive and cool and honestly everything i want to be YET I CANT FUCKING TEAR MYSELF APART AND MAKE MYSELF ANY MORE LIKEABLE im jsut so sad all the tdamn time and so lonely i wish i had someone who made me feel nice and loved and wanted to give me the stars but its all empty  all if its fcuking EMPTY

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Jack turning the kids against Tim bc children are so easy to manipulate. Especially when their "other dad" is so generous and gives them really cool toys and lets them stay up late and watch scary movies whereas Tim is never home and when he is he's cranky and on edge which the kids don't like bc it makes everyone upset.

yup yup jack definitely takes advantage of this, especially with the younger kids who have come to know jack more than even their own dad. jack’s the one who is there and giving them presents and love while tim is always away and never much fun because he’s always under so much stress, so they’re starting to gravitate to jack….which is just what he wants…

i’m so anxious and i’ve been so anxious bc my contract law professor has given me panic attacks/a reason to leave for three consecutive weekends and now i found out that he said i can’t always walk out and the exam is in three days and like… i don’t want this anymore. he thinks i can’t handle it and maybe i can’t he stresses me out. so. much. and maybe i’m weak for not being able to take it but i just - can’t.