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The Camera Kiss

Summary: Dan gets bored waiting for Phil to film his new video that he decides to go eavesdrop on the filming, when he heard Phil talking about their first date and past kisses he bursts in and kisses the boy completely aware they are filming. What happens when Phil forgets to edit out the kiss. 

Word count: 1974

Warnings: Just pure fluff and cuteness. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Danisnotonfire or AmazingPhil, None of this is true it is just work of Phanfiction, anything Phil says in the video is not true I made it up. 

Dan should of known better not to walk into Phil’s room when Phil was ‘talking to himself’, he should of known even better not to walk in and kiss him and then walk back out. Dan really should of known that it was very risky to do something like that, because if it ended up on the Internet his whole world would be turned upside down.


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Thumbnail-Jack Maynard Imagine

“You’re ready?” Jack said turning the camera on.“ I’m not” You responded.
“Okay so we can start” Jack said and you got ready to film. “Hello people. Today I’m joining with my dearest best friend, youtube sensation, role model for her fans, artist, singer, painter-”
“Oh stop it you silly”
“Okay. So today I’m joining with this loser that I love so much mrs. Y/-”
“Ey ey. I’m not a loser”
“Can we start the filming now?”
“Go on”
“So as I tried to say earlier before a certain Y/N cut me off, today I’m joining with my best friend Y/N”
“Hello” you said waving to the camera.
“And what are we going to do ?” Jack asked you.
“A dare Jack+Y/N”
“Exactly. Should we get on with the dares ?”
“We shall” You said in a daring voice.
You and Jack did the dares from the viewers: pie on the face, drinking toilet water, licking each other’s feet, and the list goes on. There was one dare left.
“I dare you to kiss each other.” Jack said smirking to the camera. “Oh that’s easy” You said kissing him on the cheek and he was disappointed. “Y/N. We need a good thumbnail.” Jack said smiling again. “Okay fine kiss on the mouth but promise me one thing” you said.“What?” he asked. “That it won’t be awkward after we pull off. Okay?”
“Promise” Jack said getting closer to you and you already felt your body heat up with shyness. Jack cupped your cheek with his hand and kissed you passionately and you kissed back.
“Well this is it. Umm”
“Jack! You promised it won’t be awkward.”
“I’m not good at not being awkward. We maybe should end this video or it will be more awkward.”
“Yeah so hope you enjoyed the video. Make sure to subscribe to me and unsubscribe from Y/N’s channel because she has more subscribers than me.”
“No really though go check out her channel and subscribe , give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you next week. Bye!
"ROLL THE OUTRO” you screamed and Jack let out a giggle.
You ended up staying a bit longer at Jack and his roommates’ flat where you made a movie night and ordered food while Jack was editing. “Y/N. Can I speak to you for a minute please” Jack said in a clearly shy tone. “Yeah sure. What’s up?” You asked curiously as you entered Jack’s room.“ We have a little problem. The kiss was so fast that I wasn’t able to put it as a thumbnail”
“Aww you really want those thumbs up”
“Here goes the awkwardness”
“Worst part is that you’re much taller than me and I can’t reach you” You said laughing.
“Worst part is that I really want to kiss you not only just for the thumbnail.” Jack mumbled thinking you didn’t hear him but you heard it clearly. Immediately you kissed him and he was surprised. “Y/N that wasn’t even on camera.”
“You said you wanted to kiss me”
“Oh.. You heard that.”
“It’s hard not hearing when I actually have feelings for you”
“Would you go out on a date with me ?”
“Wow wow wow. Calm down. It’s just too fast for me to handle”
“No seriously though. Would you?”
“Umm yes?”
“See you at 6 then?”
“What today? Jack we just confessed our feelings to each other.”
“Ugh fine.”
“Can we do the thumbnail now?”
Ok I really hope you enjoyed this imagine because that was my fifth attempt to write it. No seriously I have like so many ideas and I don’t even know how to write them. It was really weird writing this imagine, like all the imagines I write are cringey now. Anyways, hope you like this imagine, make sure to follow, give it a like and I’ll see you next week with another MONDAY MAYNARD SPECIAL hohoo.