It’s time to cleanse myself of you.
—  I guess I’m sorry, but you don’t love me anymore and I don’t want to feel this any longer.

steven universe au

i love part two the most so i drew my faves song

first pic: room where it happens : basically aham, tjeff, and jmads fused and burr wants to know what the fusion was like 

second pic: what did i miss to cabinet battle #1 : tjeff is a slut for fusing lmao (tjeff and jmads thought if they fused they can kick ahams ass but they failed, badly)

third pic : NON-STOP : aham wants to fuse + aburr doesnt = them fusing 

fourth pic : washington on your side : jmads + tjeffs + aburr being salty bc gwash likes aham thus them fusing to express their anger for aham 

fifth pic: election of 1800 : JEFFERSON OR BURR?!!! its literally choosing to fuse with tjeff or aburr and bc aham is a shit, he chooses tjeff