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Hi! Could I please have TFP Starscream, Megatron, Ratchet and Arcee's reaction to their cybertronian s/o bringing them their fave energon coffee (and possibly a smooch) when they're up late working? Thank you!


  • He’s so grateful. No one ever does this kind of thing for him.
  • His wings flutter slightly and he gives you a tired smile. 
  • He pulls you down for a kiss and tells you he’ll come to berth as soon as he’s done with his work, and to go ahead and recharge. 


  • He doesn’t acknowledge you aside from a small grunt. He’s focused. 
  • You kiss the side of his helm and he hugs your waist for a moment, but that’s about it.
  • When he finally comes to berth later he kisses the back of your neck and thanks you in earnest.


  • He makes a comment that you shouldn’t waste energon. You tell him it’s not a waste, he needs to refuel. 
  • He melts into the kiss and promises to come to berth as soon as he’s done with his work. 
  • Before you leave he tugs you close and thanks you.


  • “Thanks, babe.” 
  • She downs almost the whole cube in one gulp.
  • She lays a servo on your waist as you kiss. You can taste the energon coffee on her mouth. 


She would do everything to get your attention, every time she saw you looking at her she would give you a big smile and wink at you only to cause herself to laugh and start blushing.


She would look at you with nothing but heart eyes, finding you super cute and wanting to get to know you. After a while of fighting with herself, she would finally find a way to talk to you.


“Who is that?” She would ask the members pointing to you, once they all told her they didn’t know you, she would then do everything to get you attention. She would seriously run to the bathroom making sure she looked good and then walk to you telling you about herself and after a while she would ask you for your phone number.


Sana would look at you for the longest time, to the point that Momo would turn around looking at you. When Sana finally see that you caught them she would hit Momo saying “Why did you look with me? I saw her first. What if they fine me creepy now?” Momo would just laughing calling you over and then leaving only to wink at Sana causing Sana to blush. When she was about to leave she would ask for your number.


She would look at you until you see her and when she notice you are looking at her she would give you a big smile and wave at you. She would end up asking for your number and for the rest of the day you were all that was on her mind.


She would be to shy to come to you, so she would have one of the girls go to you and tell you about her, how she wanted to get to know you. When you started walking towards her, she would start blushing and looking down smiling big.


She wouldn’t think twice. She would walk up to you and just start having conversation not caring if you find her awkward.Once she realize that you were enjoying her stories she would ask if you two go out sometimes. 


She would actually walk up to you after a while of thinking if she should. She would simply ask you about yourself and then tell you a little about herself, then tell you that she would like if you two could talk more.


She would ask one the girls to see if you were okay with her talking to you because she was super shy but really wanted to get to know you. Once the girls come back pushing her to you, she would have a big smile on her face for the rest of the day.

Uncommon Love pt. 3

@agent-fangirl Hope you all are ready for this! Good luck!

Uncommon Love pt. 2

You opened the doors slowly, not wanting to draw too much attention to yourself. A few heads turned towards you, giving you a small smile and nod as you walked in the room.

The room was dazzling, the walls were gold and covered in rich tapestries. Candles made the room start sparkling, and moonlight shone through the clear glass windows.

It was breathtaking.

Everyone was milling around, the band was warming up. The king hadn’t arrived yet.

You tried to find a place where you could watch everyone dance, but also where you could be left alone for most of the night.

A servant that you knew named Matt came over and gave you a glass of wine, stopping to whisper in your ear.

“You’re doing great ya know. Take a deep breath, smile, and try to enjoy yourself. Maybe the wine will help,” he said before dashing off again to do his duties.

You followed his advice and took a deep breath and a sip of the wine.

It was a little bitter, you weren’t accustomed to the taste of wine. But you went ahead and sipped it anyway.

You looked around at the people, recognizing many of the men and women from people that would come and visit the palace.

The trumpets started blaring, announcing the King’s arrival.

You curtsied in your gown along with everyone else as he entered the room.

“Thank you everyone for joining me tonight for this wonderful ball. I am elated that you could all make it. Now please, enjoy yourselves and let the ball commence!”

Everyone applauded and the band quickly started playing. Many guests made it to the dance floor, swaying to the music.

The King’s personal butler came and found you.

“The King would like to speak to you Miss Y/N. Please come with me.”

You followed the butler up to the throne where King Hercules was sitting. He smiled when he saw you, standing up and walking over to you.

“Miss Y/N, you look positively wonderful!” he praised as he kissed your hand.

“Thank you your majesty,” you replied, blushing.

He smiled and looked out at the dance floor.

“Miss Y/N, would you do the honor of accompanying me for a dance?” he asked, looking back at you once more.

“I don’t know how to dance,” you sighed, looking at the floor in shame.

“It doesn’t matter! Just follow my lead,” he said, taking your hand and leading you off to the dance floor.

You were still uncertain but followed him onto the dance floor.

He spun you through many moves, and you found it easier than you had thought.

“You are quite stunning tonight, if I haven’t already told you that,” the King said as he continued pulling you through another dance.

“I think you have,” you told him, smiling the slightest bit.

“Well I can’t help it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a magnificent lady.”

“Oh stop,” you giggled.

He seamed so relaxed, and you found yourself feeling more comfortable as you kept dancing.

He was surprisingly easy to talk to.

All of the sudden there was a loud bang as the ballroom doors slammed open with immense force. Several people screamed and ran for cover.

“King Hercules!” A deep voice yelled over the crowd.

Many people dressed all in black stormed into the ballroom. They had swords already covered in blood, and looked ready for anything.

Hercules pushed you behind him and turned to face them.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Your head.”

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You are so sweet!!! I mean you always answer so nicely and your blog is like a SENSE OF MY LIFE and i think i love you?? and also did i mention that you're sweet and cute and adorable and that i wish i knew you and were your friend and i would really like to give you hugs and smiles and just enjoy life together???????? i'm definitely not sounding creepy at all but agh PLEASE NEVER QUIT WHAT YOU'RE DOING BECAUSE AHHHHHHH *quiet whispering* have a nice day or night


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Pairing: elsain [RSEE]
Rating: K
WC: 1983  
AU: popstar EE/pyrotechnician RS
Category: P I N I NG
Notes: im sorry theyre gay and suffering,,, but theyre gay,,,,,,

Erblu’s sigh is relief incarnated.

He shucks his gloves off and his jacket follows, only ending on a hanger because he’s standing next to it.

The few technicians left backstage laugh; they all know Erblu gets like this after a show. Then again, who could blame him? Singing and dancing in the high-powered lights, with the addition of his eccentric costumes and the stage effects, must be pretty tiring in itself. Not to mention the boy had performed two encores and had a signing right after that.

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Here ya go ania! I was supposed to give it to ur blog but ehhh…I like dis blog better XD I’ve seen ur video yesterday which almost lead me into tears. I hate the fact others are treating you like this cuz I was treated like that before but! I thought this would help you give a smile. *hugs ya both*

Ania: Who dosen’t love this blog! *Laughs* Also thank you so much, thanks to people sending me nice asks and nice comments I just…I love my fans <3

Clive: Damn Ania looks so sexy in your art style!!!~


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Imagine talking to Archer about how much you love cats? 

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“Their little whiskers are just adorable, Jon!”

The Captain merely let out a hum of approval, keeping Porthos on his lap. It’s as if the Beagle could understand what you were saying; he just looked around the quarters boredly.

The only consolation was that Jonathan got to see your adorably-excited smile. “And their paws are so small and fluffy.”

“They sure are.” Jonathan mumbled out, giving a tight-lipped smile. Porthos probably got bored of the conversation because he jumped down from Archer’s lap and padded away. Traitor, Jon thought, but put on a friendly face when you continued to talk about those damn cats.


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

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Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I give, I will never be good enough for anyone
—  Courtesy of the Depressing thoughts eating me alive

As ever, Watson, you see but do not observe. To you the world remains an impenetrable mystery whereas to me it is an open book. Hard logic vs romantic whimsy. That is your choice. You fail to connect actions to their consequences. Now, for the last time…