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Mick has a pet now \O/

we used to tie a balloon to the kittens when they were tiny to keep an eye on them, why not a rat when Mick’s letting it get some exploring done on board

i love using the heart in dishonored and learning shit about random npcs like last night i learned that the overseer i knocked out was a good dude who thought heresy should be forgiven and that everyone is good at heart and that he gives out food to the children in the streets and i was So Touched i put his unconscious body on a nice bed so he could snooze peacefully 

Sweet addiction

Netherlands: “I’m not obsessed with sweet food.”
Luxembourg: “One of your leading supermarkets has 664 items for cookies.”
Netherlands: “Yeah well, people want to have choice?”
Luxembourg: “This excludes chocolates, tarts, pies and other pastries.”
Netherlands: “Erm well…”
Luxembourg: “You have a chain letter cake.”
Netherlands: “I just don’t like to waste ingredients!”
Belgium: “Actually I have that chain letter cake too.”
Luxembourg: “…are you saying you gave her a piece but not me?”

Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star Of Ceartais Ch.7- The Things We Keep Hidden

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. First off I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this fic and protested against the Troll Mafiaguy2017, whose hurtful rhetoric has no place in the zootopia fandom. And to Jill Fine, if you’re reading this please know I’m sorry for the online bullying you’ve endured and that I will always have your back. Thank you to everyone who, liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last update. A big thank you to the development team for this fic @nick-and-judy-daily, @raykamino , @senny74 and @alexboehm55144 who helped me structure this upcoming chapter and gave lots of ideas for future chapters, also thanks Alana for beta reading this, all you guys are AWESOME! So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 7- The things we keep hidden.

“Last chance ass hats; leave.” Robyn said, standing her ground.

The horse with the bolt cutters had heard enough and swung the bolt cutters down at Robyn, she dodged them easily and kicked the stallion in the gut with such a force he was knocked into the side of his pick up truck with a visible dent….that was impossible Robyn was around the 17 pound mark in weight yet she managed to kick and launch 1500lb horse with little effort, The medicine!? She thought it gave super strength too! When Robyn realised what she had done she felt a surge of energy course through her, she was going to teach these thieves a lesson she bared her canine like teeth and grinned at the other horse who looked terrified and simply said “Playtime.”

“What the hell are you!?” The thieving horse babbled.

“I’m not sure myself.” Robyn tittered, loving the petrified look on the horse’s face.

“Little freak!” The thief crowed before throwing a punch down towards the much shorter hybrid.

Robyn saw this move coming and easily sidestepped the equine grabbing his arm as she did so, she flipped him on his back with a judo throw then like flash but him in a crippling arm lock “You really are as a dumb as you look.” Robyn sniggered, unaware that Kodi had gotten out his phone and started recording what was transpiring.

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Imagine; the Baker family before finding Evelyn and Mia, before their property regressed, before the mold took hold.

Jack Baker, father of two, driving into town on a weekly basis; helping the homeless and disenfranchised people the best he can. Sometimes, he offers them a dinner and a bed for the night - bringing them the home where Marguerite is happy to make a semi-special dinner in front of their guest - scolding Jack in the next room. “Stop bringing home guests, Jack.”

“They needed help, Marguerite.”

And the visitor stays the night; they stay in a guest room. They never see Zoe - she rather sleep in her trailer - and Lucas Baker never seems to be around. Jack and Marguerite like having guests, they planned to someday rent out their home as a Bed & Breakfast - that’s why they bought the house on the edge of the bayou.

In the morning, the visitor sees the half-deconstructed yard, with chopped log and stumps scattered around the front yard. Work tools left off to the side, it’s still a big work-in-progress. Stuff here and there, but the passion is there, and only in certain light does it look a bit creepy.

The visitor leaves in Jack’s truck that morning; Jack’s truck is known locally to give people a ride or a home for a night. People suggest those without a place to stay to look for Jack’s truck.

And after going out Jack returns home, resuming his work on fixing up the property. Marguerite helps too, so does Zoe. The three of them ask Lucas to help out when he’s not locked up with his next project. He doesn’t know what to do, but he tries to do his best. They have their laughs, they have leftovers for dinner, and go to bed.

That’s how the days go for the Bakers.

Jack and Marguerite work on their dream Bed & Breakfast business. Zoe and Lucas are working up to their own ambitions. They’re isolated from the nearby town - not many people come visit them. Cut off from the rest of the world except for a lone road and the nearby river.

One night, there’s a series of thumps. They sleep through it, except for Lucas - working on another one of his projects late into the night. He brings it up the next morning, Jack plans to drive out down the river later that day.

After trying to dig out a stump for most of the day, he goes out on a boat.

And he finds the wreck of the tanker; horrified but what he finds, still clinging to some hope there is someone alive. He continues to search with the light on his boat, searching the dark waters with a plastic PVC pipe - finding odd growths here and there on the rubble. He finds a young woman and a conscious child on a pile of wreckage and - as he’s always done - takes them home. Give them a bed and a meal.

Jack and Marguerite ask the young girl, Evelyn, if she knows what happens. She claims no, and she’s afraid of losing her mommy too. There’s tears, Jack and Marguerite try to cheer her up; reassuring Evelyn her mommy could just be fine - she just might be out for a couple days.

Evelyn is happy; she has a family.

Then Jack wants to go into town for supplies; tools and food to fill the fridge. Evelyn tags along; strangely, she doesn’t want to bring up the tanker, nor is she keen on looking to have Jack tell anyone about it. And when they get back Marguerite tells Jack that … Evelyn never left.

She’s been in her mother’s room for the entire time.

Slowly, things start getting weirder. Marguerite starts finding grey mold in the cracks of fresh floorboards. Grazed by nicks here and there from fixing the house just seem to vanish - no welt, no marks. She must’ve imagined them.

At dinner Evelyn doesn’t want to stay at the table; Jack and Marguerite try and get her to stay, but she leaves anyway. Lucas and Zoe are spending less time at the table, in the house. Lucas tells Marguerite on his way to eat leftovers the next morning the little girl creeps him out. Zoe says nothing.

Over time, things just keep getting weirder. Jack finds himself being able to uproot stumps easier, some of his tools are more worn. He shows off the Marguerite - that his strength when he was younger has come back. Marguerite finds more strange mold in the crooks of the house, Jack suggests that he could get some specialized things in town.

And Evelyn is always just … there. By his side, saying nothing. Watching.

He doesn’t talk with other residents anymore, doesn’t invite anyone to his family’s home even if they plead. It just wouldn’t feel right to him. Eventually, he doesn’t show up in town anymore.

Rumors grow that something has gone wrong at the Bakers, but no one goes to check on them - not many people know them well enough to just swing by.

Lucas put up signs for visitors to stay out on the front gates.

Behind the front gates, the family is suffering.

Marguerite’s joy of cooking starts failing her, finding herself more and more often giving out under-cooked food to Jack and occasionally Lucas or Zoe. She starts craving for odd things - the bugs swarming the boat house, a bird that died in a tree above the property. It disturbs her when she has time to think about it. But after being cut off from the outside world … she’s gotten used to it.

Jack has endured intrusive thoughts about taking people he wants to help home to make them a part of the ‘family’. Evelyn keeps trying to persuade him, no matter where he tries to cut himself off, she’s always there, telling him, yelling at him. One night, he digs out the gun he got Marguerite back when he was working. He makes a note for Marguerite, makes sure the gun is loaded, and pulls the trigger.

Marguerite finds him soon after, half stunned and half relieved, Jack tried to commit suicide, and it succeeded … and failed. He’s still alive; he’s distraught, Marguerite is distraught, Evenlyn is distraught … and angry.

Evelyn’s demands get more stringent; and her mother wakes up and becomes her muscle.

good guy tyler hcs

-tyler goes to bars just to drive drunk girls back home safely
-he works out and gets all beefy so he can protect girls from being assaulted while they’re partying
-wins 50 stuffed toys at theme parks just to give them out to little kids
-he learns American Sign Language just in case he meets fans who use it
-he helps old people cross the street
-helps out at soup kitchens and often gives out food to the homeless with teamiplier
-let’s kids ride on his shoulders and view the world at a different perspective
-sponsors animals at shelters and families in third world countries
-is a volunteer singer at charity drives
-conducts free piano lessons for the kids in his neighbourhood so they can have another passion in life

Please help. There is so much lemon.

I’ve made lemon cream-cheese frosting for brownies, but I had a bunch left over, so now I’m planning to make lemon-filled crepes. But, then there were the rinds of the lemons, and I’ve always wanted to try candying lemons. So now there are candied lemon rinds too, but nothing to use them with? And then I bought a bag of like ten meyer lemons, because I’ve never made anything with meyer lemons before, but they really don’t taste like normal lemons, so I have to make a seporate meyer lemon tart with those, and then maybe candy those peels, because I read that they’d be good chopped up in salads. On top of it all, there will be lemon poppyseed pancakes for Mothers Day. Which might go well with whatever lemon frosting doesn’t get used in the crepes. Please someone help me eat all these lemons.

I might have a problem. 


delicious homemade bread made from my sourdough starter! look at those loaves, i’m so proud of them, and they smell sooooo good! many thanks to @stoneyboboney for the excellent recipes for the starter and for the bread, i will definitely be using these for my weekly bread from now on!

I saw this post a while back about how characterizing Hunk as a big beautiful lover is great and all, but it’s also super one-dimensional and neglects the complexity that Hunk deserves (that I don’t feel like he’s getting from the fandom OR the actual show but wtv). So, here are some Hunk headcannons that don’t have anything to do with him being super nice, or into food:

  • One thing that’s pretty cannon is that Hunk is very scared, and has a lot of anxiety. He’s afraid of being hurt, of hurting or failing others, and seemingly his first instinct is to run from conflict (though he fights through this fear, and was given some character development on this front in s1)
    • imagine how afraid he must be before every fight. every time he goes out in ol yellow he’s gotta psych himself up bc he’s scared and he doesn’t want to do this and it isn’t fair he’s just a teenager he shouldn’t be saving the universe he just wants to go home and be with his family. and every time he’s gotta be like no, this is for the greater good, we’ve gotta help these people bc nobody else can. I’ve got to do this. I have to. Or I’ll never be able to live with myself.
  • we’ve all pretty much accepted that Hunk is 100% there for Lance and all his bullshit, but what about Lance being there for Hunk? What about Lance being there for Hunk when no one listens to him at the Garrison bc he’s “just an engineer” and pidge is kind of show-offy about their intelligence and lance is kind of a dingus but at least he’s charismatic and has a lot of friends.
    • He gets so angry. He has valid input! He’s a member of the team! Just because he gets scared and nauseous on the simulator doesn’t mean that people should just ignore him! Imagine Hunk and Lance in their dorm, Hunk pacing and yelling about how their instructors won’t call on him bc they think he’s some kind of joke but he KNOWS what he’s talking about! He fucking KNOWS! and Lance just kind of sitting there being like “yeah man I’m really sorry. yeah you’re right. shit that sucks” until Hunk finally burns himself out.
  • what about a Hunk that gets tired of the team taking advantage of his nice-ness? What about the team asking Hunk for favors–can you help me fix this robot–hunk can I talk to you about something personal for a sec?–Hunk, train with me I want to practice dealing with automatic weapons–Hunk can you try to make this for dinner some time? we don’t have any of the ingredients? do you know where we could find them?–Hunk you’re not busy are you? we need to give the lions a touch-up on their protective coating and everyone else is busy–
    • and he just flips. out. he disappears for like 6 hours. no one can find him. It’s shiro who finds him in the end, he’s huddled up in Yellow seemingly talking to himself–though he’s really venting to Yellow, who rumbles a purr in understanding every few minutes. Shiro asks him what’s wrong, Hunk explains and Shiro apologizes but tbh Hunk is still kind of bitter about it.
    • Just because he doesn’t complain about helping them, doesn’t mean it doesn’t inconvience him. Just because he always agrees to help doesn’t mean that he always wants to, or that it’s not interrupting shit that he should be doing.
  • he gets tired. he gets tired of helping people (even his team mates) and saving planets. he gets into a funk every so often bc he just needs a minute to recharge to really rest his his body AND his mind AND basically his will to be a big ball of sunshine like his team expects.
    • nobody on the team really knows what to do when this happens. they can’t really take a break? it’s not like they can just stop helping the people the come across. and Hunk won’t really talk to them about it, bc he still wants to be that guy, though they all understand. they want to stick around and help, but Hunk seems to want to be alone, so they mostly just leave him to himself, try to give him as much space as they can
    • Lance, though, comes up with Movie Night. it took a while to put together, Lance asked Coran and Allura about Altean movies and they showed him some but he was like…no. So what he wound up doing was reenacting the entirety of Mean Girls (the script of which he practically knows by heart) with the help of team voltron INCLUDING ALLURA AND A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC CORAN (if somebody wants to assign team voltron to various parts in Mean Girls I’m not going to stop you)
    • Hunk didn’t know ANYTHING about it (despite the team carrying around the script Lance wrote for them and rehearsing for a solid WEEK) and he honestly cried a little at the end bc he didn’t know how to thank them for doing so much to show that they cared about him

so yeah. Hunk should be more than just Good Guy™, or a fat dude who loves food, or a cinnamon roll too good too pure. He’s a person with flaws and faults and problems and just bc we love him and see all the good and wonderful things about him doesn’t mean that we should ignore his faults, or not allow him to have them.

So I’ve been collecting Fantastic Beasts stickers for my sticker album, and I noticed this on one of the stickers.

Here we see the Barebones giving out food to the orphan children of New York. The most important part about this though?

Credence is smiling.

Throughout the film Credence Barebone very rarely smiles. He only smiles during one other time, and that is when he first gets home after meeting with Graves. His smile drops the moment Mary Lou speaks to him. He often portrays how he feels with his facial expressions, often looking concerned, nervous, angry, scared or in tears.

However here he’s giving food to children and he’s smiling at them

It seems that in a strict, abusive, Puritan household the only thing that makes Credence somewhat happy is helping children.

anonymous asked:

Yo my little sister went vegan like 3 months ago and I want to know how I can support her? I've been away at college and the fam isn't being too understanding about her choices so I want to really make an effort over the summer, but I'm not entirely sure how. Your recent post is helpful, but since we both still live at home I was wondering if you had any more words of advice?

If you wanna be a super cool older sibling, you could try to make semi-regular outings with her to the grocery store. 

It sounds small, but all the vegans I’ve known who didn’t have supportive families often didn’t have access to the amount of food they should have, and what most of them wanted more than anything was just access to produce so they could cook for themselves. 

It’d also be a cool bonding activity! Grocery shopping with somebody is a good way to get a chance to talk to them one-on-one in a low pressure environment, and that kind of support and interest in her life would probably mean a lot. :) 

Satans Wife (a Credence Barebone imagine)

(First of all, I have to apologize for my shitty art, I only drew the outlines and was too lazy to do the shading, so I just scanned it and threw something together in photoshop.)

these are three requests in one story because i thought they’d fit together well. i’m also thinking about making this a series but idk, tell me if you want a part two. 

plot: you got kicked out by your family because they discovered that you are a witch and now you seek shelter in the New Second Philanthropic Society Church, how ironic.

warnings: blood and brutality (enjoy lmao) 

‘God, stop crying! Can’t you see? Everyone is looking at you. They know what a pathetic failure you are. Maybe they even know that you are a witch. A wife Satans’. Well, they probably know because you aren’t even good enough to hide it. Look at their eyes, they know! Why do you think the little girl gave you the flyer out of all people? Right stupid, because she knows.’

The voices in your head got worse, the more steps you took. You couldn’t bear this anymore. Fortunately, there was a coffee shop right next to you and you entered it quickly. The cashier greeted you politely but you didn’t have time for small talk. You were standing on the edge of starting to cry. Desperately to find the toilet sign, you scanned the room. After spotting it, you ran towards it and hid in a small bathroom stall. With a loud sob you chuted down the wall behind you. Pulling your knees to your body, you started to cry and soon your crying turned into inaudible sobs and you blankly started at the wall. You were desperate and hopeless, where should you sleep this night?

‘You don’t have anyone to go to. Your whole family won’t speak to you after your accident. That stupid, stupid mishap. Why didn’t you try harder to oppress your feelings? Why couldn’t you wait until you were back in you room? Exactly when grandpa was saying the grace, how freaking pathetic of you. They had to bring your grandma to the doctor, because she got so scared of you. Your own grandma!’

In order to stop your thoughts, you tried to distract yourself by giving the flyer in your pocket a closer look. You got the crumbled paper and started reading: ‘New Second Philanthropic Society’ there stood in bold letters. ‘Witches live among us and we should fear them. We are a society which will not stay silent. We will fight and stop Satans work.’
There was a drawing of two hands breaking a wand. Underneath there was a small box which said: ‘We give out food and shelter for all homeless under majority. Each day of the week. At seven pm.’
You were conflicted. Should you really put yourself in danger just for food and a place to sleep? Well, if you would sleep under a bridge today, you’d put yourself in danger too. You knew that New Yorks creatures of the night, how your dad likes to call the drunkards, weren’t the nicest people and you couldn’t imagine how the people of the witch-hating church would be able to know that you are one. And even if they would discover your secret, you could just run away and try to find shelter somewhere else.
You got out of the stall and checked yourself in the mirror. You looked horrible and half frozen to death. Well, at least they’ll know that you really need the place.
In fast pace you left the shop, trying to ignore the sweet smell of hot chocolate and cookies combined. The cold air hit you harshly and it hit you: How should you know where the church is? It could be in a totally different quarter of the city. Because you didn’t know what else to do you ran back to the girl handing out the flyers. When turning around the corner you were relieved to see that the little, blonde girl was still standing there. You made your way towards her, your hands shaking.
‘I- I’m sorry but does the church have a place for me to stay? I don’t really know where else to go’, you smiled awkwardly at her, your voice quiet.
The girl jumped and she looked at you with big eyes. ‘Follow me!’, was the only thing she responded.
Before you knew, you stood in front of a heavy wooden door. You small companion knocked on it with her tiny, pale fists.
A skinny boy, not much older than yourself, opened. You glanced at him, suddenly feeling bad that you didn’t fix yourself up in the bathroom earlier. The dark haired guy in front of you was gorgeous and you looked like a perfectly human embodiment of a scarecrow.
‘Mother, we- we have another guest’, the boy with eyes of the size of the moon turned around and shouted in a rattling voice.
‘Let them in!’, she answered.
You entered a huge dining hall. It wasn’t a dining hall as in a princess castle. It was everything you expected it to be. Everything was made of dark wood. The windows were dirty and some of them didn’t even exist anymore. Just a few planks replaced them.
A middle aged woman appeared. She observed you slowly from head to toe. Then she gave the boy a nod. ‘Bring her upstairs, she’s going to sleep in your room. You will take the bed that’s in the hallway. And don’t forget to bring her some soup’, she demanded coldly.
You let out a heavy sigh. She didn’t realize that you are a witch, so you passed the hardest examination.
The boy was oddly quiet when he brought you to your new room. He didn’t say anything and what was even more odd than his behaviour was that there wasn’t even a bed in the hallway. He opened a squeaky door for you and led you into a narrow room. It wasn’t much. A bed, a small table, a chair and a cupboard, all made from the same depressing wood. Like mentioned before it wasn’t much but you didn’t need much. It wasn’t freezing cold in here and that was all that mattered to you.
But the fact that there wasn’t one picture or any sign of anyone ever living in here, puzzled you. Only a big bible was laying on his desk.
‘You aren’t much of an interior designer, I see’, you joked with a small smile. However, the boy didn’t seem to be much of a comedian either and just frankly turned around to leave the room.
‘Wait, are you sure that you get to sleep in a bed tonight? Because I didn’t see any in the hallway and I really don’t want to take yours away from you’, you questioned.
‘I- I don’t need a bed, it’s fine’, the boy muttered staring at the ground.

You asked him about his name. He told you it was Credence.
‘Okay Credence, I am not here to invade your home. I’m going to find another place to stay at tonight. Thank you for your hospitality’, you explained to him while putting your coat back on. You strutted towards the door and decided to give him a quick peck in order to show your appreciation. But something went horrible wrong. The kiss triggered something in you. It felt like the dark magic was feeding of the boys’ touch. Black reek started to surround the both of you and in this exact moment someone opened the door. It was Credences Mother. Her face went dark red and her eyes began to fill with hate.
‘I knew it! I knew it! Witches live among us!’ she stared to scream with rage. Shocked from the words of the woman and of what just happened you sank to the floor.
‘And you little bastard are her lover! I always thought you were worthless but you are even worse; having an affair with Satans wife!’, she went for the bible on the desk, took it and raised her hand. In this moment you didn’t wish for anything more than the ability to control your powers but you couldn’t, so the only solution was to get between the boy and his mother. You jumped in front of Credence, a dull pain flashing through your skull. As fast as you had jumped up, as fast you were back on the ground again. You were feeling the cold floor on your cheek and saw black liquid spreading out on it. You brought your hand to your hand only to find out that the liquid was flowing out of the wound. It definitely wasn’t blood. You know what blood looked like and it definitely shouldn’t be black and smell poisonous.
‘Look at what you’ve done to (y/n)!’, the otherwise quiet boy exclaimed. ‘You are a monster, a monster! You should be feared by everyone. Not witches and wizards. You, you, you! You are Satans wife!’ The boy was in a rage and pushed his mother out of the room. He quickly shut the door closed and pushed the desk in front of it.
Then he squatted down and stroked the hair which was sticking to your forehead out of your face.
‘I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!’, he muttered, repeating it a thousand times. He got a shirt from the cupboard and got rid of his belt. His shaking hands manufactured something similar to a pressure bandage. He got a paper bag from under his bed and put everything from his cupboard in there. He reached out for you and helped you get up. A sudden wave of dizziness hitting you. You still managed to keep your balance.
He pushed the desk back to his original place, pulled you out of his room, down the stairs and finally out of the building. His mother following the both of you. ‘Witch, witch, witch!’ she shouted hysterically. All the people were now staring at you but you didn’t bother, you just wanted to get away from the woman. Credences bag started the tear apart and all of his clothes threatened to fall out. So he turned around and aimed his bag at his mother causing her to fall to the ground. You two didn’t stop running until you spotted an old, abounded factory where you two found security. For a minute or two you stood there just staring at each other. One breathing louder than the other. You tried to organize your racing thoughts but you couldn’t. The feelings of shock and fear were stronger than you and they took over. You fell into the boys’ arms, clutching on his vest, sobbing. You felt your hot tears staining his shirt. The boy tensed under your touch but brought his hands to you shyly. He petted your head, not caring that his hands got full of that black goo. You stood there for more than half an hour, nobody saying a word. You slowly calmed down and only now realized that Credence knew your name even though you had never told him what it was, so you asked him where he has gotten it from!
‘You are going to think I’m a freak’, he whispered.
‘You? A freak? I’m sorry but I’m the person who has black poison running down her face, not you’ you exclaimed, laughing in disbelief.
‘I dreamt of you’, he answered so quietly that you almost couldn’t make it out.
‘Yes, I dreamt of you. Countless times. I also dreamt of this a- and everything that just happened. I know this sounds stupid. You don’t have to belie-‘
‘But I do. I do believe you. But please tell me you dreamt further than this because I have no idea what we should do now!’, you begged him, grabbing his face in desperation.
The boy shook his head, his eyes closed. He looked like he was in pain.
‘You didn’t dream further than this?
‘No, I did but I can’t I jus-‘
‘Credence!’, you shouted, immediately regretting raising your voice because the pale boy was flinching.
‘I’m sorry’, you voiced, ‘but please, for the love of god, please tell me what we did!’
The boy turned his face away from you. ‘We- we kissed and then there was a bright light and it- it felt so redeeming and-‘
You cut the boy off, pressing your lips to his. You didn’t care that he was a complete stranger. All that mattered was that it felt like the most important thing you ever did in your life.

The signs as things as first semester in college
  • Aries: The first week that is dedicated into luring into their traps dubbed 'clubs' and 'organizations' and them talking you into going to one of those cult like events for sororities and fraternities; you can't escape, they will find you
  • Taurus: The urge to back hand annoying upper class men who are offending your eardrums without even being in their stupid conversation about how dog boobs are weird
  • Gemini: "I WOULD LIKE TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU, WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR" starter pack. Does not include tears or awkward conversation skills.
  • Cancer: Must. Find. The. People. Who. Give. Out. Free. Food. And. Money. Or. Maybe. Get. A. Rich. Upper. Classmen. To. Be. My. Sugar. Daddy/Mama.
  • Leo: The fuck do you guys mean you invested all this money into a theater and don't have a theater department? ! Well, student body government here I come.
  • Virgo: Drugs. Frat parties and so much drinking. Then freaking out finals week when the temperature drops and freezes your nipples back into studying
  • Libra: Shaving your armpits and legs more often then you open your $130+ psychology books
  • Scorpio: With black painted nails and freshly inked tattoos, all they are trying tell me is that- YOU TO USE TUMBLR, FOLLOW ME. NOW.
  • Sagittarius: That one hot professor who stares at you and you stare back, hoping to start something new- turns out you have dried drool in both corners of your mouth and those crust boogers in your eyes and they feel bad for you. Or think you were out partying instead of writing that 4-page-double-spaced essay over the history of the fucking United States of America
  • Capricorn: The pathetic excuse they call food in the dining hall that you can't even take food from. But everyone steals the fruit and sneaks out cookies to save money. Don't drink the milk unless you want an upset stomach that lasts a week
  • Aquarius: That one person you have sexual tension with but your not sure whether or not to engage with your first fwb in college or not. Also, this same person spilled ramen on their lap and was forced to go to the ER
  • Pisces: Resisting the urge to call your parents and telling them you have become a stripper and have a roommate who every time they open their bedroom door- their room smells like week old hot pockets and $1 air freshener

“It’s for your own good” and “it’s what’s best for you” are not valid reasons to do whatever you want to your children. Your children aren’t extensions of you that you can manipulate to your choosing.