giving her a longer chance to back down



Another sneeze, nose running so you had to reach for more tissues, stuffy head, Lord you were barely gonna last the afternoon if this kept up. Why’d you even come into work anyways? Not like things couldn’t have been taken care of in the comfort of your own apartment. But then it’d remind you of the reason you came in today in the first place. Loneliness, granted you weren’t totally alone. Nat, Clint and Sam stayed home from this last mission so company wasn’t the issues. No it’s who you want there more than anything else. To keep you warm, hold you close, kiss your forehead and tell you everything’s going to be okay.

Course the honeymoon stage should’ve worn off by now as Tony has said more than a few times over the past several months; given the fact you and Bucky have been together for going on three years. Though you can’t help it and only hoped Bucky felt the same. Thoughts are interrupted by another coughing fit that rattles your lungs and has you gasping for breath and the desk in front of you.

“Damn sweetheart you don’t sound so good,” Sam’s deep voice reaches your ears right as you blow your sore nose for what felt like the thousandth time today.

Glaring, before tossing the tissues out, “Thanks for the boost in confidence birdman, I’ll be sure to fix my makeup later.”

“That’s not what I meant Y/N,” rolling expressive chocolate eyes, Sam perches a hip on the end of your desk, arms crossed, while giving you the once over. “You look sick.”

“And he takes another shot,” groaning when two more sneezes land in the hastily grabbed tissues. “Insults gonna stop anytime soon Wilson?”

“Woman,” he all but growls, then chuckles seeing the half smirk on your lips, which turns into a frown at the next couching fit. “Seriously Y/N, you need to get home, meds, soup and sleep,” worry seeping into his tone.

“I’ll be fine Sam, promise,” soft groan leaving your lips as you sit up, sore muscle being pulled from coughing so much.

Shaking his head, “Not taking no for an answer sweetness. I won’t have that walking icicle you call a boyfriend rip me a new one for not taking care of you.”

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Decisions - part 3 of It’s Over


It’s not easy. Love is not easy. No one said it was going to be easy. No one ever said marriage was going to be easy. There was going to complications down the road. Y/N knew that. But what she didn’t know how complicated it was going to be since her husband cheated on her. Because, never did she think her husband was going to cheat on her in the first place. 

And here she was, coped up in her apartment with her knees against her chest as she sits on her couch in wonder with the television playing in the background She wonders what she wants. What she truly wants. Her mind and her heart speak two different things. She didn’t know which one to listen to. 

The vital organ in her chest aches from the heart break she’s had to face yet it still feels the same unconditional love for Harry just like she’s had all these years they’ve been together. As much as she wants to hate him, she can’t. But her mind speaks that leaving Harry, divorcing him so he could leave her alone for good is the right thing to do. It’s the logical thing to do. He brought her all this pain when she did nothing to him. He broke her heart for his own selfish reasons and he did not deserve a second chance from her or any of her compassion.

She just didn’t know what to think. She doesn’t know what she feels. What she did know is that she wanted to feel hate for Harry. She wanted to hate Harry ever since she found out he was no longer hers; that he gave himself to someone else when he was only suppose to be give himself to her like he promised. But she couldn’t Harry as much as she tries to. Because he’s the man who owns her heart. He’s the man who she loves unconditionally. It’s irrevocable. 

Y/N hasn’t heard from Harry since the night he got drunk. Well he did text her to thank her for bringing him home but after that, no words were exchanged. Harry no longer calls her or texts her. She wonders why. She wonders what he’s been up to. She wants to know why he no longer floods her phone with calls and messages. Deep down, she felt disappointed that he no longer calls. She thought he’d continue fighting for her. But she is the one who left him. And she left him for a good reason so why should she care?

He doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. Not when he cheated on her. Not when he took off his wedding ring. Not when he let another woman mark his skin. But why is she thinking about canceling the divorce? Why is she giving herself time to heal? It’s not like she’s going to run back to Harry anytime soon. Not after all the shit he’s done. Not when it practically felt like he shoved his hands right in her chest and squeezed all the blood out from her heart. 

It was wrong.

But being so blindingly in love with someone is what makes them rethink everything. It’s what makes them give their other half a second chance. And maybe that’s why instead of getting a divorce, Y/N thinks it’d be better off to stay separated for now as husband and wife. 

Maybe that’s why Y/N picks up the phone and decides to call Harry. Just to hear his voice. Just to hear him; to see if he’s okay and if he’s still drinking because the last time she went to their house, she could’ve sworn he was becoming an alcoholic. 

The phone rings agonizingly slow as she waits for his deep voice to sound through the phone. Y/N was so close to hanging up after the sixth ring but before she could, she hears the other line pick up. 

“Y/N,” his raspy voice croaks through the phone. 

Y/N feels the lump in her throat form, her eyes shutting and she sucks in a sharp breath because she didn’t know what to say. How could she tell him? She couldn’t just spit out ‘hey, I’m no longer going to divorce you but that still doesn’t mean we could be together right now’. Well she could straight up say that but she wasn’t going to. 

“Hi…” She trails off.

“Uh…I–Hi?” He says in a surprised tone. He didn’t think she was ever going to call him again. He had been the one calling her ever since she left, leaving endless amounts of texts. Seeing her call him out of nowhere around this time made him anxious and worried. 

“How are you?” She asks him honestly, wondering if he was okay. What she really wanted to know was if he was still drinking. He wasn’t slurring his words so that was a good sign. 

Harry clears his throat, “’m fine, pet.” Y/N’s heart clenches at the term of endearment but she doesn’t say anything and Harry doesn’t either. “H-How are you?” He stutters out nervously. 

“I’m okay,” She lies, not knowing if she really was. It was getting difficult for her to talk to him; to breath. The man who once gave her breath and air is now making it more difficult for her. 

“S’everything okay?” He wonders, not knowing why she would call him when he thought she hated him. 

“I…I was just–have you signed the divorce papers yet?” She asks him, nervous for his answer. 

Harry sucks in a sharp breathe, his eyes stinging with salt water, “I mean,” he clears his throat, “No, not yet. But I think ‘f it’s really wha’ you want then I guess I could–”

“Don’t.” She stops him, making his eyes go wide in surprise. He thought she called him so he could hurry up with the divorce papers since he hasn’t them yet. 

“W-Wha’ do yeh mean? S’not wha’ you want?”

A hefty sigh blows past Y/N’s lips, “I don’t know what I want, Harry. I want to hate you but I-I can’t. I can’t hate you. But I can’t just go back to you either because what you did…I can’t even…I can’t even think about it without feeling this deep pain in my chest–I feel sick.” Harry’s eyes shut as he listens to her words, the tears already streaming down his face. “But I’ve been thinking about this divorce and I just don’t know if it’s what I actually want. I think for now…maybe we could just stay separated. Maybe j-just…maybe we give each other some time. I need time to heal.”

Harry’s heart races, the corners of his mouth lifting up just an inch, “Love, yeh have…yeh have no idea how–” He shakes his head in frustration with himself, “Look, you could take all the time yeh need. All the time. ‘m gonna wait fo’ yeh. Know tha’ I don’t deserve this, yeh’re just too good fo’ me an’ I-I blew it and–”

Y/N interrupts his ramble, a small chuckle leaving her lips, “Harry, slow down,” she hears him exhale, “I think that with this separation, maybe we shouldn’t talk. We need time to ourselves, Harry. It’s not easy for me and I shouldn’t even…I shouldn’t even be thinking about this but I can’t help it when I…” She couldn’t say that words. She wasn’t going to. Not yet. If she ever would. “I don’t want a divorce yet but I don’t know if I even want to be with you. I don’t know if I could trust you ever again.”

Harry feels his heart crack but he quickly recovers, clearing his throat, “’f tha’s wha’ yeh want then okay.” He complies. He was going to wait for her. He was going to wait for her final decision. If she needs time, he was going to give her time. If she didn’t want to talk then he wasn’t going to call her if it was going to help with her decision. 

Harry knows he shouldn’t let his hopes up. Just because she couldn’t come to a decision now, who knows that maybe with their separation and god knows how long they won’t talk, will this effect her decision drastically. What if she falls out of love him? What if she does want to divorce him after all? What if she meets someone else?

His endless pessimistic thoughts get interrupted by the sound of Y/N’s voice calling out his name through the phone and he forgot he was even on the phone with her. 


“Oh yeah, sorry,” he apologizes. 

“So it’s okay then? We’re not…we’re not gonna talk then. Not until I-I figure out w-what I want.” 

“Mhm,” he agrees, nodding his head even though she couldn’t see him. “’ll give yeh all the time yeh need. Won’t call yeh anymo’,” He promises but he couldn’t imagine not being able to hear her voice. Not being able to see her. But he has to just for the sake of her. After all, he did deserve this. He’s the one who got them here in the first place. He has to face the consequences. 

“Okay,” She breathes out a sigh of relief, wiping a small tear that left her eye. “Okay.” She repeats to herself. 

“Can I just…can I just say one thing?” Harry asks her timidly.

Y/N feels her heart race in her chest, swallowing thickly, she says, “Sure.”

“I love you. I love you so much and I’m so sorry,” He says hoarsely, the tears dribbling down his chin. 

Y/N feels her heart ache in chest at his words because she couldn’t answer him. The words were lodged in her throat but she couldn’t say it back. The only thing she was able to say was, “I know, Harry. I know.

And Harry felt his chest ache because she didn’t say it back.

But after all, he was the reason why. 

It’s been a four months since Y/N called Harry about wanting time and distance. Harry did exactly what she asked. He hasn’t called her nor showed up at her doorstep unexpectedly drunk or crying. Y/N would still ask her through Harry’s friends or sister if he was okay. If he was still drinking because she was still worried. But she was relieved to hear that he hasn’t drank since the night she picked him up from the club, drunk out of his mind. It’s been four months since she last heard his voice or saw him. Y/N felt okay. She felt at ease. 

She no longer wanted to fall apart. She didn’t let herself. She was determined to pick things up. She made a goal to bring a piece of her back. One that she wasn’t going to let anyone ever have. Because she wanted to be strong and she wasn’t going to let this separation kill her. It still hurt that couldn’t talk to him. She still felt lonely when she’d wake up to an empty bedside. But she was okay. Maybe more than okay. Her smiles are more genuine and real. She no longer felt like she had to fake a smile. Everything felt good. 

She hasn’t heard from Harry in months. She hasn’t even seen him on the media lately. Not a single picture sometimes she contemplates whether or not she should call him to ask how he’s doing. They were still married. Y/N hasn’t called Harry yet to tell him that she was going to divorce him because she hasn’t made the decision yet. 

The thing is, she forgave Harry. She hasn’t told him that she has forgiven him and she didn’t know if she was going to anytime soon. She just doesn’t trust him anymore. He’s her husband and she loves him but she doesn’t trust him because he physically gave himself to another woman. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she’s worried that if she ever had to face this problem again, she was going to make it. She’d be torn apart for good and she doesn’t think she’d ever recover from it for giving herself to him again. 

It amazes her that after all this time, she still loves Harry. She hasn’t lost her feelings. She still thinks about him. There’s always a reminder of him but it no longer hurts her. It only makes her smile and reminiscent their memories. 

She just didn’t know how long Harry could wait. He said he would wait for her but did he really mean it? Does he still love her? Does he still think about her? 

She doesn’t know and she’s afraid to find out

It was around three in the afternoon and Y/N hears a knock on the door. She’s greeted with a polite smile from her mailman who holds a bunch of letters in his hand. She quickly thanks him before shutting the door. 

Shuffling through her mail, she throws the ones she didn’t important onto the coffee table. However, she feels her heart race in her chest when she sees a a large yellow colored envelope, familiar cursive writing written in black ink. Harry’s handwriting. She could recognize it anywhere. 

Y/N stares at the large envelope, wondering what’s inside due to it’s slightly heavy weight. Maybe he could no longer wait for her. Maybe he wrote it in a letter that he could no longer wait; that’s found someone else. Her chest aches at the thought of Harry meeting another woman but for a different reason this time. Technically they’re still married but still separated because Y/N hasn’t decided yet. So maybe it was heavy because this time Harry has sent divorce papers.

She tries to get rid of her negative thoughts, sitting down on her couch. She tears open the envelope and a CD falls to the ground, catching her by surprise. She looks into the envelope to see a paper as well. She pulls it out and looks at it in wonder. What was this CD? The only thing that was written on it was HARRY STYLES in black marker across the disc. She decides to read the letter first instead, seeing that it might clarify what the CD was. 

Her hands tremble as she held the paper, eyes scanning the entirety before she decided to read it even though she was afraid of what might be written. 

Dear Y/N…

I don’t know where to start with this. To say that I was a total idiot would be an understatement. God, I just wish I could go back and pinpoint the time where I thought it’d be okay to hurt you. Till this day you probably wonder, ‘why? why did Harry do it? What did I do?’ but it wasn’t you, Y/N. It was me. It was me being selfish. I was the one who ruined everything. You did nothing at all.

I was drunk. I cheated on you the first time when I was drunk out of mine. But there is no vindication for the other times that I did. My love, I’m so sorry. I look at myself in the mirror and wonder what I’ve done. I ask myself everyday why I did it. Why did I ruin us?

If I could go back in time and change it all, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I understand why you finally broke, why you left. I didn’t even realize you were giving me a chance. All those times you decided to stay even after you found out because you were giving me a chance. But I blew it. The moment I saw you in the kitchen without your wedding ring on, that’s when I knew that you knew. I saw your bare ring finger every night when I came home when you were already asleep so I didn’t think too much about it. But the moment it all came crashing down, I felt this deep sorrow and regret. Why didn’t I feel it before? I don’t know. 

It’s been hell without you. Staying in the home we’ve picked out together all alone has been hell. I can’t even lay in our bed without reminiscing all the times we’ve laid together after making love or just cuddling. When we’ve talked about kids and growing old together. We’ve talked about have four kids; two girls and two boys. Getting them a dog to play with. I’ve fucked it all up because I was being selfish. And who knows if that will ever happen now. 

You held on until you just couldn’t anymore. I would do anything just to change what I’ve done but I fucked it all up with my stupidity. I took you for granted because you’re my wife and I thought you wouldn’t doubt me. I lost the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost the only one whose made me the most happiest I’ve been and the only one I want to be with.

I can no longer look at another woman. It’s always going to be you. I can’t even describe it. You’re the only woman I ever want to be with! You’re my home, you’re the one who could only cure a bad day. You’re the safest place I could run to.You’re the only one I could talk to. You matter to me so much. I’ll only ever love you and please don’t ever doubt that. Don’t ever doubt that I didn’t love you because I did. And I still do. I need you. I love you so much and I’m so sorry. 

I don’t blame you for wanting to distance. I don’t blame you if you hate me. I haven’t heard your voice in four months and it kills me. I’m staring at picture of you that I have as my wallpaper. It’s the one where we decided to bake that lemon cake you wanted to try on pinterest and there’s flour on your face with your nose scrunched up adorably when you were laughing because we forgot to add sugar and it turned out horrible. But I thought it was the perfect moment to capture. 

Memories like these make my heart ache because it may never happen again, all because I fucked it up. 

Now you’re probably wondering what the CD is. A bit narcissistic to have my name on it and I can imagine you pointing that out if we were together at the moment and I’d roll my eyes at you

I’ve been in Jamaica for a while now. Ever since our phone conversation, I knew I couldn’t let myself fall apart. I had to get better for you, for us, for me. So I went to Jamaica and I’ve been working on my solo album. You’re always on my mind. I always think about how you are and what you’ve been up to. It’s like a part of me is missing. This CD is my finished album. Ten songs. There are ten songs I’ve written in here. I want you to listen to the lyrics closely. You’re the first person I wanted to show. I’m pretty proud of this album. I’ve worked quite hard on it. So listen to it when you get the chance, please. 

One more thing. No matter what you decide for us, I’m always going to love you with everything I am. Always. I love you so fucking much and I miss you. 

Yours Forever, H. 

By the time Y/N was finished reading the letter, she was left speechless with the tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. She felt like the vital organ in her chest was going to burst from so many emotions she was feeling overwhelmed with. She looks down at the disk. Her throat felt constricted and her stomach was fluttering. 

She decides to listen to it. 

A week later

Y/N walks into the a cafe on Monday afternoon with a book in hand. The smell coffee beans and fresh baked bread fills her nostrils as she inhales the air around her. She decides to order her regular coffee and waits on the side. As she grabs her coffee with a thank you, she turns around to find a place to sit but bumps into a large body, causing her to drop her book. 

“Sorry,” The person who she bumped into and her speak simultaneously.

Her eyes go wide at the hand that holds her book. A cross tattoo is inked into the the skin between the thumb and forefinger on the left hand that is clad with rings. 

She lifts her head up, her eyes immediately meeting pale green ones that look at her in shock. 

“Harry,” She mumbles in surprise.

He looked so healthy. His chocolate locks were cute short, displaying the his cute little ears. His eyes no longer had dark circles underneath them like the last time she saw them. He wears his usual patterned shirt along with the multiple rings adorning his fingers. 

“Y/N,” He looks at her stunned. 

A smile pulls at her lips, one that she wasn’t going to hold back this time. Harry notices the smile on her lips and gives her a large grin of his own in happiness. 

“Hi…” He greets nervously. 

“Hi…” She chuckles, the tears building up in her eyes. 

And even though they both still have a lot to talk about, she knew what she wanted to do.

okay homies, i finally finished! THIS WAS THE END! i’m sorry if you don’t like it. I just didn’t know how else to end it. at one point i was like, i should just make them divorced but at the same time i was like nah. so you can imagine how the ending goes. i didn’t exactly write out what decision she made so it’s your choice. pls give me feedback. i wanna know how i did with this. xx M 

this part is unedited. excuse all typos.
cold bloody nights [frank castle]

summary: frank comes home and you’re gone.

a/n: i’d like to make a public announcement: frank castle owns my ass. also there’s blood and violence in this, but i mean it’s frank how can there be no blood or violence???? or maybe it’s just me and i’m a sociopath bc i love this shit i’m not sure yet.

Originally posted by pizzaplanet666

Walking into your apartment at 4AM Frank tried to keep as quiet as possible. Much to his dismay the door squeaked as he opened it, he cringing at the sound. Frank soon went to catch the door and close it softly, but when he looked over at the bedroom to see if he woke you, you weren’t there. All of his senses were immediately on high alert, but he told himself not to panic, maybe you went to the bathroom. But when he saw the broken glass on the floor his blood began to boil. Frank was out the door in seconds, not caring if the sound of it smashing closed woke the entire building.

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The Road to Redemption: Arrow 5x11 Review (Second Chances)

Arrow introduced Tina Boland tonight, the new BC, and while we didn’t hit a lot of thematic new ground with her character, they set up an interesting juxtaposition between her, Oliver, Felicity and the road one takes to redemption.

My reference to the three characters in no  way means that I see a love triangle. Sometimes I’m gonna have to write their names all together in a sentence. 

Let’s dig in…

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anonymous asked:

blorke + 15/19 (from C's pov, hun!! bc lbr, das some truth tea.. doll busts for bell left right n centre) ty babyboo

ok 1) this ask is the absolute best and 2) i only realised after i wrote it that you wanted it from clarke’s pov i’m sorry!! 

kiss meme #19- Kisses because I don’t want you to go and maybe I can convince you to stay just a few minutes longer (mild smut)


Usually in the warmer months Bellamy couldn’t wait to leave his stuffy, muggy tent to attend to the day’s work. At least outside there was some breeze to help with the oppressive heat, and he could sneak a dip in the nearby river if he so wished.

But now, things have a changed.

Now he has a properly ventilated cabin instead of a tent, now he has an actual bed instead of a pile of fur, and now he has someone to share that bed with every night instead of being on his own.

For someone so small, Clarke manages to occupy the entire bed and then some, her left foot dangling off the edge.

Her head is pillowed on his chest, clinging to his bicep as she snores something awful, her hair a bird’s nest around them. It gets in her mouth, and his mouth too, and yet he still keeps her there, a gentle hand tracing the bumps of her vertebrae as she sleeps on.

“Clarke,” he murmurs softly, nosing the crown of her head. “Clarke, babe, I need to get up.”

She makes a soft sound of disagreement, brow wrinkling as she presses her face into his sternum, almost butting his chin in the process. He has to tilt his head up to avoid getting hit.

Clarke,” he whines, “I have work.”

“I don’t,” she grumbles. The sun has already risen, light dripping through the curtains, and the air has begun warming up. Their bare skin sticks together uncomfortably where they touch but it doesn’t stop her from snuggling further into him.

“Not all of us have mornings off,” he says, fingers trailing over her scapula now. If he tickles her, she might squirm away, leaving him with an out.

She finally cracks her eyes open, glaring balefully at him. “You could have morning off you know,” she says, “You never take time off. Kane wouldn’t mind.”

“I’m supposed to inform him before I take time off, not miss my shift.”

“You’re taking inventory today. No one’s going to miss you,” she sighs, arching her body against his so that the thin blanket slips down, catching on the curve of her ass. His fingers itch to follow its path, but he knows exactly where that’ll lead and it involves him being later than he already is.

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Things Are About To Change

word count: 1 773
warnings: none

summary: Y/N and Kai are in a relationship and one day after they had a bad fight Y/N finds out about her pregnancy.

*gif by me

requested by anon 

It was late night already as Y/N finally heard how the door was opened. She had waited the whole day for her boyfriend to come back from “doing business sitting on the couch and watching movie after movie. Lately, it had become one of his new habits to leave her early in the morning only to show up when she was asleep already. That’s why this time she had wanted to stay awake, she wanted to confront him about all of this. 

She and Kai had started their relationship over a year ago after she was the one who prevented his death. Damon would’ve chopped his head off if she hadn’t secretly used her magic on him, giving him a magical neck snap. Although she was aware of all the things, Kai had still she was the only one who thought he deserved another chance. No matter who it was, Y/N always saw the good in people. She just couldn’t believe someone was downright evil. 

Kai had been astonished that she had come to his rescue. Never before had anyone done anything nice for him and soon he found himself wanting to learn more about Y/N. They had met more often not caring about the things people were saying as they saw them together. After all this time he had finally found the one person who cared about him and who was able to love him for who he was. 

But recently everything had changed. Y/N got the feeling she wasn’t enough for him anymore, that he rather spent time with anyone else except her. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was gonna do or say to him. She only knew that things needed to change. 

Hearing his footsteps coming closer to the living room of their shared apartment she turned off the tv and sat straight on the couch. Her arms were crossed in front of her chest. 

“Oh… hi.” Kai greeted her, sounding simultaneously surprised and worried. He stayed in the door frame watching her from a distance. Something was strange. “Is everything okay?”

A hysterical laugh escaped her mouth as she stood up moving two steps closer to Kai. The laugh was humorless, falling silent after a few seconds. “You’re kidding, right?” Y/N raised an eyebrow. She was genuinely interested if it was just a joke. In her opinion, it was more than obvious that everything was not okay.  

Only then Kai realized tears were glistening in her eyes. It broke his heart seeing her like this, not knowing what the reason for it was. He tried to shorten the distance between them, to take her into his arms but she took a step back. Sadness and anger flashed in her eyes.

“Y/N, talk to me. Tell me what happened.” He begged. With every passing minute, he hated the situation more. But the girl kept quiet, avoiding to look Kai into the eyes as she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her tears any longer. 

One more time he reached out his hand, trying to pull her towards him. Yet again she dodged him. A quiet sigh escaped her mouth as she looked up. 

“You. You happened.” Her voice was barely a whisper; nonetheless, Kai understood her. Y/N saw hurt and incomprehension on his face, and suddenly all her sadness turned into anger. “You disappear every morning before I’m even awake and come back home late at night when I’m already asleep. I haven’t seen you in weeks cause you always have better things to do! You rather do your business than spend time with your girlfriend!”

Her voice was getting louder with each word as anger slowly was taking her over. These were rare moments as Kai usually was the one to get furious and snap. Not this time. Now he was calm, sensing a storm would come. 

“I can ex-” He started but was cut off by her. “No, I don’t want to hear your excuses.” She couldn’t hold the tears any longer as they streamed down her cheeks, leaving a fine wet line. Every time she wiped them away with the back of her hand new tears had already formed and made their way down. By now her eyes had become red and puffy.

Seeing her this way, not being able to do anything about it, broke his heart. It felt like it was ripped out of his chest and thrown away. 

“Please, Y/N, let me explain. Just give me one more chance.” He pleaded as he took another step towards her. This time she didn’t back away although there was still too much space between them. 

Y/N exhaled deeply after the tears had finally stopped. She still loved Kai, and she knew it was impossible to not love him anymore, but she had already given him so many chances. However, in each and every opportunity he had managed to do something stupid, but she had always forgiven him. Now she needed to think about herself, even though it would probably shatter her heart into million pieces. 

A few minutes both of them were quiet. Kai kept his gaze on her while Y/N vehemently looked on the ground. All of a sudden she raised her head, staring into his piercing blue eyes. Angry. Sad. Desperate. 

“Maybe my friends were right, and you really aren’t capable of loving or caring about someone.” She stormed past him and out of their apartment. Kai listened to her footsteps as she ran out into the night. He just couldn’t believe what she had said. 

By now he had tears in his eyes, too, hating how weak it made him feel. He wiped them away and made a decision. He wouldn’t give up on her that easily. No, he would try to bring her back and better himself. 

Taking his jacket he walked out of the apartment, using his vamp-speed to go to the place she most likely would be. Before he even got there, he saw someone lying on the ground. Y/N. 


He kneeled down next to her, biting his wrist and bringing it up to her lips. Gently he stroked her hair waiting for her to wake up, tears glistening in his eyes. Her breathing was shallow, hear heartbeat slow and uneven. 

“Come on, wake up.”

She still didn’t. Kai tried different spells, but nothing seemed to work. She didn’t wake up. That’s why he lifted her up and brought her to the next hospital. Immediately she was taken away from him as the only thing he could do was to sit and wait. 

To him, it felt like hours in which he had started pacing, hoping someone would finally tell him what was up. He hated that he wasn’t able to help her, worried that it might be something that couldn’t be healed, something that would tear them apart. He didn’t want to lose her, and he didn’t want that their last memory together to be a memory of them fighting.

“Mr. Parker?” 

A nurse had approached him. He couldn’t read her expression though he hoped she had something good to say. There was no life without Y/N in it.

“Your girlfriend is still unconscious, but she will most likely wake up in the next few minutes. If you like you can go to her room and wait there until she awakes.” She said leading the way.

Taking a deep breath he stepped in, seeing her laying flat on the bed. Her breathing and heartbeat had turned normal again, and it seemed like she was just sleeping. Kai sat down on a chair next to her, gently brushing her cheek with his fingertips. He rested his hand on hers making sure he would feel it if she woke up. Closing his eyes he listening to her heartbeat as it was slowly calming him down. 

Suddenly he felt her move, shifting her head, so she was able to look at him.

“Kai? What are you doing her?” She sounded weak, exhausted. Nevertheless, she intertwined her fingers with his causing him to give her a smile.

“You fainted… after our fight. I found you and brought you here because neither my blood nor my magic helped you.” He explained, gingerly brushing a strand of hair from her face. They kept quiet, getting lost in each other’s gazes. 

The door was opened, and a young doctor came in. Even though they broke the eye contact, they still held hands. The doctor had a smile on her face as she approached the couple, looking at Y/N. 

“Miss Y/L/N? We found out the reason you fainted.” She said nicely. There was a small break before she continued. “You’re pregnant. Congratulations.” 

Her eyes went wide in shock and surprise. It was unbelievable. It was impossible. Kai was a vampire, he couldn’t procreate - that was one of the simplest rules. He couldn’t believe it either, but as he listened, he could hear it. There was a second heartbeat coming from Y/N. The heartbeat of his child. Their child. 

“I’ll be a father.” He whispered, pulling Y/N towards him for a hug. She wrapped her hands around his neck, resting her head in the crook of his neck. She hadn’t forgotten about their fight, but somehow it had become irrelevant. 

As Kai let go of her, she sank back into the pillows. The doctor had left them alone which gave them the time and space to talk. 

“Can you forgive me?” Kai asked, using his best puppy eyes to get her to say yes. He knew how hard it was for her to resists him then. Y/N sighed but slowly nodded as a small smile spread across her lips. 

“Of course. But there’s one thing you need to promise me.” Her face turned serious. “Don’t ever leave me - us - alone again. Don’t spend days not coming home and not telling me where you are. If we want this to work, I need to know I can rely on you again.”

“I promise.” He kissed her forehead, resting his hand on her stomach. He didn’t really care about how it was possible, he just enjoyed to know that he was going to be a father. And he made a promise to himself he would be a better father than his was ever to him.

“I’m sorry I didn’t even let you explain yourself.” She said. “Although I can pin it on the pregnancy typical mood changes now.” 

She winked at him as they burst into laughter. Yes, everything would go back to normal, and in a few months, they would be a happy little family. 


Part 3

“And Abel is her father?” JJ questioned, trying to inject levity into the question where she knew deep down there was none. 

Y/N nodded softly, a small smile upon her face. That smile nearly broke Spencer as he stood outside and watched helplessly. “How did you meet him?”

“We met at church,” she said. Spencer’s mouth dropped. Y/N wasn’t religious at all. This was a planted story. He swallowed the bile that had formed in his throat. Only the house in which she’d lived for the past three years truly understood what had happened to Y/N to make her believe these things. He went numb as JJ and Y/N spoke - the image of his beloved wife being brutalized, forced to turn to a fabricated story for relief and survival, freezing him in place. “He approached me and said he thought I was pretty. That he didn’t normally go to church at that time so maybe God had pushed the two of us together. We fell in love quickly and had Ilaria.”

“But you’re not married?” JJ asked, trying to understand what religion if any the household subscribed to. 

Y/N shook her head and smiled. “No. Abel has many lovers because we believe that the most important thing is bringing more children into the world - bring them to God as well.” 

Spencer sunk in place, his eyes no longer peering into the window toward the woman he loved. His legs were too heavy, the myriad possibilities of what she went through weighing him down. He could hear the strain in JJ’s voice, trying so hard to choke back tears, as she continued to ask her questions. “How many lovers does Abel have? How many children?”

“He has three right now,” she said, the names of the other three women falling off her tongue, “But until you took us out of our home, we had another one joining us. But you didn’t give us a chance to get to know her.”

“Her name is Monica,” JJ said, turning her attention directly toward Y/N and looking into her eyes as much as Y/N would allow. “And she didn’t go willingly. She was taken off the streets by Abel and one of the other women…just like you were.”

Spencer pulled himself to see if Y/N was in there at all, but she didn’t seem to be. He swallowed a sob while Hotch patted him on the back.

Y/N’s head snapped up toward JJ’s. “I just told you, we met in church. Abel loves me.” The force with which she believed her own words was causing her lips to quiver, the tears behind her eyes to release themselves with or without the help of her own body. “He loves us. You’re trying to turn me against. He said that you’d do that.”

Spencer turned around, ready to walk out of the room. He didn’t know how much longer he could stand here and listen to this. “Hotch, what am I going to do? She thinks he loves her. He got her pregnant. He told her to fear me, and he prepared her for law enforcement. How am I supposed to get her back?” The heated tears flowed freely, his hands over his mouth in an attempt to stifle the noise.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Hotch replied, “But people have come back from this before - Jaycee Lee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart. It sounds like Y/N has Stockholm syndrome too. The good thing is that we have Abel Mitchell for two counts of murder. He is not getting out, which means she’s free of him and can start to heal.”

Running his hands through his hair, he said nothing to Hotch and returned to the window. “Do you know what Abel did?” JJ asked, her voice moving from soft to stern, her eyes harder than before. “Do you remember these two women?” She pulled out two photos - one of a late-20s brunette with wavy hair down to her shoulders and a beautiful heart-shaped face, the other of another late-20s woman, this one with blond hair and blue eyes. Next to the pictures of the two beauties lay pictures of them on slabs, devoid of color, their skin pale and sunken, the life in their eyes snuffed out. 

“That’s Eva and Bethany,” Y/N said, recognition flashing followed by a hint of fear. “What happened to them?”

“They were murdered. Neither of them could have children. They both miscarried twice and Abel killed them.” JJ was desperate to break through even just a little bit. She was Spencer’s wife, but she’d also been her friend. Seeing her like this, having to talk to her like this was making her heart ache. 

“No!” Y/N screamed, getting up from the chair and hitting it back into the table. “No! He wouldn’t do that! Abel is a good man! You’re trying to frame him!”

JJ got up as well and glanced back toward where she knew Spencer was standing, her look conveying what she was feeling when her words could not. “We aren’t, Y/N,” JJ said. “We have proof. Abel’s DNA is underneath their fingernails. His prints are on their necks.” She placed her own hands around her neck. Something about that motion pushed Y/N over the brink.

“No! No! No! No! My name is Rebekah!” Over and over again, she smacked at her head to the point where JJ, Morgan and Hotch had to hold her arms to keep her from hurting herself further. “Abel wouldn’t do that! He loves me! He loves me! He loves me! Let go of me! Get your hands off me! I want to see Abel! Where is Abel?” 

The screeching that came out of her mouth could be heard throughout the entire bullpen. She screamed his name repeatedly until she couldn’t anymore, until Spencer was certain she’d torn at her vocal chords. “I’m going to bring you back to me, I swear,” he said out loud to himself. “I promise.”

With the palms of his hands, Spencer wiped away his tears and turned from the window, unable to see her screaming and crying and pleading to see the man that took her away from him over and over again - the man who likely beat and raped her day in and day out until she turned to this fabricated story to survive with some semblance of sanity intact. Instead, he walked with purpose, the people before him parting like the Red Sea as he stormed across the bullpen to the room Abel was being kept in. 

Spencer couldn’t talk to his wife for fear of breaking her further, but he would be damned if he wasn’t going to interrogate this bastard. Rossi realized where he was going and followed him. “Kid, I’m coming in with you. You can’t go in alone.”

“Fine,” he said hotly, his eyes never breaking their gaze from the door that shielded him from the man who’d taken his wife away. “But I’m going in.”

As he pulled open the door and walked inside, a skin-crawling grin was painted across his face. “She’s asking for me, huh? How does that feel, Agent?”

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It’s been 2 weeks since Star left Earth.

Marco sat alone in his room, sulking over the loss of his best friend. He hadn’t spoken to Jackie since the party. In fact, he hadn’t really spoken to anyone.

He spent most of his time thinking. Mostly thinking about Star. What she meant to him. What he meant to her.

She left him here. She said she had feelings for him, and then she abandoned him. She didn’t even give him time to respond.

Now she’s gone, and from the looks of it, she’s not coming back.

He thought back to their time together. Was it obvious? Should he have known? They were definitely close. They did pretty much everything together. They even shared the bathroom while the other showered.

Marco blushed.

Thinking about it, that was mostly something married couples on TV did.

Then there was the concert. Star had been acting weird the whole time. Especially after their duet. Then she sort of just disappeared.

And nobody knew who was lying at that sleepover…

So maybe it was obvious. Marco chastised himself for the hundredth time since her absence. He was such an oblivious idiot.

What would he have done about it? He’d never considered Star as more than just a friend.

Okay, that wasn’t entirely true. There was the time he crashed her dance with Tom. She looked gorgeous in that dress.

Of course, he was a teenage boy as well. A teenage boy living right down the hall from a beautiful teenage girl. But he had those dreams about lots of people. They didn’t mean anything, right?

He sighed to himself. It didn’t matter anyway. She was gone.

A soft voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Marco, honey, are you alright in there? We haven’t heard from you in quite a while.”

“Yeah, mom, I’m fine. I’m just tired.”

He wasn’t completely lying. All this thinking and worrying was exhausting.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“I… I don’t know. Not really.”

Angie Diaz crept through the door and sat down at the edge of Marco’s bed. She placed her hand on his shoulder, rubbing it with her thumb as she let out a sigh.

“I know this has been difficult for you Marco, but you really must open up to someone. You’ve spent 2 weeks laying in bed. I’m pretty sure you haven’t eaten in 3 days. Letting the pain fester in you will only make you feel worse.”

Marco curled up a little tighter.

“She didn’t even give me a chance to say goodbye.” He started to tear up. He had tried so hard not to cry. He just couldn’t hold it back any longer.

Angie reached down and hugged Marco tight.

“I know, honey.”

Marco cried for what seemed to him like several hours. He clutched his mother tight and let eveything go. Every bit of anger, confusion, fear, anxiety, and loss. He drained himself of all his pent up emotions.

When he finally calmed down, he pulled himself loose and looked down at his feet, sniffling.

“What do I do now?”

He wasn’t asking anybody in particular. He just put it out into the universe in the hopes that someone would answer him. Today was his lucky day.

A mob of laser puppies came tumbling in through the door and crashed into Marco’s nightstand. The resulting collision knocked the drawer loose, spilling its contents all over the floor. Among them was a certain pair of scissors.

Marco reached down and grabbed his dimensional scissors. A determined look crept across his face.

“Mom, is it okay if I leave for a while? I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

Angie looked at her son, completely lost.

“What are you talking about? Where are you going?”

Marco held up the scissors, the light reflecting the inscription of his name.

“I earned these dimensional scissors from a lady named Hekapoo. I’m going to Mewni. I have to find Star.”

Suddenly understanding, Angie could only nod in response. She couldn’t stop him. He was determined. She stood up and gave Marco one more hug.

“I want you to be safe. Don’t do anything stupid just because she likes you.”

Marco laughed.

“You know who you’re talking to, right?”

They hugged for a while longer. Then, Marco stepped back, tore a portal in space, waved goodbye, and stepped through.

Stepping onto the lush green grass of Mewni, Marco took a deep breath. He still didn’t have an answer for Star, but that didn’t matter right now. He could think about it on the way.

For now, he had to find his best friend.

Change of Address- Kelly Severide x Reader Imagine

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“Squad 3, you have a change of address: 463 2nd St, Carmichael High School”

Kelly froze.

Capp noticed and motioned for Severide to get his gear on since his team was ready to move.

“Hurry it up Cruz! That’s Y/N’s school. She was called in to sub for another teacher.” Joe nodded and focused on driving carefully but as fast as possible to get to the scene quickly. Kelly took the drive to call Y/N’s cell phone hoping she would answer and be okay.

“Voicemail. Dammit!”

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Chapter 1: Under Public Scrutiny

A/N: Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for the support of this story and all the new readers that have joined me on this journey! I am quite nervous to post the first chapter so it would mean a lot to me if you could share your thoughts, good or bad! I would greatly appreciate it! Enjoy xo (sorry my tags haven’t been working but oh well! Here you go!)

Three minutes and six seconds.

That is all it takes to change the course of a life, my life.

No matter what people believe about fate I was never one to fall for it. I knew that I could change the course of my future that nothing was set in stone. I could etch and chisel away at the solid foundation and still change it into a beautiful life, one of my own making.

In the attempts of breaking through those confining walls my birth right surrounded me with, I came to the realization that my life would never be normal. That my life would be the center of attention for the whole world to see. To see every faltering step, every mistake, every time I had my heart broken.

This is my life.

Princess Emilia’s life.

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Way To Go Sammy!

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Coffee shop au


Sam Winchester x reader

AN: I hope you all enjoy lovelies (ps: here you go sis– a sam version of the other coffeeshop au to appease your samgirl heart  ;) )


Even though he was supposed to be focusing on making a hotchocolate for the lady in the red coat Sam couldn’t help himself.  Almost on their own his eyes lifted to land on the girl curled up in the corner booth, her face hidden by the book she was reading.

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A dance from the past

Summary: Steve never dance because his waiting for the right partner, maybe he found her?

A/N: The song I used was Taking a chance on love by Benny Goodman but I’ve linked the Frank Sinatra rendition because its a lot more upbeat. Italics are flashbacks, bolds are song lyrics.

Listen to it here

Here I go again

Steve sat and watched Peggy slip in and out of sleep, his large hand lay displayed on the bed. Her hand slipping, like her, in between his dominant fingers. He traced the lines that were painted on her face with tired eyes, the years of fighting were worn out and creased into her forehead, years of battling to be equal to everyone in SHIELD. He looked to the flowers that Y/N gave her last week, he smiled at the memory ‘she came running out to his motorbike and pushed them into his hand “for the most amazing women I’ve had the pleasure of hearing stories about” she whispered in his ear.’ Peggy eventually struggled up to the mountain of pillows that lay behind her, Steve bringing up the lukewarm tea to her pale lips, letting her sip the drink before putting it back down and taking her hand in both of his this time. “What’s wrong darling?” Her white coloured eyebrows crease in worry, he look at her sad eyes with a broken heart on his sleeve “I missed out on my dance partner Peg,” his voice cracks on the end.

She sighs and places her free hand on his pink dusted cheek, “sweetheart we’ve been through this haven’t we? You don’t only get one, we never got to dance but by hell did we try to eh” He smiles at her and nods against her palm. “You have to move on, I’m not going to be here much longer darling. I want to hear all about a lovely ‘dame’ maybe that beautiful Y/N girl.” Steve gives her hand a small squeeze and lets her sleep again before taking off for back home.  

I hear those trumpets blow again
All aglow again
Taking a chance on love

As the elevator slides open a small thumping melody beats its way into Steve’s eardrums. He tweaks up his head and pokes it down the dark hallway to see the common room lit with pale flickers. As he runs his hand along the wall whilst tip toeing towards the sound of the music becomes louder and sounds of Frank Sinatra ring through his brain. However, the lyrics take him back to him and Bucky sitting in the bar. ‘Bucky slung his arm over Steve and speaks into his ear “Listen to the lyrics Stevie! Taking a chance on love…I never would try. Maybe this song was written for you huh?” His bellowing laugh echo’s through the jazz bar to which Steve spins his water around and rolls his eyes.” He swings around and sees her, swaying back and forth as she pulls cookies from the oven. She mummers under her breath, along with the song, snatching one of the piping hot cookies up she swings her hips and twirls her way around the room. He smiles at the memory of Bucky and him before the shit storm of the war hit them, then his smile widens and his heart grows fonder towards the girl that stands looking over the skyline that darkens every minute his stands and admires her.

Here I slide again
About to take that ride again
Starry eyed again
Taking a chance on love

Steve’s first month in the tower was hell, after the battle of New York the avengers tower became the official home of the hero’s and Y/N moved in the same day as him. During the battle of New York Steve grew fond of the girl. She seemed to be the only one on the plane to have no ultra motive or agenda towards him, she was almost warm towards him or towards everyone he wasn’t sure. Her powers were remarkable to the team, a intelligent brain but also the power to control water and form it on command. She sat with him in Dr Banners lab at night and taught him how it worked, laying out the lavish details of her gifts to which Steve shared his stories of Peggy and the doctor but not Bucky.

He sat in the kitchen at six AM after his run with the tablet that Jarvis was attached to, trying to figure out how to find youtube to catch up on some 21st century stuff he missed. She wandered in with tired eyes but gave him a smile non the less “hiya Steve you ok?” He wanted to ask her for help, how the hell it all worked but everyone else seemed to snicker at him or share an annoyed expression before punching in whatever he needed. He muttered I’m fine in the most impolite manor he had ever spoken in. She looked like a kicked puppy but soon he hurt one was replaced with a sympathetic one “ need some help?” She asked and Steve laughs and nods whilst she saddled up to the chair next to him and starts to point out and write down all the things he needs explaining.    

Things are mending now
I see a rainbow blending now
We’ll have a happy ending now
Taking a chance on love

Steve cleared his throat and Y/N whipped her head around to see him, she blushed a crimson red and gave him a slight wave. “Jarvis brighten the lights please?” The room is submerged into daylight and the night sky outside becomes unknown to them when the blinds are pulled down along with the bright lights. “ How’s peggy?” The quiet girl asks as Steve stands eating one of the fresh cookies and she sits with her head resting on her hands. Sitting on a breakfast bar she becomes equal to his height when he leans over so his face is near hers, “she’s ok but she keeps encouraging me to me to find a dance partner.” Y/N laughs at his use of the words and beams up at him “maybe she’s right, find someone who you can dance to the classic too.”

His takes a deep breath in and drops the cookie back onto the tray and stands up. Holding out his hand he asks her “dance with me then?” The look in her eyes in some of pure shock and some of pure happiness “you’d pick me to be your dance partner?” He looks down to the ground and kicks his screech his feet along the floor, shrugging “well yeah,” She slithers out her seat and snags his hands to around her waist. “Have I ever told you about Bucky?” He asks her…

Here I slip again
About to take that trip again
I got that grip again
Taking a chance on love

Y/N was now stressed, Tony had given her stacks of paper work and the worlds hardest equation that lay portrayed over two white boards in her lab. She had written it out twelve times and not once had she even come close to cracking it. Nat stayed and watched her brain tick over it and mull over each number, fraction and division sign for a good two hours before she planted a kiss on the girls head and left.

Steve came in at eleven after visiting Peggy and bidding her goodnight but as per usual he saw her light on. The massive floor was dedicated to Steve’s training room and her lab therefore he saw her on more than one occasion a day. However, he wasn’t there to workout he was at the glass door with teas and a sandwich on a tray. “Knock knock.” She waves him in and he sets himself on top of the counter sipping from his cup. She turns to him and looks like a sulky five year old that can’t have sweets today “can’t figure it out doll?” She shakes her head with a mouth full of bread and filling and swallows thickly, “I can’t work it out Steve! Help me.” He holds his free hand up mock surrender “I’m just a lab rat doll I can’t help ya.” She trudges over to him and knocks her head into his chest, he smiles at her Y/H/C full head on hair bunched at the back of her neck. Grips her head in with his free hand and plants a small kiss on the crown of her head.

On that ball again
I’m riding for a fall again
I’m gonna give my all again
Taking a chance on love

They sway in the kitchen and Steve every so often grips her head a little tighter to observe that she’s still there and still real. Her head is pushed as far into his brick chest as it can be their right hands both intertwined like vines, rest on Steve’s chest. Her left hand lay cradling the nape of his neck whilst they dance to the same song on repeat. They had stopped talking awhile ago, Steve’s throat had closed up on more than one occasion when relaying the details of his and Bucky’s life therefore Y/N had placed a chaste kiss on his neck and hushed him.

After the song finished for the fourth time she pulled away and look up at him “ Steve am I really the right dance partner?” He looks down at her with admiration adoring his eyes and a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He leans down and places his lips against hers. The kiss is short but slow and full of passion, Steve pouring all the love he can mange from his thawing bones. “ Your defiantly the right dance partner doll,” They resume swaying to the music and Steve mummers into her hair “I think I’m gonna take a chance at love.”

Right so this was written at 1AM but its been stuck in my mind all day at work and I have to work at ten. Shit! Any who, I hope you guys like it tell me what you think pleaseee also its not read through and some parts may be written very badly I’m sorry for that-lots of love

▲ New Rules / Cheryl Blossom ▲

Words: 1307

Song: New Rules, Dua Lipa

Talkin’ in my sleep at night
Makin’ myself crazy
Wrote it down and read it out
Hopin’ it would save me

Reciting the words over and over in your mind, you tried to remind yourself of everything you promised you wouldn’t do.

You would even go as far to say that you would recite them even in your sleep-by now, it wouldn’t surprise you if it were true. 

You were driving yourself crazy…the more you tried to stop thinking about her, the more you would think about her-no matter what, it was a lose-lose situation. 

Not wanting to suffer the same pain all over again, you tried and you tried to push thoughts of her from your mind. You tried distracting yourself, tried reminding yourself of how unhealthy your relationship had become for the both of you.

But it wasn’t that easy.

It never was with her.

My love, [s]he makes me feel like nobody else
Nobody else
But my love, [s]he doesn’t love me
So I tell myself, I tell myself

Cheryl Blossom.

What could you say about the redheaded bombshell that had stolen your heart within minutes of meeting her?

She was unlike anyone you had ever met, she made you feel so special and loved…You’d never been with anyone who made you feel like that. All she had to do was look your way and you were smitten.

You’d fallen hard for her, harder than ever before-but you’d grown to learn it wasn’t the same for her.  

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Rainy Day

I was seriously going to start a revolution against the weather if we had another day of storms. First day, it was fine, I got a lot of housework done. Second day, it was still pretty cool, I finished up that article and sent it off to the magazine. Third day it was starting to get old, but we had some good thunder that shook the windows. That was cool.

Fourth day though. That’s what’s breaking me.

I groaned as I leaned back on my chair, trying to glean some inspiration from the ceiling. Like always, it had none. I looked out on the street, watching the water rush down the sides of the road, flooding the sidewalks and my front lawn. It was going to be a bitch to mow that later.

Still confirmed my fears- going outside was not going to happen, unless I started bleeding from my eyeballs and needed to go to the hospital.

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How Did You Manage This?

It was his mother’s birthday, being the doting son that he was Simon had planned a full day of spoiling her. Especially since as of late he felt he’d been less than stellar at spending time with her and his sister as a family.

Knowing his boyfriend would be gone all day Jace decided to plan a surprise of his own, not only for Simon but for Mrs. Lewis as well. It had taken her awhile to warm up to him, she kept stating that Jace had the ‘bad boy’ look and thought he was going to hurt her son. However lately things were better between the unlikely pair because Elaine had seen with her own eyes how Jace adored Simon.

She confessed to him she’d seen them kissing a few times, saw the way Jace looked at her son. Caught the way Jace always reached out to touch Simon gently when they were in social settings. Holding his hand, or his palm on the small of Simon’s back, or a pinky brushing against Simon’s dangling hand. It was like Jace the ‘bad boy’ needed someone to hold him up, he was just as vulnerable and invested in this relationship. It must have dawned on her that Jace needed Simon too, and in fact her son could be capable of hurting Jace as well.

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The deal with Joseph (Spoilers)

So like everyone else, I’ve been somewhat confused with Jospeh. He is in a relationship with an Alcoholic who can’t even keep look after her own child. She gets bored with the activities Joseph likes to take part in and is never home.

But still, Jospeh is a player. He could’ve tried to talk to his wife before. He even said during the second date to Spinmaster Quin that he was used to fixing relationships due to him being the youth minister. So why hasn’t he tried harder with his wife? Even Robert made an attempt to clean up his act, yet Jospeh really never asked Mary to try and stop drinking. And if you think about it, does Jospeh even watch over his own kids?

Mary goes to the bar with Robert, this was shown by date 1 and 2, and they both were talking about Jospeh being kind of a player. Maybe this is the reason why Mary drinks.

When you go on the second date with Jospeh there is a scene called walk Mary home. This proves that whenever Jospeh is out with another person she tends to go to the bar. She drinks away her problems. Even if you apologize she is still mad. Because this has happened before and she most likely knows what happens.

So on the second date Jospeh invites you and not his wife. Leading her to go to the bar and Jospeh flirting with your dadsona. Not even telling you that he is having fights with his wife until the 3rd date. That’s kinda rude to Mary honestly. And now on the third date. Who is watching over the children? Is Mary even home? Or is she at the Bar? If the children were alone wouldn’t the twins be up to something? Maybe? Or of course the older brother keeps things in tact but with a so said baby and a heck ton of children? I don’t know I could be just worried about the kids. But if you are reading this you most likely know, You get a post card like every other dad gives you depending on who you romance, and it says something about Margarita Zone. Seriously? In a speedo and all, he still wants to get into your pants. We know this maybe happened to Robert giving Mary a reason to drink, her husband messes with people, and a reason for her to fight with her husband. Jospeh is an all time bad guy and a player. A cool youth minister one second, and a backstabbing guy the next. I still do love Jospeh but if there is a happy ending, It had to be the one where Jospeh and his wife talking it out. Why? Because, Jospeh shouldn’t cheat on her with anyone. And they should just be a happy family. It’s not your dads fault, he was told that Jospeh and Mary were fighting and that he had a chance with Jospeh. He most likely only did this so he could have sex with you and leave you on the curb. Now let’s go back to Robert. If you meet up with him at the bar so you can get away from Amanda and her Friends, Robert takes you home. You can either turn him down to fuck, or have sex with him. The reason why he will no longer talk to you is this: He doesn’t like to be treating like AN OBJECT. He says this if you properly romance him and give him time. Meaning, Jospeh maybe did this to him. And Joseph only looks at other men like meat. *ALSO IF YOU ROMANCE ANY OTHER CHARACTER JOSPEH TURNS UP TO THE GRAD PARTY, HE ACTUALLY OFFERS YOU IF YOU WANTED TO HANG OUT ANYTIME. MEANING HE WANTS YOU TO CHEAT ON THE DAD YOU ROMANCED. SO ITS CONFIRMED JOSEPH IS A PLAYER. HE DOESNT WANT TO HANG, HE MOST LIKELY WANTS YOU TO FUCK HIM AT THE END OF THE DAY* In conclusion, Jospeh is a player and nothing can get In his way. He abuses his power of his wife drinking to “date” other men. Thank you for your time

A Return

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Warm wind whipped through the courtyard at Lilydale, sending the Lady of the House’s hair flying wildly around her face. Pale blue chiffon danced around Eve’s figure as her dress caught in the wind, eliciting an irritated sigh from the woman. “Inform Commander Schofield of the delay,” she said, reaching up to attempt to tame her hair with one hand, and shielding her eyes from the sun with the other. “He will make the proper arrangements.” The guard bowed as Eve turned away, striding toward her garden.

He arrived on horseback, Roach carrying him down a familiarly trodden path toward Lilydale. It’s been too long since I’ve seen it, Warlund realized, Dare I say I miss it? The heat baked the lord in his mahogany armor, made up of fine cured leather, as he rode up to the courtyard, accompanied by a lone guardsman. He spotted Lady Daniels right away, though he did not climb from the saddle; he lingered and watched the Lady’s wild hair dance with the wind. “Hello, Eve,” Warlund ultimately said.

The sound of the familiar voice sent a ripple of some emotion she couldn’t quite identify through her. Pain? Love? She couldn’t be sure which, maybe some combination of the two. Turning to face him, she raised a hand to shield her eyes once more, getting him with a half smile. “Warlund,” she said in a tone that was far more calm than she felt. “This is a surprise.”

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“Is it?” Warlund inquired, jumping down from Roach’s back. It’s good to see you again. Finger by finger, tip by tip, he slowly removed his riding gloves while glancing about Lilydale’s courtyard. “It’s good to see you doing well for yourself,” he uttered, eyeing Eve.

Eve watched as he slowly removed his gloves, thoughts drifting. I miss those hands. “I’m always doing well for myself,” she replied with a smirk, emerald gaze returning to his face. “You didn’t come to make small talk,” she stated, tilting her head a bit.

“No,” Warlund agreed, “I did not.” He gestured to the guard accompanying him, shooing Oswyn off. With a nod, the younger man—clad in leather and chainmail, with a cloak wrapping around both shoulders—took Roach by the reins and started toward Lilydale’s stables. “I wanted to apologize for leaving like I did,” Warlund uttered, iridescent eyes on Lady Daniels; it seemed sincere. “I regret my mistake.”

A single, delicate brow rose slowly. “You regret it,” she repeated. She drummed her the nails of her left hand against her thigh slowly, considering his words. “Yes, I’m sure. As you said Friday night, our relationship began as an… arrangement. You lost a great deal by putting an end to it.”

Warlund noted Eve’s possible doubt. “It did,” he agreed, “It started as a political alliance; a business agreement that grew personal. Very personal.” He glanced past the Lady briefly, eyeing Lilydale, “I won’t lie to you. When I left, I effectively lost my grip on Council matters but it isn’t the Council that brought me back. If I wanted, I could find another noble and put her in your place.” Warlund’s gaze returned to Eve, “But that isn’t what I want.”

“Then tell me what you want,” she said simply. I told you it wouldn’t be easy. Dropping the hand that shielded her face from the sun, she glanced back toward the house, before turning her attention back to Warlund.

“I want you to marry me,” Warlund professed, “Marry me, return Stormshadow to me, and we’ll say I never left to begin with. You’ll have your ally, your business partner, your heir. But most importantly,” Warlund stepped closer, really close, eyeing Lady Daniels, “You’ll have my support, trust, conviction, and endearment. You’ll have my love.”

As he stepped closer, Eve tipped her head back to look at him. Red curls spilled around her shoulders, finally at rest now that the wind had died down. “I can’t, I won’t, forget that you left,” she began, emerald eyes meeting forest green. “I don’t give second chances, Warlund. Ever.” She stopped there, allowing the silence to hang between them for several moments. “Consider this the only exception.”

“Noted,” Warlund said, eyeing Eve a moment longer before turning his attention to Lilydale. “So how’s your ‘Commander’ handling things for you? Do I need to intervene again? I saw the way he looked at me last Friday. I do think he’d try to kill me, if given a chance.”

“I’m sure he would. He’s doing very well, actually. The men and women serving him like him, and respect him. They respond well.” Glancing in the direction of the training yard, she continued. “He’ll retain command of Lilydale. You can have Stormshadow, of course.”

With a sigh, she turned back to him. “I love you, you know. That’s the only reason you’re standing here right now.”

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Warlund didn’t physically respond to Eve’s suggestion that he’d be stripped of Lilydale’s command, but his demeanor made it all too obvious. “I love you, too,” he answered, “It’s why I am standing here.” He looked to Roach, a thoughtful expression on Warlund’s visage, “I’ll inspect Stormshadow’s situation and status tomorrow.”

“You’re angry,” she said, a statement more than a question. “Lilydale needs continuity now, not yet another change of command. Besides, soon enough you’ll be Lord of the house, so you’ll have command regardless.”

“I’m not disagreeing with you,” Warlund said, accompanied by a neutral expression, “Lilydale needs a consistent commander whose attention won’t be divided between two baronies.” He eyed Eve again, “By the way, what’s this about you fighting on Argus? You must be joking, yes? A ploy? You don’t belong on the front lines of a foreign and extremely hostile planet.”

Folding her arms across her chest, Eve stared him down. “Yes, I’m serious. I don’t plan to be in the thick of it, but I will be there. I have no reason not to, and I need to be seen as strong, a point you yourself made to me not long ago. Are you planning to go?”

Warlund laughed. “Why would I go to Argus? The Alliance doesn’t pay me to fight its wars anymore.” He glanced about the courtyard, “Besides, if you run off to prove some point on the draenei homeworld, who’s going to take care of Lilydale and Stormshadow? Who’ll see to it that your land’s still here if—when—you return?”

Eve rolled her eyes a bit. “I think this is a bit bigger than the Alliance, darling. Though I admit you have a fair point.” Biting her lower lip gently, she glanced away from, looking at nothing in particular for a moment. “I can at least see them off.”

“The Alliance, the Horde, Azeroth,” Warlund said, “it doesn’t mute my point. If you want to fight, to prove yourself, then don’t let me stop you. But you better return.”

Eve met his gaze again, reaching up to place her palms flat against the warm leather covering his chest. “I’m not going anywhere,” she said quietly, expression softening for just a moment.

Bringing a hand up to the Lady’s cheek, Warlund caressed her soft and delicate complexion. “Good,” he uttered, leaning down to place a kiss against Eve’s lips. Gods, I missed the taste of your lips. I missed you. “You’re not wearing any poisonous lipstick, right?” he inquired in a jesting tone

“Not at the moment,” she replied with a breathy laugh.  Light, I missed you.

Chapter 18

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“She alright?”  Harry whispered to Ainsley quietly as she opened the door wider allowing him into their flat. Softly closing the door behind him she nodded in silence and pointed in the direction of where she was. Knowing his way around their flat he went to search for Addy. 

They had made plans to go over to Guy and Adriana’s for dinner and a games night. Having received a text from Addy earlier in the day saying that she was unwell and leaving work early made him a bit worried. He had called her shortly after to see if she was alright and needed anything. Addy had pleaded with him to still go and have fun with their friends without her and to apologize for her absence.

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BTS: Save me (Gang AU)

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Chapter 1
“Do you know why it’s called falling in love? ”


   BTS’ Top 7 were all gathered at their meeting room in their usual seats with Namjoon ready to give details and instructions. Noticing that you were not present, Jimin questioned to no one in particular, “Is the police not involved? ” To his question Namjoon, shook his head solemnly. The atmosphere was heavy and all of them knew that whatever Namjoon is going to say next isn’t pleasant.

 Namjoon ran his hand through his hair, sighing, “About 2 days ago, i received a call from BITHIT which demanded me to hand over BTS’ central territory in Seoul and US 10 million dollars and if i didn’t, i would regret it. Without a doubt, i am not handing it over.” There was a pause before he continued, “but just 30 minutes before, i received a call stating that BITHIT had kidnapped Nam Min.” The top 7 was shocked and agitated, upon hearing the distressing news. They all treat Nam min as if it’s their own sister and they are not going to let anything happen to her, not that namjoon is going to let anything happen to her.  Namjoon continued, “ i know it sounds selfish but the longer time she spends being kidnapped, the chances of her living decreases and i need your  help.” Jin responded,, “We won’t let anything happen to her.” To that, all of them gave a determined nod. BTS isn’t going to give what BITHIT wants and they want what is theirs back, safe and sound. But not without making BITHIT know they aren’t to be mess around with.. The Top 7 gets down to business. Planning and evaluating their decisions and strategies for what seem like hours. Orders and suggestions were thrown about without rest.

 “ i will track down the location of where Nam min is.” Jin suggested..

 “ i will get my snipers ready and shoot whoever is guarding her.” Hope, added.

Once jin had nam min’s location, Namjoon instructed, “Kook, lead your men as offense and station at 10 metres radius of the warehouse.”

“Tae, contact (y/n) and tell her that on the fifth, we need her to cover the traces. Jimin your men will be in charge of the clean up.”

 After more long hours of planning, the meeting was finally over. All the top 7, safe for namjoon, strolled out of their meeting room and into their rooms. Noticing Tae leaving the hideout, Kook commented, “ Going to (y/n) house? Good luck. Tell me you don’t act around her like that. She’s going to find out.” Tae ignored his maknae and closed the door behind him. Taehyung, though reluctant, drove his car and went over to your house. He hate to make use of your love for him. He didn’t want to own you anything but he already did.

So, you were genuinely surprised yet happy that Taehyung would come find you as he hadn’t been especially loving towards you recently. You make two cups of coffee taking note that he like his with more milk and sugar, you give it to him and waited for him to speak up. Your happiness disappeared when he told you that BTS needed your help once again. Sure, the only time he needed you. But you didn’t mind really.

You love him. But he didn’t.

Author’s note: okay. so i find this chapter horrible and short. sorry. I will write better next chapter. Feedback is welcome. ^^


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So it seems Obi in his free time writes lyrics to Jason Mraz's songs. "If it kills me" is the perfect song to describe his current feelings. So, I was picturing a modern AU where Obi's playing this song and Shirayuki accidentally hears it...I'd love to see the way you write this scene since it seems you read my mind quiet well. ;)

Shirayuki pinches her hands in her skirt then smooths it down, the layers of chiffon useless in drying the sweat covering her palms.

“You gotta roll them up” Shirayuki squeezes into the narrow space between Obi and the table, which somehow is supposed to be a dresser. With trembling fingers, she undoes the button at the cuff, releasing the material from around his wrist then fold it repeatedly up the length of his forearm.  

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