giving credit to respective owners

Some YouTube Uncreditors

I was reading many posts on my dash of frustrated artists having their art used and uncredited. So instead of filing a copyright claim for an art that isn’t mine I’m gonna be linking quite a few artists so they can do it themselves instead.

Some YouTube Uncreditors
(direct links to videos) :

Pictures were blurred and cropped and I couldn’t recognise of who the comic belongs to.
Please Link the artist to this post if you know!
Credited but not sure if they have your permission
Credited but with your permission? Not sure. So here’s the link just in case.
Hope I got the right person

Most of the above are from the same channel called: Kotełnators Forever
Which I doubt got proper permission to post.
Typical “credits to artist” again.
I don’t remember the names of the respective artists so please link them here if you know!
Reupload from @valory-pierce
Art belongs to @baraschino
Pretty sure you didn’t give this guy permission
“The credits go to the respective owners. ”
I managed to recognise only a few artists artwork in the video. The artworks were deliberately cropped.
@runa-storm I think
(please tell me if I tagged the wrong person)

There was a signature of “ krystal” but I can’t seem to find the tumble acc/blog si please link the artist here to this post if you know which artist it is.

@jyaco7777 I think one of your artworks might be there, the style seems similar but since it’s cropped I don’t know for sure.

I don’t know the other artists, please link them to the YouTube video to file a copyright claim.
[multiple artists]
The ones I recognise are:
@ceejles ’s
@ferisae ’s

I honestly don’t understand why people don’t want to give credits to artists geez, especially when you are part of a Fandom. Hope this helped some of those artists whom I’ve tagged find their uncredited art and file copyright claims :)

               Heinrich Himmler appearing from the corners


I have repaired all photos except the one with the Führer. I give credit for the gif to their respective owners.

-rap monster(bts)

•edited by myself, pls give credit for my edit :)
•individual photos are not mine, credits to their respective owners :)

rua-tez  asked:

Jakei. I wanna translate ur comic "The Truce" to Russian. Can I do it?

For people who wants to translate the comic in other languages, never forget link the original comic and giving the credits to me and the respective character owners.


Countless instagram users in the miraculous ladybug fandom are using countless fan artists work!! This isn’t one or two users! This is the whole fandom!! Next to no one gives credit to respective owners! And that’d not even enough!! Please if you have an instagram and you know this is not okay with artists LET THEM KNOW!


‘There you are!’ you said, rushing over to Liam and pulling him into a tight hug.

He chuckled slightly before hugging you back. ‘What’s this for?’ he mumbled against your shoulder.

You pulled away, resting your hands on his shoulders and inspecting the damage that he’d gained from the latest escapade with the pack. You’d been unable to go because you’d been roped into talking to your grandparents, but since they’d gone you’d been pacing the McCalls’ living room, waiting for the others to return while Melissa tried to reassure you that they’d be fine.

‘I’m just glad you’re safe, idiot,’ you said, lightly nudging his shoulder.

‘And I thought you were being nice,’ he said, pouting at you slightly.

‘Don’t push it, Puppy,’ you teased, making him grin.

‘Wouldn’t dream of it,’ he said, gaining an eye roll from you as the others wandered into the living room.

‘I’m just glad you’re safe,’ you said in an undertone, draping an arm over his shoulders and giving him a slight squeeze.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.


Derek was sitting in the loft when you found him. There was a look of utmost concern crossing his features, a look that you’d never seen on his face before.

‘Derek, what’s wrong?’ you asked, rushing to sit on the sofa beside him. You scanned him, trying to see if you could pre-empt what was worrying him.

‘Nothing,’ he said sharply, causing you to sit back slightly.

‘Derek,’ you said, slightly sterner this time. ‘I can tell when something’s up.’

He sighed, looking over at you for a moment before shaking his head and shrugging. ‘That’s just it though. I don’t know what’s wrong.’

You tilted your head slightly, a small smile playing on the corners of your mouth.
‘I think,’ you said, your tone light as Derek slowly lifted his gaze towards you, ‘that you’re actually worried about those kids. You’re genuinely concerned for their wellbeing, aren’t you?’

Derek scoffed slightly. ‘Yeah, that’s totally it.’

You shrugged, smirking though. ‘Disguise it as you will, I know that you’ll find a way of helping them, trust me,’ you said, giving his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

A/N: Gif credit goes to their respective owners, I just found them on Google and added the text.