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aquiver | 05 (m)

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings:  smut (!!!), romance, fluff???, the beginnings of angst, the foreshadowing is real…(sorry!)
words: 9,402
summary: Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…
note. inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the main character’s past occupation haha

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anonymous asked:

So I found out today my bus driver has stage 4 cancer and I'm so upset. He is literally the best bus driver and he is always so happy. He would throw us pizza partys and would always say goodbye to every single person when thy get off the bus. I'm so hurt Zoo even tho I didn't know him, and I feel awful because he has a substitute and I can't give him cards or flowers

make sure he knows that!! get a big card and make everyone sign it start a gofundme theres so much you can do to make sure he knows he’s loved 

galleryofthewolf  asked:

So what is your take on Tishana?

UG Goodstuff. Lots of mana dorks, cheap utility creatures, efficient counterspells, and creature tutors to help you find Craterhoof when you’re ready to win. Basically, just take cards from here and add in a few cards from here and the deck will work just fine. You can throw in some token generation and blink effects if you want to trick yourself into thinking you’re not playing Goodstuff, but it’s not necessary for Tishana to be effective.

Sorry if this answer sounds flippant but I really dislike Tishana. Green/Blue already had 3 commanders that draw cards based off your creatures so this design space has basically been strip mined. Plus, it’s not like creature-based draw was a really interesting direction for a deck; Zegana and Momir just reward you for running the strongest cards in your colors, which is going to give those cards more exposure and lead to same-y games.

I think card and deck diversity is the lifeblood of the format, so I get excited whenever I see a new commander that opens up new archetypes and rewards you for running unusual cards (Beckett Brass and Gishath may have been clumsy in their execution, but I support what they were trying to do). Conversely, I get uneasy when I see commanders that don’t require you to build around them in order to be good, because I know that without deckbuilding restrictions, these commanders are going to default to running the same powerful cards that you’ve seen a hundred times before. How many times do you need to experience the Elves into Craterhoof game plan before you get bored?

just a couple of old guys killing time


just in time for valentine’s day, jojolion cards in good taste for you and your friends~

Wanted to get this adorable picture of Toshinori giving his business card. 

Before his identity was made public and he retired he pretended to be All Might’s secretary named Toshinori who would gave information to All Might. So sweet.


Aqours Mermaids!


happy v-day from straight white boys everywhere!

homemade valentines taken from real texts from a certain boy