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a fan asked changkyun how do you wish to appear in my memories 10 years later, he answered “that i gave you happiness”  if this isn’t the most realistic answer then idk what is and it hits you hard at how true this is ;’(

now I’m almost convinced that the whole 4 years wait and coming back with 1 cour, only to announce the next season with 2 cours right after S2 ended was planned all along! I mean maybe they themselves didn’t predict it will take this long at first but I’m sure it wasn’t laziness, or them prioritizing profit or wanting to milk the series or anything like that

who knows, maybe it’s even a mutual decision of the anime team and Isayama because he wanted to wait until he structured everything better, enough for the anime team to make good creative choices (like what they did with Ymir’s flashback)
or it could be any other reason, whatever it is, it all feels planned!

I feel so bad for complaining so much over the 1 cour thing now lol, I’m so sorry WIT studio!!

master/missy/cyberman theory

The Master made the Cybermen as a present for the Doctor. 

Because he knows how sad the Doctor gets when his little human pets die, so the Master found a way to make them live forever.

…For an insane murdering psychopath, that’s almost sweet.

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Can we donate money towards your cat? Cause I don't have enough to get a commission, but I'd love to give what I can :')

You can, but paypal will take a sum of it no matter what, it’s like 2.9% plus they’ll take an additional 30 cents. I do have a Ko-Fi button in the top left hand corner of my blog as well, but if you’re in a hard spot, please don’t feel like you have to. If you do donate under $5, I’ll still do a sketch for you, maybe a headshot or bust cause I’ve been wanting to practice those and if you donate more than that, you’ll get an experimental piece.

It means so much that you would donate ;w; Luckily the price for it has gone down to only 1.3k instead of 2.6k because Will’s parents offered to pay for half. It’s still a lot, but it’s more doable and I can’t thank them enough //wheeze

Going back to present day.

Done with Flashbacks. Should I reblog the argument before, or just dive right back in? Probs just dive back in tbh.

someone: Isn’t it super angsty to think about how maybe Thomas doesn’t fully accept James right away after all the shit that he had done?!

me: mhhmm. YES. But also: have you considered Thomas no longer being the innocent goodie guy he was? Thomas compromising his morals? Thomas swallowing his rage and keeping it quiet and letting it fester and finally seeing ti manifested through James’ acts?

Because if you have then you really shouldn’t think about James maybe not fully and not right away accepting this Thomas, because this is not the Thomas he fought for.


9-year-old girl gives care bags to homeless women

After noticing homeless people on her walk to school in Irvine, California, 9-year-old Khloe Thompson decided to start her own charity, dubbed Khloe Kares. She passes out hand-sewn bags filled with life’s little necessities (feminine hygiene products, soap, socks, toothpaste) to homeless women. Thompson’s work doesn’t stop at Kare Bags though, she just led a huge initiative for kids in group homes.


On a frigid winter night, a man wearing two coats shuffles into a brightly lit brick restaurant in downtown Madrid. Staff greet him warmly; he’s been here many times. The maître d’ stamps his ID card, and the hungry man selects a table with a red tablecloth, under a big brass chandelier.

The man, Luis Gallardo, is homeless — and so are all the diners, every night, at the city’s Robin Hood restaurant. Its mission is to charge the rich and feed the poor. Paying customers at breakfast and lunch foot the bill for the restaurant to serve dinner to homeless people, free of charge.

It’s become Spain’s most sought-after lunch reservation. The restaurant has poached staff from luxury hotels. Celebrity chefs are lining up to cook once a week. For paying clients, the lunch is fully booked through the end of March.

The restaurant opened in early December, and is run by an 80-year-old Catholic priest, Ángel García Rodriguez, whom everyone knows simply as “Padre Ángel.”

Spain’s ‘Robin Hood Restaurant’ Charges The Rich And Feeds The Poor

Photos: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images


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Colin Kaepernick donated his massive shoe collection to Bay Area homeless shelters

  • Long before his activism made him famous, Colin Kaepernick was known for something else: his massive shoe collection. 
  • Now, fresh off the football season, Kaepernick’s taken a huge step by donating tons of shoes to Bay Area homeless shelters.
  • It was so big at one point that he converted his garage into a shoe closet.
  • Kaepernick donated the shoes, along with clothes and books, to Bay Area homeless shelters and orphanages shortly after his season ended. Read more

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