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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Bento!

This year’s annual Bento toy drive kicked off just before Thanksgiving, and by last week there were mounds of toys waiting to be taken to the children at the Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency, as well as kids at the Fred Jordan Mission in Downtown Los Angeles. THANK YOU, Bento staff and crew members for your generous gifts—and special thanks to Wendy Molyneux, for coordinating the toy drive!
Help Riley Move Out and Go to School
My name is Riley James and I'm a transgender asexual male that has recently come out to his parents. For the past three months, my parents have not been accepting of my identity and have not been accepting of my "behavior" (asking people to call me my preferred pronouns and name, wearing men's...

Dear Friends and Followers,

I am begging you for help.  For the past three months since I came out as an asexual trans male, my family and home life has become a too much for me to live with.  My family is not accepting of my gender identity, and are adamant that my asexuality is just me being “immature”.  Adding to this, I have severe anxiety and depression that I’ve had to be treated for for several years.  It is a constant struggle to even leave my room when I know they are waiting outside of my door.  I’ve been forced into “family therapy” in which a therapist wastes my time and money by invalidating my gender identity and trying to convince me that my asexuality is a result of me being, again, “immature” or “maybe you’re doing it wrong” or “maybe you just haven’t met the right person”.  There are many instances that I’ve discussed with personal confidants that have occurred between my mother and I, and many have agreed that what she has been doing has been abusive.  To add to the frustration, my significant other is struggling with some complications he’s having at his job and having trouble finding housing.  And, I’m trying to go to college!

I SERIOUSLY WILL NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT HELP.  Currently I am unemployed, and though I’ve been hunting for a job all summer, I’ve had no luck.  I am still going to continue to look for a job, but if my home situation worsens, I may have to have an escape route before I can even get a job.  I need a home for my significant other and I, and I need assistance paying for my education.  

Honestly, I’m a very proud person, and having to ask for donations really hurts my heart.  I hate feeling like I’m just taking money from people.  But I seriously can’t do this without you guys.  If nothing else, please reblog this link to my YouCaring if you can’t donate.  Every penny helps!

Also, again, as I stated, I hate feeling like I’m just taking money from people, so if you’d like, I’d love to do something for you in return if you ask it of me.  I’m not an artist, I can’t draw or paint for you like a commission, but if you would like, I would love to do any of the following in return for your donation:

1. Write you a poem. You can give me a topic, or a word, or a theme, and I’ll write you a poem based of that topic/word/theme.  

2. Send you a hand-written letter in the mail with positive messages and thank-you’s.  Thought this would be a cute idea because hand-written things, in my opinion, mean a lot more than stuff typed on the computer.

3. Follow your tumblr blog

4. Make you a hand-made bookmark.  I used to be really good at making bookmarks out of index cards.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a little something I can put my thanks and love into.

5. Take a picture of something that you really like (i.e, a pretty sunset, a rainstorm, a spooky abandoned building,a dog, a cat, etc.) and dedicate it to you on my photography blog nonsensicalimagery

Please signal boost this even if you can’t donate!  I love you all and hope you have a splendid day!


URL Poetry

This has taken me really long to write and I worked my butt off on it. It is a poem made out of the URLs of some of my followers. I tried to get as many as I could to make sense of this poem; there are 93 URLs in here. I haven’t added a single word of my own. Each word is in a Tumblr blog URL. I have linked the URL within. I have kept the spelling of the URLs the exact same as well. Enjoy!

One day, Today, Someday
These words will hurt
This long, strange journey
High off words
I write out of necessity
Just like light
With pen and paper
Shaking arms
Whispering bones
Dove tears
Thoughts unrehearsed

Just ah phase
Still figuring life out
Poetry reveals me
Tortured poetry
Shameless poetry
Poems of the quiet
Poem in a dream
Poetic monologues
Poetic persistence
The sea lives in me

Written lines, forgoten lies
Weeping, willowing eyes
Crunch time is the story of my life
Echoes of me
Words and space debris
Sucker for nostalgia
Writing for your lovee
Smitten by words
Been taken by storm
Dream words on a blank canvas

Why doesn’t anyone see
All of these voices
Its beyond the void
Everyday it hurts
Spilled ink and blank paper
The words you hear
Soften your heart
Shards of a broken life
The silent typewriter
The drowning sea of love

Perfection is odd
While promises last
Tragic romances
Wrote memorization
As fire bites
Cold ice hot water
Let the suuun shine
Down the rabbit hole michele
Sassy n smiling
A place where no one goes
My thoughts plus me
Lunatics only
A tongue with but six words

We are variations of what we love
Taking stock of matters most
Stars and sunrises
Abstract interactions
Keep your agenda hidden
Be content 24/7
Bitter better faster
Love what vanishes
One hundred and one apologies
Learn to love my thorns

His dark side
Whispers from the dark
I’m an angry young man
Poor girl, rich woman
Sheep with a sword
Penn wizard
Gifted drifter
Crazy candy stuff
The lantern room
Points of departure
The philosopher’s other stone
Poetry and insomnia
A quiet joy
Killr vibes
Evergreen words
Another poet for the front line
Ffor youu
My classic love

When a lion roars
Words written in silence
Poisoned perspective
Befriend the stars
Don’t cry it’s only mike
It is me the guy
Ready for nothing
The living well

My contributions hit me like my song ideas. It’s just a gut feeling about who needs help, whether it’s a flood in Nashville or a town that I’m in that has had some horrible tragedy or a letter I get from a family. Giving back like that makes you feel so incredible. If you have the opportunity to put something good into the world, that only does good for your own life.
—  Taylor Swift talking about giving back (x)

Inspiration: Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World

Crystal McCrary & Nathan Hale Williams

“[T]hese women put in an immense amount of hard work into developing their skills and they didn’t just believe in themselves— they believed in sharing their talents with the world, the importance of other strong women in their lives— whether it was their mothers or own children or friends— and the strength they drew from their support was crucial to their success.”

So, i’m nearing my next big goal and I really want to show you guys how much I appreciate every little thing you do. I’ve decided that you beautiful people deserve so much so I’ve come up with this great idea! Everyone who reblogs this post will get their URL put in a jar. Everyday I’ll pull a couple out and send a nice anonymous message your way, just to make your day a little better and brighter!


  • Since I wanna give back to the people who put up with me, you must be following me
  • please reblog this post. (likes can be used to bookmark)
  • I’ll be doing this until I reach my next goal, maybe longer! It depends on how well this goes!
  • That’s it! <3

I’ll be placing the URL’s in this awesome Jar that I have:

That’s it! All you have to do is reblog and wait for the beautiful message in your askbox! 

When I started volunteering, it was a life-changing experience because since then I’ve gone out of my way to accept concert offers from the Army, St. Jude’s and so many different societies. I used to play every year at this 9/11 summer camp – every kid there lost a parent in 9/11. There are so many different places that need help and so many different organizations that could use an extra pair of hands. Yeah, it definitely changed my life when I started volunteering because it’s easy to get stuck in your own little world. If you think that your day is hard, try living somebody else’s life. That’s what volunteering has done for me. It’s given me a better outlook on things.
—  Taylor Swift talking about if volunteering was a life-changing experience for her (x)

It’s as plain as the (red) nose on David Gandy’s face, @RedNoseDay 2015 will be success!

Tune in tomorrow, Friday, March 13th to BBCOne at 7 pm for a star-studded event in support of Comic Relief - Red Nose Day. Monies raised will help children in Africa and the less fortunate in the United Kingdom. If you are able, please help those in need by making a donation here:


America’s military is made up of incredible men and women that put their lives in jeopardy day in and day out to protect our freedom. Many leave family and friends to battle the war on terror. US Navy SEAL Chief Adam Brown was no different, and was a perfect example of how courageous and selfless these individuals can be even in the face of incredible danger. On March 17, 2010, Chief Brown who was a part of the elite SEAL team SIX placed himself in the line of fire to protect members of his unit. His heroic actions saved the lives of several of his men, however it would cost Brown his life. The 12-year US Navy veteran was awarded the Silver Star Medal for his heroism.

Survived by his wife and two kids, Adam left an incredible legacy with his family and friends. Before joining the military Brown was somewhat of a daredevil and fed on excitement and danger. That drive however would eventually land him in prison. However, Brown a man of faith, conquered his troubles and worked his way through the military to the elite SEAL team. Adam Brown’s story was chronicled in the New York Times bestselling book “FEARLESS,” by Eric Blehm.

Before his untimely death, Adam’s wife had purchased a 1991 Ford Bronco for Adam. Adam kept it over the years and loved driving the vehicle. After his death, a couple of his close military friends decided to restore the Bronco for Adam’s son for when he turned sixteen. They took to the internet and formed a “Give Forward” campaign where they were able to raise close to $66,000 for the renovation. Then a chance meeting with RK Motors Owner and Chairman Rob Kauffman is where things really started to take shape.

“When I first heard of Chief Brown’s incredible bravery, I was moved by his sacrifice,” said Rob Kauffman. “While his service as a Navy SEAL was admirable, his battle to overcome personal demons to reach the U.S. military’s top tier was inspiring. We felt compelled to help rebuild Chief Brown’s Bronco as a tribute to him and his family. It was just the right thing to do.”

RK Motors and My Classic Garage took the ’91 Bronco and over the course of the next few months striped it down to the bare frame and came up with a plan to not only build an incredible never seen before Bronco, but also one that would honor the legacy of Chief Brown. Today the ’91 Bronco sits as the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle.

1991 was the 25th anniversary of the Ford Bronco, and came stock with a fuel injected 5.0L V8 and a 4-speed automatic. 22 years later, the Bronco now is covered in custom bodywork, “Desert Tan” paint and an upgraded drivetrain. The aptly named “Project Fearless” Bronco has been transformed into virtually a new vehicle.

It all starts with the body which now is covered in Desert Tan paint. The build team gave the Bronco an incredible look by upgrading the body with an aggressive looking Fiberwerx Fiberglass hood that flips forward to open. The hood wasn’t the only part of the body to receive some custom touches; the team also attached custom fiberglass wheel flares and custom bumpers. Other small touches can be seen throughout the entire Bronco like the Warn M12000 winch, and the “ammo storage” boxes on the rails. Flip a switch in the interior and you’ll light up terrain with the custom Superbright LED lighting that ensures that the Bronco can be enjoyed regardless of the time of day. Bronco faithful will also notice that the side trim and emblems were smoothed and deleted for a more modern appearance.

Flip the hood forward on the Bronco and you’ll be greeted by a new 5.0L “Coyote” Aluminator engine. The Coyote was tuned by our friends at Roush Yates Performance to help it create a more than capable 400 horsepower. The intake is stamped with BOSS 302, and Carbon fiber can be seen throughout the engine compartment with the K&N air filter box, and the Roush Yates carbon fiber valve cover inserts. A custom Fluidyne radiator is in front of the engine, and Brown and Miller hoses and fuel lines run throughout the compartment. Bolted to the 302 is a Transzilla T56 six speed with a Centerforce dual friction clutch sending power to a 241 GM transfer case with slip yoke eliminator.

Roll under the Bronco and you’ll see how the rear end was replaced with a Ford 8.8 unit using Yukon 31-splines. The front axles get their power from a “Detroit Locker” sporting 4:56 gears. The lift of the Bronco came courtesy from a BDS suspension lift system that gives the Bronco an incredible look and great handling characteristics. Stopping power comes courtesy from a power slot brake system. The Bronco rides on 18×12 black Fuel Hostage rims that have been wrapped in 38/15.50-18 Nitto Mud Grappler rubber.

Inside a completely custom interior continues on the military theme of the vehicle. The interior also pays tribute to Brown with the Custom Corbeau seats that have been stitched with a small Arkansas razorback and underneath it says “Cry havoc and unleash the hogs of war.” Sit in the driver’s seat and you’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel of a Tank more so than a ’91 Bronco. Custom Classic Instruments gauges line the custom dash, and in the middle console above the shifter for the 6-speed is a multitude of switches and knobs to create a military themed look. Above the switches is a Kenwood touchscreen stereo sending tunes to the Alpine speakers, subwoofer and 5-channel amplifier. Behind the front two seats is a bench seat that is surrounded by four ammo crates. With either the soft-top up or down, the interior is an incredible place to travel the back roads in.

There’s no denying how courageous Adam Brown was during his life. He paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect those that he fought alongside with. The man has been an inspiration to many, and we can only hope that the Bronco will serve as a reminder to the Brown family just how remarkable their father was. Many of the very people who worked on this project here at RK motors served in the military and counted it a great honor to be able to build and work on such a vehicle for a worthy individual.

The Bronco was unveiled to the family in October of last year at a private ceremony held at RK Motors Charlotte. The Brown family was thrilled to see the final product and the work that RK Motors Performance Center did on the truck did not disappoint! There were cheers along with tears as the truck was presented to the family and we were deeply honored to be a part of this amazing build, story and journey. The Bronco was recently display at SEMA 2014 and was well received by thousands of attendees. Following SEMA, the truck was transported to Virginia Beach where it will remain with friends and family indefinitely.!/1991-Ford-Bronco/S00120