giving away what they're taking

so it it canon now that yurio is furiously playing gay chicken with beka and against viktor/yuuri and just wilfully ignores that the other two people ‘playing’…

you know…

… aren’t? 

they’re engaged??? 

yurio babe that’s not how it works

anonymous asked:

okay how can my muse get in a ship with seifer? i wanted to ask first but i'm too scared to come off anon. i love your portrayal of him so much owo

Well, first you have to come off anon. :3 Shoot me a message like “Syn, this is my muse, let’s talk shipping.” 

Be direct. Please don’t use hints because my brain is not wired to decipher telepathic messages. :) 

Second, I would say that the fastest way to shipping with Seifer is to engage him. Send in asks, they don’t have to always be memes, just send in things to him and develop a connection with my muse, let me as a writer see how well we write. I don’t like rushing things, and my muse doesn’t like being forced into something he doesn’t want to do. 

Don’t ship b/c the faceclaim. It’s really weird and I’ve had a few people contact me because omg D//stin Mc//eer is SO HOT. And I’m just like, “Eh, can we talk about Seifer?” If you aren’t willing to learn and hear about my muse, I can tell you right now that it’s not going to work. 

Uhhh let’s see…. understand that smut doesn’t happen on Tumblr. Ever. I can’t bring myself to do it and there are too many curious eyes. 

Seifer’s IC Preferences –

  • He doesn’t date ‘weak’ people. Ever. If your character can’t hold their own in a fight, or are in a constant state of peril and need saving, or if they let him/other people walk all over them, he will lose interest.
  • He likes a person who gives him a challenge. Headstrong, empowering, forward-thinking people.
  • Seifer is intimidating and very direct with insisting when he’s right when he’s not. Don’t be afraid to shut him down. Seifer might not like it, but he’ll respect it. 
  • Passive aggressiveness and tantrums are a loud, resounding no.

(And because I couldn’t really answer this without it feeling bland, I asked the people who actually do ship Seifer with their muses–)

Reiner’s mun says he’s someone you don’t like at first sight. Seifer is a person who is good when he wants to be, and he’s a little shit when he feels like it. You have to actually know him and you have to know that he’s way more than what he projects. Terra’s mun says it’s good to have a nice pair of tits and to be a persistent asshole. 

He’s not easy to ship with. Seifer has a lot of flaws that play up in any verse he’s in. He’s fair though. He wants to know your muse and how they function. He wants to be committed and loyal. He wants to feel love. He wants that push/pull effect. He wants to feel a challenge so it doesn’t grow stagnant.

Most importantly, he needs chemistry. 

If you think you can handle that mess, come off anon and shoot me a message.