giving a crap

I know this corporate landlord is going to charge me full price when I move out regardless, but I feel this moral compunction to return my apartment in spotless condition. I know Francisco and Jose don’t really give a crap (not like Jeremy who used to work here :/) because they leave like piles of dirt and black marks on my walls whenever they’re in fixing something (like lintgate 2017 - they switched out my washing machine with someone else’s rather than fix mine, and left my entire bathroom covered in lint! And it still leaves rust stains on my towels!) I dunno. I should probably just let it go.

I've been asked the question, so I'm going to answer...

FYI I’ve had a bit to drink and it’s messing with my mood so forgive me in advance if what I typed doesn’t make sense or my thoughts don’t add up.

Okay, so I was asked why I was disappointed by the PP3 trailer, well here’s why. Disclaimer, this is all just my personal opinion and based on my personal taste so, you know, don’t hate.

First of all, I don’t buy the idea that Fat Amy & Beca are BFF’s 4 life. Just because they communicated first, doesn’t mean they should be represented this way. The fact Fat Amy doesn’t give a crap for Beca’s personal belongings (stealing money from her purse in PP2) pretty much draws the line for me.

Chloe, yet again, being portrayed as being completely and utterly clueless. Why does they’re always have to be a dumb one? I’m fine with her still not knowing what direction to go in, but she actually seems to be getting dumber by the movie.

Which pisses me off because in PP1, sure she was a lot more open than the other Bella’s but she wasn’t an idiot. Brittany deserves better than this.

Second of all, yet again we’re reduced to “badass Beca Effin’ Mitchell” not having a clue what to do with her life or how to overcome a hurdle. It irritates me to the point of vexation.

And last but not least, PP1 was simple and magical and worked for that reason. Jason Moore and Kay Cannon locked into something that just really worked. They poked fun at the world of acapella and their differences. Now it feels like they’ve become the butt of the joke. Laughing at them rather than with them.

PP1 was about a group of kids in college singing acapella songs and it was amazing and developing a sisterly bond. This looks like they’re trying to make it into Die Hard or something else with the OTT action sequences… like wtf?

How did we go from singing a few tunes to this? I know the budget was bigger but was this necessary? To me, no, but as I said in the beginning, this is just my opinion based on personal taste. The longer this goes on the more I wish they had stopped after PP1.

Instant fic rec: The Games We Play by Gracerene

I know, I know, I should be writing.  Give me crap for it later, pls, thnx, because I just read this and omfg everyone needs to head over there right now!!

Title:The Games We Play

Author: @gracerene09

Word Count: 3900

Rating: Explicit

Content/Enticements: Intimacy, Domesticity, Vigilantism, arson, glove kink, suggestion of breathplay, praise kink, suggestion of switching, explicit sexual content.

Summary: A familiar case resurfaces in an unexpected way, and Harry knows exactly who’s to blame.

My thoughts:  This is going to be the worst fic rec ever, because I’ve barely managed to form a cogent thought since I read it.

I just… What can I say?  Holy fuck, guys.  This is a small piece, but it manages to convey so much about Harry and Draco’s – decidedly unusual, but surprisingly solid – relationship.  I don’t want to get too specific as to the nature of the fic, but it begins with the whiff of a little (consensual, though not discussed) mind game between the boys, who both find it unbearably erotic (as will every single effing reader on the planet).  It then evolves into the exploration of that eroticism in a way that made me shriek “GLOVE KINK, YASSSSS!” embarrassingly loud.  But layered into the deliciously filthy smut are these peeks at how Draco and Harry just work,because they relate to one another so well.  It was just… Lovely, on top of being mouth-wateringly hot.

 Fics that can accomplish that are few and far between, imho, so you’ll want to rush over there and devour it asap.  😊

MBTI Types When They’re Not Thriving OR Surviving

Scl(any sort of stress/sadness)

INTJ: Super withdrawn, swings between gratification and wanting happiness, and unhealthy single-mindedness. Existential angst. Needs people’s support but rejects company. Bottles up issues and then it bursts out.

ENTJ: Prone to attack others, often over the very issues they’re insecure about. Becomes a workaholic and ignores feelings of deep dissatisfaction, or stops giving a crap about anything. 

INFJ: Despairs of all things, just can’t see The Point of it. Goes through days mechanically, without purpose. Resists all help, considering it to be probing. Can’t get anything done. 

ENFJ: Laughs a bit too loudly and smiles a bit too widely. Escapes to private places, but feels lost. Tells their problems to someone close to them, but doesn’t accept any advice.

INFP: Isolate, isolate isolate. Sees the negative in everything and can’t see others’ love/affection for them. Loses their ‘purpose’ and drive, can’t find meaning in anything. Idealizes what they can’t have. Perpetual self-pity-party. 

ENFP: Super excitable, overdoes everything. Cannot focus at all, and their own emotions/reactions are out of their control. Breaks down sobbing. Unwilling to actually move forward. 

ISFP: Mull around in their own feelings, hates the world around them, because it’s failed them. Spiraling moodiness, “what ifs,” “should’ve done this,” but no one will ever see that. They themselves won’t admit it.

ESFP: Unusually critical, closed-minded, and overly concerned with matters of appearance over substance. Terrible sense of logic, yet argumentative all the same. Delves into the physical world in order to escape their mental one. 

ISTJ: Scattered mind, unable to think coherently. Becomes judgmental and passive-aggressive. Super pessimistic, takes on a me vs. the world mentality.

ESTJ: Intensely prickly, will take offense at anything but prefers to strike first and strike hard. If you hit a nerve, they’ll cut you out of their lives (for the time being). Tries to act happy and in control, but actually really moody. 

ISFJ: Withdrawn, tries to please everyone but is really passive-aggressive about it. Takes on a martyr complex. Refuses help while throwing a pity party because “no one cares about them.” 

ESFJ: Seeks control of people and surroundings, bossy and irritable. Might manipulate others into feeling bad, too. Denies that they’re the problem. 

INTP: Makes a lot of jokes about how things aren’t okay, but aggressively resists anyone’s sincere attention. Turns flat and emotionless, takes compartmentalizing to an unhealthy extreme. 

ENTP: Scatterbrained, cannot focus. Swings between extremes of emotions, but makes a point to show a falsely sanguine face to people. Feels like they’re crumbling from the inside. 

ISTP: Compulsive and reckless. Has a “screw this” attitude and pushes away actual problems. May or may not confide in people, but too down to take any advice. 

ESTP: Use bravado and ‘self-confidence’ to mask their insecurities. Get a rush from attention, whether it’s positive or negative, and thus seek it out. Obsessive mentality, particularly concerning negative outcomes.


“if you love them go get them! What are you waiting for?”

loosely based on a idea where burr sees john drunk ass after talking to hamilton, john apparently heard parts of their conversation. A huge thanks to  @i-am-mysterical ;)


terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.

Just once in a movie when the villain starts ranting about evolution through “survival of the fittest” I want someone who actually knows something about biology to call them on it.

“You know what? No. Just. Fucking. No. We are the top species on the planet for a reason and if it was strength then you wouldn’t be a furless lil squish with useless claws and teeth that can barely handle steak. For someone who can’t seem to shut up about how you alone know the great destiny of mankind you don’t know jackshit about how we got here. We cooperated, jackass. We evolved as together and we’re still evolving together. We worked together and supported each other, even the elderly and disabled who you’d deem meaningless. If anyone’s to blame for stagnating our evolution, it’s the people who disproportionately share resources and hold back the majority of our population over largely arbitrary differences… know, like you’re doing right now. You aren’t the next stage. You’re barely even the current stage. You’re a genetic throwback trying to drag us all with you and that light you’re guiding us towards is just the view out your mouth from how far you shoved your head up your own ass. Nature doesn’t give a crap about your ideals, just who survives. And we survive together.”

Dead cold hands.

Sometimes you just forget

With all the self-improvement mantras and trying to always be better and all the self criticism that comes along with it ….

Screw it .

Just draw what makes you happy .

That’s fine if you feel the need to have a goal for the sake of finding a job or fulfilling a personal goal. If that makes you happy , that’s great .

But man , when you have a job and don’t have time to draw for yourself like you used to , sometimes you just want to have fun with it and not give a crap .

It’s not like you picked up a pencil when you were a young child and decided to be all disciplined all of the sudden . You did it to have fun and create with that inner , unadulterated mindset .

Make it crappy . Make it embarrassing . Make it how you would do something. Give yourself some permission for once ! Have fun !!!

Fish: “And as for you, whoever you may be…" 

Oswald: “Oh, this man here? His name is Edward. Edward Nygma. That’s spelled E, as in Edward… D, W-”

Ed: "Dammit, Oswald!!!”

Oswald: “Sometimes he goes by Ed, or Eddie…”

Ed: “Stopppp iiiiiiittttt!!!!!”

I’m here for Taylor finally being able to stand up for herself, and even being a little petty about it, while at the same time, showing her immense gratitude to her fans who continually love and support her. All without saying a bad word about anyone or anything.

What I’m not here for is people constantly holding Taylor to this unrealistic standard, and saying she always has to take the high road, and never show any real human emotion about a situation, or not stand up for herself or take control of it. 

I hate when people laugh and give others crap for the type of music they listen to.

So what if you like country?
So what if you like pop?
So what if you like rap?

Let people like what they like, and let them be. Don’t hate on someone for what their interested in.