Surf the web, save the world!

Everyone should join Tab for a Cause! All you have to do is download the extension, sign up, and go about your internet endeavors as you normally would. The smalls ads that are in the corner and on the bottom of the new tabs allow them to donate money to the charity of your choice. The more tabs you open, the more money you provide!

A Beautifully Selfish Act

Reaching out or even reaching down to help another may well be the most beautifully selfish act you’ll ever commit.  For but a moment brief think about it. Who actually gives and who receives. Grace is ever there if only one believes. For when the sumptuous victory feast is tasted, not one tiny morsel of kindness shall be wasted.  It is rightly said as you give so shall you receive.  Tell me my friend, do you believe?  Is it really then truly best to give?  I guess that all depends on how joyfully you wish to live.