When Aries buys a gift: They buy something that apart of them actually wants.

When Taurus buys a gift: They go all out trying to find the “perfect” gift to match their loved ones interest and personality.

When Gemini buys a gift: They buy whatever reminds them of the individual who is receiving the gift.

When Cancer buys a gift: They are likely to make a gift or buy something that will be sentimental.

When Leo buys a gift: They want to impress you with whatever they give!

When Virgo buys a gift: They tend to be practical when shopping for others but might buy something simple yet novel to make you happy.

When Libra buys a gift: They want to be the person to give you the best gift!

When Scorpio buys a gift: They at least want a list of things the person they are buying for wants.

When Sagittarius buys a gift: They prefer to treat someone to an experience rather than something physical or material.

When Capricorn buys a gift: They tend to take a shot in the dark at what you really want.

When Aquarius buys a gift: They usually forget to buy you a gift or grabs one last minute!

When Pisces buys a gift: They just want you to tell them what you want so they can get it.


You’re just a few questions away from finding your new scent.

Perfumers can find inspiration for their scents anywhere—from a special exotic ingredient to a faraway land they traveled to on a whim. But Philosophy’s latest collection of my philosophy fragrances are inspired by something you’re very well acquainted with—yourself. Drawing from the qualities we love in ourselves the most, such as empowerment, gratitude and self-expression, the always-thinks-on-the-positive-side brand brewed scents that embody those endearing qualities. To help you find out which is most suited for you, The Sephora Glossy crafted a no-fail quiz so you can nail down the aroma you’ll cherish most. And if you find yourself in more than one bottle, simply pick up each that’s calling your name—they’re meant to be layered and blended, after all. That way, you can create a personal concoction that truly represents you. Find out your scent philosophy below.

Do you keep a journal of things you’re grateful for every day? Which definitely includes your strong eyebrow game.

THE SCENT: Grateful

THE MANTRA: “I am grateful for even the little things.”

We have one more thing to add to that list:  this “watery floral” perfume. Sweet and fresh, this scent mixes melon, rose, orchid, and Lily of the Valley for one cooling fragrance. After a single spritz, you’ll feel as if you’re hanging by a stream surrounded by sweet blooms.

Have you ever paid for a complete stranger’s latte to make their day, making it a venti to boot?


THE MANTRA: “I always give kindness without expectation.”

You have a generous spirit, but we think it’s about time you start treating yourself, too. And this scent is a perfect start, since it’s inspired by those who are gentle and caring, like yourself. The “sparkling musk” perfume is warm and inviting, thanks to notes of pear, Bergamot, sandalwood, and more.

Do you have a daring bucket list that includes getting a pixie cut, even though all the magazines say it won’t flatter your face shape?

THE SCENT: Empowered

THE MANTRA: “I empower myself to live fearlessly”

You’re not afraid to grab life by the horns, and this smoky meets fresh “cashmere woods” scent is just as adventurous. Notes of sandal, amber, and cedar wood mixed with vetiver are what make this perform suitable for those who aren’t scared to break away from saccharine aromas.

Have you had the same hairstyle for years because that bob never stops looking good on you?

THE SCENT: Truthful

THE MANTRA: “I am honest. I am true. I am me.”

Some might say you’re predictable, but we think there’s power in honoring what you really love and what represents you best. With that said, there’s nothing blasé about this “fruity blossom” scent, and if you know you’re smitten with the aromas of wild fig, jasmine, and verbena, this crisp, musky perfume is just right for your genuine spirit.

Do your Instagram posts all have the same cohesive and artistic look? #SoCreative

THE SCENT: Expressive

THE MANTRA: “I am free to express who I am.”

You value your individual energy and artistic point of view. Mix and matching elements to fine-tune the visionary aesthetic of your mind’s eye has always been a part of your DNA. This “warm citrus” scent captivates that same attitude by combining floral lavender and peony with bursts of tart pink grapefruit and bitter orange for an interesting cocktail of fragrance that can’t be easily imitated.

Have you grown to love your flaws, including that mole?

THE SCENT: Compassionate

THE MANTRA: “I see the world with love & compassion.”

It can be easy to have compassion for others, but for yourself? Not as much. Yet you’ve mastered self-love and embraced all your quirks. That makes this scent your match. The spiciness from the velvet sandalwood and vanilla beans will comfort you with warmth, while coconut water adds a nourishing feel.



Food Distribution for children with cancer in the West Bank

Thanks to the response of dozens of donors all over the world, the PCRF has been able to provide patients in the Huda Al Masri Pediatric Cancer Dept. food and other basic necessities during the month of Ramadan. This was a campaign to help poor children fighting this terrible disease get food during this month of fasting so to help them with nutrition and other support. We thank our donors for responding to this urgent humanitarian appeal.

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Unconditional Giving is an act that comes from the heart-space – from a place of pure Love – without the expectation of direct receiving. Conditional giving is an act that stems from the Ego, expecting various forms of validation in return – or worse, holding the act against the receiver to the point of making even their being feel burdensome. Ironically, the more we Unconditionally Give, the more the universe returns to us.