Watch These Kids Find A Way To Ease World Hunger In Under 2 Minutes

If only the world would approach hunger like two kids at a kitchen table. In a social experiment by advocacy group Action Against Hunger, 20 children paired off in groups were told to wait near plates with serving covers over them. For more information on how to take action against world hunger go here. 

‘Homeless’ Man Gives People Cash In Eye-Opening Experiment

One YouTuber is hoping his 5.3 million subscribers start challenging social hierarchies and their effect on how we treat one another.

In the video above, Yousef Saleh Erakat set out to see if passers-by in Los Angeles would accept money from a homeless person. According to the YouTuber, their reactions were less than favorable.

Watch the full video and see the people who stopped and helped the homeless man. 


Anonymous ‘Spider-Man’ Feeds Homeless At Night, Proves Anyone Can Be A Superhero For Change

A U.K. man is donating his nights to making sure that those in need don’t go hungry.
By day, this 20-year-old man from Birmingham, England, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a bartender. But by night, he dons a Spider-Man suit and takes to the streets to feed homeless people. 
The “Birmingham Spider-Man,” as he is known, says that he hopes his work will show others that everyone deserves a helping hand – no matter their situation. Read our exclusive interview with the “Birmingham Spider-Man” here.