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Lies: Bespoke doesn't want ya around. He's only givin ya the books to keep you away

Send my muse lies about people they care for.

Laura was quiet for a split second, then she offered a simple shrug.
“He’s a busy guy. He’s got a shop to run. Last thing I’d want to do is get in his way while he’s working. If that’s really what he’s doing, then fine. Okay. In case you didn’t notice, I’m not exactly a social butterfly, not constantly being around other people doesn’t bother me.”

“Besides, I prefer to be alone when I read.”

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“Before Rapture, used t’ think justice an’ mercy were interchangeable.  Now?  Now I think that justice is often selfish.  Justice hurts people in th’ name of gettin’ what ya deserve.  Mercy?  Givin’ people mercy is th’ only thing ya can do in order not t’ hurt ‘em.  Justice can be blood an’ pain an’ hurtin’ so bad inside that ya kill.  I know…it’s what happened t’ me when I wanted t’ get revenge on Fontane for lyin’ t’ me.  Other people can have justice.  I don’t want to fall back into that bloodthirsty painful place no more.”