givin him something he can feel


“Happy unbirthday!”

He perked up from his half-asleep trance, eyeing the box a certain red wolf he knows pushed into his lap.

“What…?” He was still groggy, yes. The fall atmosphere tends to get into him every. Single. Time. But still, he’s interested in what his ridiculous friend was offering.

“It’s a present, dummy.” Buddy smiled happily, seemingly giddy for him to open the box. “C'mon, open up!”

“This … This isn’t my birthday.”

“Ugh, that’s why I said UNbirthday - I just feeling like givin’ you this. Now, open up!!”

Rolling his eyes at the persistent wish, he obliged.

Inside is a scarf - white, smooth and … Not quite looked like a scarf. For him, at least. Was it him who doesn’t understand fashion sense nowadays or it’s the othe way around?

“Do you like it? Do you like it?!” Buddy practically jumped from the ledge of a hill they are currently sitting on, wagging his tail in excitement. “I sewn it myself!”

He cocked his head in amusement. Something warm bubbled up in his chest. “I thought you can’t sew.”

“I can now, see!”

Despite his fake disbelief, he smiled and laughed, neatly folded the scarf into the box. He would wear it from tomorrow, and forward, and all the time - for it’s the most precious thing he had now. From his friend.

He laid his head on Buddy’s shoulder, letting out a content sigh as the wolf pulled him into a friendly embrace.

“Thanks, Bud. I appreciate it.”