thatcollateraldamage asked:

What triggered you to create a separate blog for Arnav and Khushi? -areeba_blossom

It was a mix of factors really. As you guys probably know, I’m not very open to my family about watching the show & stuff, and my sister finds it weird even when I reblog anything IPKKND related on my personal blog; therefore if I started posting my VMs and stuff on my personal everyone would find out about my obsession lol.

But I was content with not posting my VMs here, so the real person you guys have to blame is Swetha (givethepyaarafreakingnaam) who makes amazing gifs! When she went on holiday I felt very deprived of gifs so I decided to try to make my own. I posted some on IF but then decided that I wanted all my gifs in one place. I then made this blog & decided to post anything IPKKND related I did here :)

So there’s an essay on why I made this blog ;)

anonymous asked:

Which is your favorite ipkknd blog?

Ehm my fav IPKKND blog are these Himani’s  shes totally awsome with all her crazy and ajeeb stuff :P and also Swetha’s she makes such pretty stuff And Nikki’s too their are my fav IPKKND blogs.

But their are other blogs who also make stuff on IPKKND and i love them!!!!

the amazing blog :P fyeahtellydramas run by Savy, Ishita and Mehak oh and ofcourse Merve’s blog she make some awsome isspyaarko edits and ofcourse Jo’s  blog she makes some pretttyyyy gifsss. SO yeah i just stalk these  :p