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a/n: Heya fam! I knowww I’m supposed to be on a break and yes I am seeing your requests (and I’ve even started a few of them) but I was thinking last night and well … I kinda came up with this. Let me know if it’s something you’d like to see continued maybe in the future?? Okay SERIOUSLY THIS TIME, adios muchachos.

*** Warnings - Language

*** This is unedited?? Like just about everything else i post these days? sorry.

“Y/n? I’m Tom, nice to meet you.” A voice called from behind me. I turned around see the familiar golden locks of Tom, the production manager of Shawn Mendes’ world your, and- for the next three months- my boss. Tom had hired me to assist him with the visuals on Shawn’s tour. I was only and intern, the pay was shit, but still… I was going on our with Shawn Mendes.

I smiled a took hold of his extended hand, shaking it slightly. “It’s nice to meet you.” I said nervously. “Very nice to meet you.”

He smiled and led me towards the arena where the Show that night would be held. “You came just in time. I was just about to set everything up for tonight’s visuals but maybe you’d like to do it? Give me a feel of what your skill level is.”

“I’d love to!” I exclaimed.

“I like the enthusiasm.” He said with a chuckle as we stepped through the door.

The inside of the arena was not at all what I was expecting. Everyone was rushing somewhere, yelling orders to someone else. I was immediately put into a state of alertness, ready to spring into action.

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Seungbae 😒

I’m sorry, but I don’t like him at all. This creature just makes me mad as hell.
Seungbae just gives me this feeling that he doesn’t care about the person/victime being Bum in this case at all, just as long as he gets the information that he needs to take down Sangwoo. He doesn’t care about Bum, he is his just using him to get want he wants.

What made me so damn mad was the fact that Seungbae treated Bum like he was just a rag doll that you could throw around.
My damn, he purposely tripped Bum when he knew that Bums legs might be fucked up, he even comment on the the blood when Bum was getting up, but didn’t really even care about it, he just said
*Oh let’s clean you up.* BUT NO! What he do? He then grabs Bum by the hoodie and threw him into the bathroom stall and is like *Pull up your pants.* to see if Bum had injured legs and goes “ Phew? ” Excuse me? Phew? I’m sorry so you tripped Bum knowing that he might have bad legs and then… ok, calm down. Calm down. ANYWAY!
And Seungbae started to interrogate Bum, basically saying
And not even letting Bum speak whatsoever and then they lowkey hear the Jaws theme song playing in the background when Sangwoo finally enters the bathroom to see if Bum was there and what did Seungbae do? OH HE FREAKED OUT AND COVERED BUMS MOUTH AND GRABBED BUMS INJURED WRIST AND HELD HIM DOWN AGAINST HIS OWN WILL! Bum even tried to get to Sangwoo and Seungbae held him back. And finally Bum got away from Seungbae and went out of the bathroom stall, but didn’t say anything about the incident because Bum is either gonna wait till later to tell Sangwoo about what happen or he is gonna be hush hush about it, to which I hope he does actually say something about this for his own good. I can’t handle seeing Bum get hurt again just because he didn’t tell Sangwoo. But anyway, what does Seungbae do? Hides like the little bish he is. I swear I CAN NOT EVEN DEAL WITH THIS MAN.

And before anyone says anything, I KNOW. He needs to get information about Sangwoo, Bum is the best target for this information that he needs. But Seungbae could have handled this entire situation in different way, he could have been at least waaaay more gentle about it and treated Bum as a human being with feelings. I mean Bum is going through a very hellish time right now, at the very least Seungbae could have treated Bum with kindness, not forcing him into a bathroom stall! And I mean to me personally, Seungbae didn’t even consider Bums feelings at all. He just sees Bum as a target for information. And like I said he didn’t even let Bum talk, he just automatically says
*SANGWOO!* and then Bums is able to get free from him. Seungbae didn’t even care about anything else that was wrong with Bum. Just… I need to calm down😤

And I’ve seen people ask if Sangwoo actually cared for Bum when he said “ I was… worried. ” I’m not for sure on that one just yet really. I mean it’s Sangwoo, who really knows with him. But we know Sangwoo isn’t stupid. Well… maybe at some stuff he’s pretty stupid with it, but that’s beside the point. He knows Seungbae is following him. Like I said Sangwoo isn’t stupid and you can’t play Sangwoo that easily. I honestly do feel like Sangwoo knows he is being followed by Seungbae and when he realized that Bum was gone and then sees that Seungbae was gone from his table as well he put two in two together and might have known that something was up. I mean he even checked the stall to see for himself if anyone was in there with Bum but then was distracted by what he was doing due to another employee saying that they needed his help because of that drunk guy. Sangwoo knows something is up. And tbh I think he even knew that Seungbae was there when he was putting Bum into the car, he glanced right at him basically! I think Sangwoo was choosing his words carefully for the sake of himself so he doesn’t look suspicious and maybe for Bum as well. But maybe I’m reading this chapter wrong or something. But to me Sangwoo knows he is being followed and I HOPE THAT BUM TELLS SANGWOO THE TRUTH WHEN THEY GET HOME! I can’t see my boy get hurt again. I just can’t.

Sooner or later Sangwoo is gonna be like this to Seungbae.

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Ivar x Lisbet Playlist

Inserting a Read More because… this might’ve turned into a project and I needed to jot down my favorite lyrics that really sing to my ship :)

These are songs that, yes, totally give me Ivar x Lisbet feels. But they’re also songs these two lovebirds would listen/rip each other’s clothes off to.

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glitter. bonus round: cannot be in any way related to grauntie scribe or gravity falls

You realize your restrictions place this on Hard Mode for me since 100% of my glitter feelings relate to one or both of those things, right?

Okay, bonus round story: body glitter was really trendy when I was in middle school, and it was also the only kind of cosmetic I was willing to wear. That’s all I’ve got. Scribe is the source of all my good glitter stories.

Because of Fisherman’s Knot, light blue glitter specifically genuinely gives me a feeling of strength and I’ll sometimes sprinkle it on myself when I’m having a hard day.


Sonic Forces - Theme of Infinite (Lyrics on screen) [REUPLOAD]

Theme of Infinite - Sonic Forces.

I love the song. It sounds so serious, sinister… and sad. If Infinite won’t have one hella serious backstory… I don’t know who will? Man, he gives me Mephiles-feeling.

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I need more triplekim in my life but they don't seem as close anymore is that just me? I don't know but I really like them together, maybe it's just time makes it so they don't have to be super close to show each other they care? Lmk what u think :)

Ahhhh triple kim gives me so many warm feelings! T_T I am sure they are still super close! Like the anonny said before just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Of course it would be nice to see them close on camera but even if we don’t let’s not doubt their strong bond because we don’t see them interact in a few videos (Also triple kim did have a bowling date on JinhwanTV recently so if you haven’t seen it please go see it now!) 

But always remember these boys have been together for a long time,  they love each other and have been through a lot together. And I don’t think a friendship like that can easily fall apart :)

Sleepy Pups by Asktheboywholived

basically this is a 3am recreation of @asktheboywholived ’s post called Sleepy Pups and it gives me major feels so aah


Sirius had been finishing up his potions essay when his train of thought was interrupted by a soft snore emitted from the four-poster just across from him. As he looked over to the scarred-face boy, a smile grew on Sirius’ face. Seeing Remus in such a peaceful state, without the stress of the incoming full moon or the extreme amount of workload taking its toll on the teenager, was such a rare yet beautiful sight. Sirius let out a quiet laugh as he saw his boyfriend cuddle into his pillow subconsciously in his sleep. Trying to wipe his smirk off of his face, he couldn’t stop thinking about how adorable Remus looked in this state and how utterly in love he was with the boy.
Without thinking, Sirius slipped under the covers of Remus’ four-poster and shut the curtains around the bed. As his head reached the pillow, Remus’ eyes fluttered open. Slowly sitting up, he lets out a soft yawn as he rubs his eyes. Sirius was beaming at Remus’ sleepy state.

“Sorry I woke you,” Sirius whispered. Remus blinked as a silent forgiveness with a small smile etched on his lips.

“It’s alright. I wouldn’t mind waking up to you again.” Remus mumbled, still half asleep. Sirius, who was still beaming at his adorable boyfriend, rolled over so his back was against Remus’ chest. In an instant, Remus buried his face into the crook of Sirius’ neck as his arms wrapped around his waist. Letting out a hum of approval, Sirius let his eyes shut.

“You smell good.” Remus slurred. Sirius simply just smiled, appreciating how perfect everything was at this moment.

Pulling him closer into his chest, Remus slowly stroked Sirius’ stomach with his thumb as he drifted off. Letting out a content sigh, Sirius whispered, “G'night Moons.”

Muffled, Remus whispered, “Night, Pads.”

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good luck on your last exam! let's hope for charinina as a reward in a few more hours~

!!! Thank youuuu!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️omg YESS I hope everything will go well! Charinina is going to give me so many feels I just know it and I CAN’T WAIT!

Seriously, thank you so much, this message warmed my heart! You’re so sweet!! 😍

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Pairing: (Y/N) x Cody Bellinger
Warnings: a few bad words and a make out session.
A/N: okay jealous/protective cody is giving me feels. sorry it’s long. yeah

“Come on. You two need to go out and have a good time” Mady said over the phone.
“I don’t know.” You say.
“You and Cody are coming whether you like it or not. Corey and I will pick you up around 8:30. See you tonight. Bye.” She said hanging up the phone, not giving you a chance to respond.
Mady had invited Cody and you to go to a new club that just opened up downtown.
“Hey babe. I’m home” Cody yelled walking in the door.
“I’m in here.” You yelled from the bedroom.
It was a rare occasion that the Dodgers had a day game and then a day off the next day.
“I guess we’re going out with Corey and Mady tonight.” You say.
“Well okay then.” He said.
“She kind of just told me they were gonna pick us up.” You laugh.
“Oh okay. Where are we going?” He asked sitting down on the bed.
“This new club that just opened downtown.” You say pulling him down onto the bed.
“Oh yeah. I saw that was opening. How is she getting us in?” He said wrapping his arm around you.
“I don’t know. But she has her ways.” You laugh.
You both fell asleep. You woke up with your phone buzzing.
“We will be there in an hour” Mady said.
“Cody.. Cody wake up.” You say.
“I don’t want to.” He said turning over.
“Get up. They will be here in an hour.” You say.
“Ugh. Fine.” He said sitting up.
You quickly get in the shower, do your hair, and makeup.
“What should I wear?” You ask.
“I don’t care. What about those black jeans? They make your ass look great.” He suggested.
“My ass always looks great.” You say pulling you jeans out.
“I can’t argue.” He said in defeat.
You decided on your black high waisted jeans and white off the shoulder crop top.
“Damn. You look good.” Cody said as you walked down the stairs.
“Thanks babe. But you can look later. They’re here.” You said.
“Aww you guys look so good.” Mady said.
We got in the car and Corey drove to the club.
“Here everyone take these.” Mady handed all of us a wrist band.
“Are these gonna get us in?” Cody asked.
“Yeah. They are also good for free drinks.” She explained.
“How did you get these?” You ask.
“I know the owner.” She said.
“Got it.” You say.
You all walked in and got a round of drinks.
“Oh my god. Are you Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger?” You heard some girl say.
“Yeah we are.” Corey said.
“Can I please get a picture. My boyfriend is going to freak.” She said taking a quick selfie.
“Thanks!” She said walking away.
“I’m going to dance.” Mady said.
“Oh me too” You said.
Cody and Corey were talking as you and Mady went to dance. A few songs in you felt a presence behind you.
“I’m gonna grab another drink.” Mady said.
“Okay I will be here.” You say.
“Hey sweetheart.” Some guy said to you.
“Hi.” You say coldly
“You here all alone?” He asks.
“No. I’m not. My friend is getting a drink and my boyfriend is around here somewhere.” You say looking for Cody.
“Aw. Well I don’t see this boyfriend.” He said.
“I’m Greg. You want to grab a drink.” He added.
“No I’m alright.” You say trying to move away.
“Why are you playing hard to get?” Greg said.
“Maybe because she has a boyfriend.” Cody said coming out of freaking no where. You breathed a sigh of relief.
“So step away.” He said.
“What the hell?” Greg said.
“Leave. Before I fuck you up” Cody said.
“Whatever man. I’m just trying to get some.” Greg said.
“Well you won’t be getting anything here, asshole.” Cody said.
“Come on.” Cody said grabbing your wrist.
“What was that?” He asked once you made it inside the bathroom.
“Um some guy started flirting with me and I shut him down.” You say.
“Well he was pretty hands on.” He said.
“Well I can’t control that. I told him I had a boyfriend but he didn’t…” Cody cut you off with a kiss.
He picked you up and pushed you on the sink. You wrapped your legs around his waist.
He kissed his way down your neck, finding your sweet spot. You let out a small moan.
But he pulled away.
“There is more of that when we get home.” Cody said with lust in his eyes.

I don’t know all the reasons why I like dark things, and I don’t think I need to know them all, but… I was just looking at the blog of that person who said I “dehumanize and fetishize” gay men, and I saw that he was quite young (15) and his blog was all full of pastel colors and references to his mental illness and something dawned on me that I hadn’t thought about in a Tumblr context at all.

Part of my PTSD is about experiences I had in hospitals, and because of that one of my triggers is… not pastels, all by themselves, but like… have you ever stayed in a hospital as a kid? And everything is covered in soothing soft colors and all the nurses wear scrubs with like… cute animal drawings on them and everyone talks in a sing-song voice and reassures you things won’t hurt when they OBVIOUSLY will and you’d rather they tell the truth, accept that you have good reasons to be scared, and get it the hell overwith?

Yeah, I think I just figured out why those kids’ blogs give me a weird tingly feeling of creeping dread.

And I think I figured out, also, where my intense leeriness of “safe spaces” and trigger warnings comes from too–even though as a person with PTSD I’m supposed to want them.

It’s because in my experience, people who were trying to make me feel safe were LYING. They were lying because it was in their interest–in mine, too, but in theirs–for me to feel calm and soothed. For me not to feel despair, or anger, or blind screaming rage.

…Is it any wonder I like the stories where the people with the knives and the cruel smiles and the mind games are blatant about it? Or that I might want a few knives of my own, even though I have no desire to hurt anyone who isn’t going to get off on it?

I don’t want those kids to not need safety.

I want them to stop pretending safety looks the same for everyone.