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Idea: All the other egos are slowly killed off 1 by 1 bases on who takes lead. Google lost hope the day Dark and Wilford died, so he never became leader. Eventually he is the last one left and makes one post to the YouTube channel before shutting down

don’t you give me feels about blue google being the only one left after the other three googles have run out of power.

bing texting chase that he doesn’t have much time left and that chase shouldn’t miss him when he’s gone.

and google just types out one last post before he sits down amongst the others and dies out with them

hahah fuc k

Happy 4 years GOT7 , I’ve only been in the fandom for a few months now, but I wouldn’t trade these boys for anything. I’ve never seen a group of people constantly coming together and helping each other like got7. The support and love between them is so beautiful to watch, you can really feel how truly close they are with each other and it gives me such a warm feeling inside. And the dedication to the music; its breathtaking. They’re hard work, the lyrics, the choreography, every single performance. They never stop trying to push themselves above and beyond expectation. And they do it for us, every time. I’ve never seen a band so close to their fandom, the amount of love in their eyes at fan meets is so beautiful. Your idols don’t have to look at you like that, like you truly matter to them on such a personal level; got7 always looks at fans that way and I couldn’t be prouder to stan them. Got7 has given me so much, so much that I’ll never be able to say thank you enough; but I’ll keep trying, because they deserve the world. IGOT7 #4YearswithGOT7

do you ever think about how daisy said she lived in a van “by choice” and…….she really did???

like…my girl hacked the nsa in an hour, ok, she could e a s i l y have hacked herself a few million and bought a sweet mansion or something

but instead she scraped by and lived in a van and idk man

it gives me Feelings

I despise puzzles. Who cares about what completes what? Why do we need to complete things? My writing completes me, the freedom it provides me gives me euphoric feels which no men, not even the ones with greatest sexual abilities, has ever succeeded in doing
—  Poet from London

u know how some people get like chills in their whole body when a song does some heavenly shit yea well that’s the best feeling and i really hope someday i could make some music that gives me the same feeling, that would be surreal and i’d be right proper not bovered luv

jedda-martele replied to your post “On the plus side, this book has just informed me that Wesley was…”

Awkward nerd trans Wesley gives me a lot of feels.

Exactly! I mean I’m sure you can guess the first thing I thought when the book was like “Dr Crusher used to have a daughter called Lesley!”. I thought; my son, Wesley, I have never fully embraced you before but I do now my child. Come to my blog. Be goofy.

But I ALSO actually love the idea of her having two kids? Like I love the idea of Wesley having a sibling. I don’t know why, you’d think if I liked it that much, the idea would have occurred to me before now. I think because there are not enough mother/daughter relationships in media at all, let alone good ones. The idea of watching all of TNG with the character of Lesley instead is mega appealing - especially if everything else were the same lmao, so she’s into girls just like Wesley.

WHAT DO I DO. Maybe. Maybe Wesley can be trans AND ALSO have a sister???!?!?!?!?!

On this blog, I usually save the characters who are dead or otherwise swept aside narratively when I really think they add something.

Today I’m saving the scrapped character!

Lesley Crusher is now officially a part of my AU TNG crew.

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I just started on the 100 (a bit late to the party obviously) but this blog gives me all kinds of feels. I laugh and cry all at the same time. Thanks!

It’s not bad to be late. At least you’re here for the Party! :)

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omg i always trust your recs and this time was no different... Ousama-Tachi no Viking in particular gives me the same feeling your fics do, actually, like a sort of uncomfortable feeling in my gut from how rawly the emotions are portrayed... and I mean this in like the most flattering way possible haha

It’s finally been found…………Crossycore

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Hi! First off, I watch Hey Brother all the time because it’s absolutely incredible and gives me a million feelings. I especially love that Taako grows out his hair after forgetting Lup and all of the cuts to his forgotten memories are like a fur punch every time. I wanted to ask, in the transition to the beach scene, is that the twilight town clock tower in the background? Because now I want a kingdom hearts year for the IPRE

Originally posted by sailorscoutsforever

Aww thanks! That was one of my fave choices I think I made regarding Taako’s design and I’m! So glad that other people caught on and enjoyed it too.

And yes!! It’s Twilight Town! I was playing Dream Drop Distance (trying to prep for KH3 and get through as much side content as possible) while I was working on the video. Also I thought it worked thematically? Forgetting your loved ones, saving the world from a deep encroaching darkness, all that. Also I just love love Kingdom Hearts so it was a natural choice all around. 

A whole year in the Kingdom Hearts world would be so good though. So many possibilities… Man just the whole Stolen Century is great for crossovers. Aw man ok ok I got an idea.

Oh also! In that same sequence there’s also Death Mountain as a nod to Zelda as I was also playing quite a bit of Breath of the Wild. That one’s a bit less obvious because it’s not as iconic. And! Link is having memory problems in Breath of the Wild too. MEMORY ISSUES EVERYWHERE. 

I was working on this part of the video before that ep where they spitballed random worlds they’d been to (like the puppy world), so! I needed to fill that transition time with something, and they hadn’t visited anything between the robot world and the beach world, so it was up to me to improvise. 

10 Songs You’re Obsessed With and Tag 10 People

I was tagged by @caffeine-phoenix (sorry I didn’t get to it until now)

I love these challenges! :)

1. Kamikaze by Walk The Moon - this song has been my recent obsession it’s so beautiful

2. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) by Fall Out Boy- If I were a song this would be it

3. I Need To Know by Sleeping With Sirens - This song gives me the feels

4. Spin The Globe by Lostboycrow - His vocals omg

5. Super Far by LANY - love the vibe of this band and this song

6. Ma Chérie (feat. Kellin Quinn) by Palaye Royale - love the artists and French in a song always makes me so happy

7. Choke by I Don’t Know How But They Found Me - I love Dallon and his new band and this song

8. Tightrope by The Score - this song makes me cry a lot

9. The Last Of The Real Ones by Fall Out Boy - so obsessed with this song

10. Ballad Of The Lonely Hearts by Black Veil Brides - favorite song off the new album 🖤

I never know who to tag so I’ll tag some mutuals and blogs I see in my notifications a lot 💜

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