gives you wings

my god honestly and genuinely believes he’s a human. he purposely copies our expressions and he sits on his hind legs with his back pressed against the sofa

tardis-in-the-sky  asked:

ooh letter ask?? I love your art!! um...A and W :)


I have two more requests for A so I’ll be making a separate post for that.

W: Wings. And also Winter.

So I give you Winter with wings.

Self control? Don’t know her.

No but really I was going to draw a chibi Winter sketch. I was. I don’t know how it turned into this monster of a drawing. Also, fun fact: I don’t actually like drawing wings. I just like to look at them.

Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll draw one thing I love which starts with that letter

Extra BTS Chicago Ticket!

so in the midst of trying to get enough tickets for my friends and I, there ended up being an extra ticket purchased…. but I’m willing to sell it for what I paid! because scalpers are the  d e v i l  and everyone deserves a chance to see bts so reply/send me a message if you are interested! or if you don’t mind sharing so others can get this chance to go, that would be super kind!

update: I have a potential buyer! check back in a couple of days to see if it worked out :)


Various doodles from my Twitter. An afternoon walk (with a stolen book, wow), wing AU Gogo, and Honey! I get requested to draw Honey a lot, so there’s that.

Also, to the anon who asked what Gogo is in Wing AU - she’s a peregrine falcon. Very fast. Very hard to catch.

Past Meets Present | nobilisxmalevolentia

How had she ended up here?

Was she dreaming?
No, she never had dreams like this.
An illusion perhaps?
That wasn’t right either– those didn’t work on her anymore.

So what was this place..? It had a striking resemblance to Logres, but it wasn’t quite the same. Though none of that really mattered, what concerned her right now was where the others were– Phi in particular. If she was separated from them then they couldn’t take out Artorius and Kanonushi, she needed them for it and they couldnt do it without her either.

Velvet hadn’t been alone like this since before Cel– Seres had freed her from Titania. She didn’t think it would be a problem, but it did feel wrong without the group she considered as companions, loosely considered. The calamity would have to get out of this situation on her own for once, and she was already drawing too much attention with her attire. Normally nobody cared all that much, but people wouldn’t stop pointing it out to the point it was painfully obvious.

She wasn’t embarrassed by any means, but the attention made her quickly duck out of the crowds and find a secluded alleyway for the time being so she could think over her options. Velvet needed to find her ‘friends’ and then get back to where they were before. This was only a minor setback.


“Whoa, Y/N cleans up nice. Right, Cas?” Charlie asked, grinning over at his awestruck expression and sending a playful elbow to his side. “I feel like Sixpence None The Richer should be playing in the background right now. That’s from a movie where–”

“I understood that reference,” Cas murmured, stopping Charlie. He had eyes only for you as you descended the staircase. He held his hand out to you, helping you down the last few stairs until you reached the bottom, and still he kept his gentle hold on you.

“Where is this thing anyway? This affair we’re supposed to crash?” you asked, trying to hide your blush. Cas had to blink a few times before he realized your question had been directed at him.

“I don’t remember,” he replied softly, feeling as though he’d actually forgotten every single thing he’d ever known except for how you looked, and how your smile touched him, how your hand felt in his. Behind the two of you, it was all Charlie could do to keep from squealing out loud, a wide smile plastered over her face.