gives you a hug and rolls away

Just came across these. 

Tell me Stiles didn’t buy those for his and Dereks kids. I dare you!

Derek wants to roll his eyes at his husband when he sees their children in their new coats but they look so darn adorable and are so happy with their new coats “Daddy look! I am a wolf just like you!” that he can’t do anything other than smile and hug his children.

I dare you to take this away from me!

Snuggle Struggle

A/N: It’s Hunk’s birthday!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to my smol cinnamon roll

Prompt: I feel like Hunk needs more love, so how about the reader (female, of course) is going around giving hugs but whenever she doesn’t give one to Hunk, he’s a bit worried and decides to be a bit friendlier towards her, but he is really worried whenever she keeps running away every time he gets close. One day, he hears Lance laughing his ass off and gets really irritated when everyone keeps teasing him. That’s when Lance is like, “You do realize she has a crush on you, right?” Thanks <3 by anon

“I’m gonna head off to bed now. Goodnight, guys.” Y/N said getting up and giving everyone in the room a quick hug. Everyone, except Hunk. When she say him stretch his arms out for a hug, her face turned a slight pink and she quickly scurried out of the room.

Hunk was too busy frowning at Y/N’s retreating form to notice the knowing smirk on Lance’s face. Over the next couple of days, Hunk did everything in his power to be nice to Y/N. He sat next to her at lunch, he helped her carry a heavy box, he complimented her hair, and she still did not hug him.

“I just don’t understand what is wrong with me!” Hunk exclaimed after Y/N had once again excluded him from her nightly hugs. “Why doesn’t she like me?” Hunk pouted.

“It isn’t that she doesn’t like you, per say…” Shiro started gently, laying his hand on Hunk’s shoulder.

“Dude, she has a crush on you. Like a massive crush on you. Like she probably wants to hold hands with you and shit.” Lance interrupted, not noticing the harsh glance Shiro gave him because of the expletive. “How have you not noticed that?”

“Well, how do you know she likes me? She could just be shy.” Hunk reasoned.

“Yep, so shy she can hug literally everybody, but you.” Lance smirked.

Hunk thought about this for a minute. “Maybe I should talk to her.”

“Not tonight you aren’t. We have training in the morning so we are all going to bed. Now.” Shiro commanded, standing up and moving out the door.

Hunk thought about it all night and all throughout training. When he almost got knocked out by the training bot, Shiro told them all to take a break. Hunk left the training room and sought out where Y/N was working. She was alone, tinkering on a small device. She stopped when she heard him enter the room, her face gaining a slightly pink glow.

Oh hi, Hunk! How are you?” She asked quietly.

“I’m good. Great even. Listen, Can I ask you a question?” He asked nervously.

“Sure, go ahead.” Y/N said, setting aside the device to give him her full attention.

“So, um, Lance said that the reason you won’t hug me is because you like me. Like have a crush on me. And I said there is no way, it is just because you are shy and then he pointed out that you hug literally everyone else, but me, and now I am confused so I guess I just want to know if you have a crush on me or not?” Hunk asked.

Silence stretched between them. Both of their faces growing really red.

“S-sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, Y/N. Just forget I said anything.” Hunk said as he started to rush out of the room.

“Yes!” Y/N called out quickly. Hunk froze at her one word. He turned to look at her and she moved to stand in front of him.

She gathered all of the courage she had left, looked him in the eyes, and said “Yes, I do have a crush on you and that is why I don’t hug you.”

“Oh.” Hunk said quietly, not quite knowing what to say. Another long silence stretched between them. “Well, if that is all I should really be getting back to work now.” Y/N said disappointedly, looking down at her feet. Hunk leaned over and gave a quick little peck on the cheek.

“So, I, uh, would really like a hug later if that is okay with you.” He said gently.

“I’ll be happy to give you one.” Y/N said with a smile.

“I’m gonna get back to training, but I’ll see you tonight?” Hunk asked as he moved towards the door.

“It’s a date.” Y/N said with a slight giggle.

Jillian Holtzman One Shot

Prompts: “If you think you can keep up with me, feel free to tag along” + BED SHARING + “If you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do is ask”. 

Fandom: Ghosbusters

Requested by: @wastedwatercolours & @lukeybabe26

Warnings: Slight swearing, sexual implications. 

Originally posted by tonguesofquestionableorigin

“If you’re so certain about there being a ghost there then you’re welcome to go on your own – we have more important things to be working on!”

Abby had finally given in to Jillian Holtzmann’s constant nagging about investigating rumoured paranormal activity going on in one of the older hotels in downtown New York. A wide grin came across the engineer’s face as she wrapped her arms around Abby, giving her a quick tight hug.

“You love me,” Holtzmann said in a sing-song voice, causing Abby to roll her eyes as she shoved her away.

“Yeah, yeah – and you’re certain that you’ve fixed up the proton packs? Erin’s still finding ectoplasm in all sorts of nooks and crannies on her body.”

“Probably,” Holtzmann shrugged, just as you loudly put down the spanner you were holding on the desk adjacent to the other two women, “Jesus, (Y/N). For a quiet person, you sure like to make loud noises to scare the shit out of us.”

Ignoring her, you went over to Erin’s proton pack that was hanging on the wall and still covered in ectoplasm. Holtzmann sipped at her drink, watching you carefully as you bent over and poked around at the machine – earning an elbow to the ribs from Abby.

“No,” the other woman warned quietly as you straightened up and turned back to the two women, oblivious to what was going on.

“She hasn’t even looked at what went wrong with the pack!” you confirmed before turning back to what was really bothering you, “and as for those rumours, they’re so not true! That building is what? 100 years old? Of course there’s gonna be weird noises but I doubt it’s anything worth looking into.”

“It so is worth looking into! The manager offered us a free room for the night so we can see for ourselves!” Holtzmann argued and Abby sighed, knowing that she had more important things to be looking into right now.

“You’re grown women – with very highly regarded degrees! You can make your own decisions of what you do with this time,” Abby turned back to her laptop, “besides, we all know (Y/N) just doesn’t want you looking into it because that hotel has freaked her out since she stayed in it when she was 12.”

“Abby!” you hissed but it was too late. Holtzmann had the biggest shit eating grin on her face and you were now blushing furiously, avoiding her amused gaze.

“Well, (Y/N) - if you think you can keep up with me, feel free to tag along.”

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Carl silently seethed in his seat as he watched you talking to Ron from the porch. Ron had an obvious crush on you, and he wasn’t to sure if Ron constantly flirted with you to get to him or get you to like him. He assumed it was a bit of both. Carl’s glare thickened as he watched Ron grab your hands in his, big grins on both of your faces.

“Y/N!” Carl yelled, his anger evident on his face. “GET OVER HERE NOW!” 

You rolled your eyes, looking back up at Ron. A smug smile sat on his lips. You knew Ron hated Carl, and Ron loved to annoy him.

“I’ll see you later.” you giggled. “Carl’s on his period again.” you added. Ron laughed, bringing you into a hug. From the corner of your eye, you could see a fuming Carl making his way towards the two of you. You pulled away from Ron, giving him one last smile before walking towards your brother.

“I’ll kill that bastard.” he growled as you came near him. You simply grabbed his arm and tugged him to follow you.

“Come on drama queen.” you sighed, still tugging him along.  Reaching the stairs of the porch, Carl turned you to look at him.

“Stay away from him Y/N. I’m serious.” he warned before walking on the porch. You rolled your eyes, looking back at the curb where Ron still stood, leaning against a street sign. You weren’t going to listen to Carl, and he knew it too.

anonymous asked:

Fluffy headcanons for the cinnamon roll named Curtis? Also, can you do some for Mr. Rage, aka Hugh, too? Thanks!

No problem, my dude! ^^

* No matter how busy he is, he’ll always make room in his schedule to be with friends or his loved one.

* He loves giving his S/O hugs and kisses all the time. He wants them to know that he loves them and is alwsys thinking about them, even when he’s away.

* Everytime he sees you, he always has a new gift that he bought for you. He loves seeing the look on your face as you recieve the gift.

* He is always telling you how amazing you are, how beautiful/handsome you look. He want you to know this because he wants you to know that it’s true and he means it.

* He’ll always be touching you in some way. A brush to your hands, a touch to your shoulders, little touches to let him know you’re there.

* If anyone were to ever make fun of you for any reason, he would immediatly tell them off. When they leave he’ll make sure you’re ok, and tell you that none of thst stuff is true.

anonymous asked:

*tackle hugs you to the ground* I love you very much & I want you to know that you are important to me & you are a brilliant person & a beautiful cinnamon roll & I will always love you!!!!! *kisses your cheeks and runs away* *almost trips*

Oh- thank you! I appreciate your kind words so much, dear anon.

crazinessgraveyardsandcartoons  asked:

Happy Birthday!!! I tried to get you Bucky Barnes but apparently the buying, owning (and giving away as birthday presents) of a person is illegal *rolls eyes, mutters* so inconsiderate, so I got you this instead *hands you a Bucky plushie* I hope you like it and have a wonderful birthday :3

*hugs the Bucky plushie* it’s perfect. You’re such a sweetie. Thank you so much lovely. This made me smile so much. I really appreciate you 💕

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"Who needs affection when I have blind hatred? Just kidding, give me a hug."


The Nord initially frowned at the mer’s words, but still pulled him into a hug, even if she did roll her eyes at him. 

“It’s good to see you as well, Dalamus,” she said, pulling away and looking up at him. “What have you been up too? Feels like its been too long since we’ve had a… talk.”

He's jealous (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

“Bye Eric!”

I walked my best friend to his car before giving him a hug goodbye. We had just had breakfast together. Jack’s car then drove up to the front of my house and parked.

“I better go before your boyfriend tries anything again.” He lightly chuckled before hopping in his car and driving away.

I waved goodbye and walked over to Jack, who was now leaning against his car, arms crossed. Here we go.

“Hey babe.”

“Don’t babe me. y/n you know I don’t like that guy.”

I rolled my eyes and walked back into my house. I don’t want to argue with him right now.

“y/n! Don’t just walk away from me. I don’t want you hanging out with him anymore. I thought we were clear about this.”

I furrowed my eyebrows and quickly spun around. “All I hear is don’t, don’t, don’t! Since when are YOU allowed to tell me who I can and cannot hang out with. You know Eric and I have been best friends since middle school and that’s not gonna change.”

Jack made a face when I said Eric’s name. Ugh he’s such a child sometimes.

“Jack if you just came here to fight, then you should just leave. We can only have the same fight so many times.”

“I came here to hangout with my girlfriend because I missed her, but apparently she was already being entertained by another guy.”

I took a deep breath trying to keep my cool. At this point I knew it was better for him to say what he needs to say then try to talk with him. I walked back into the kitchen to clean up the pancake mixer while a ranting Jack followed closely behind.

“Oh what a gentleman! He left you to clean all the dishes…”

We were soon engaged in a screaming match, each trying to be louder than the other.

This is exactly what I was trying to avoid, but Jack is just so stubborn sometimes.

I then had an idea and picked up some of the pancake batter and smeared it on Jack’s face. I knew the best way to calm him down was to distract him with something fun. I made an “O” face, realizing how bad he looked. He looked so stupid I couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.

A small smile also spread across his face, but was soon turned into an evil smirk as he grabbed a huge handful of batter, but I had sprinted away before he had the chance to drench me.

“(your full name) come back here! You can run, but you can’t hide!”

I laughed and sprinted up the stairs. Shit he’s gaining up on me. I panicked and went into my room, hiding under the bed. God I’m an idiot. This is the first place anyone looks.

“BOO” Jack screamed while dropping to the ground. He laid there, ready for action, but I remained in my position, making eye contact with him.

“I have all day y/n. I can wait.” Jack said while resting his head on his folded arms.

I smirked and replied “Well, good thing I have all day also.” I copied his position while keeping eye contact.

*Jack’s POV*

As y/n and I waged in a staring contest I came to my senses. Seeing her goofy smile and eyes light up was such a contrast from her furrowing eyebrows just 20 minutes ago. I over reacted once again. I just can’t control myself when it comes to y/n. She makes me crazy in a good way, and seeing her with other guys makes me paranoid. Not that I don’t trust her, I do. I would trust her with my life, but I don’t trust the guy. Anyone in their right mind would see that y/n is amazing. She’s funny, playful, beautiful, God, she’s so beautiful, and- what am I doing? I should be telling HER this…

*Your POV*

“I’m sorry.” Jack quietly said.

I crawled out from under the bed and leaned against the bed frame, waiting for Jack to continue.

“I love you y/n and I trust you, I really do. I know you’re not gonna stop being friends with Eric, and I need to accept that. He just needs to know that you’re my girlfriend and he needs to keep his distance. You’re my beautiful, funny, smart, good-hearted girl, and I’m just afraid that one day another guy will try something.”

I was taken back by Jack’s speech. He’s never been afraid to tell me how he feels, but not to this extent. I quickly pressed my lips against his, cutting him off.

“I forgive you, Jack. Thank you.” I said before kissing him again.

“I love you y/n. I love you I love you I love you”

I laughed and covered his mouth with my hand. “Shut up you dork”

I then felt wetness on my palm.

“Ugh gross Jack.” I scrunched my noise and wiped my hand on his sleeve. I playfully rolled my eyes. He’s such a child, but he’s my child.

The Little Moments Drabbles (Keith Alford)

Summary: A series about the little moments that make up a day. Sometimes we just need a shoulder or a hug when our days are long.

For others in this series & other works: Masterpost

Scenario: We’re not morning people.

The worst part of going to sleep had to be getting up. Hearing your phone alarm go off, you turn onto your side, to turn it off. Incomprehensible sounds escape your throat as you bury your face into your pillow. Groggily you reach over to give your husband a shake.
“Keith, we have to wake up.” But he just groaned and rolled away from you. “Keith, Luke will be here soon.” You didn’t really feel like dragging yourself out of bed, but today wasn’t a day off. “Keith…” Your eyes were still half closed when you found yourself caught in his arms, sheets and all. His skin was still warm from sleep, and it was so tempting to snuggle up against him and go back to sleep.
“Keith we have to get up,” you say, your face still pressed against his bare chest.

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waking up on the couch from your brief slumber by ceo!calum, his brow furrowed you peel off the quilt, turning off the tv as well. “hi baby, how was work?” you hugged him from behind, standing on your tiptoes to give his shoulder a kiss. “boring. long.” he hums, turning around and molding his mouth with yours. his hands run up and down your back soothingly, and you rest your hands on his shoulders, feeling the muscles. you pull away, and your brow knits together. “calum, you’re so tense.” you massage his shoulders and his head rolls back, breathing out deeply, “i’m alright, just stressed is all…” and his hand cups your jaw bringing your lips to his, “maybe you could be my stress reliever?” and your hands are tangled in his hair as he sits your on the counter, his waist wrapped up in your legs and his head buried in your chest, kissing down to the waistband of your shorts. “it’d be my honor.” you let out through heavy breaths.

going to a concert with luke and he’s back hugging you during the entire show and that’s cute, but the lyrics he sings along with the artist aren’t so cute and not so nice towards women so during a song both of you doesn’t know, he’d be like “i know i know those lyrics pretty well, but i don’t agree with anything that guy says” and only to tease him you’d be like “really?” in a serious way and he’d roll his eyes and playfully push you away “come on, y/n” and then you’d just laugh and give a kiss on his neck before replying, your mouth close to his ear, “i’m kidding, but sometimes i do wonder if you’re really as good as i think you are” and imagine that little pout on his face because he knows you don’t fully trust him, but at the same time you haven’t been dating for so long so it’s alright. “i am, though,” he’d say before he’d kiss your lips.

dating jin;;
  • you hearing him talking to himself in front of the mirror all the time
  • “well aren’t you handsome?”
  • /roll eyes
  • him cooking for you when you’re sick and or hungry
  • him teaching you how to cook, so when he’s away you’d know his secret recipe
  • him cheering you up with his gwiyomi version of the song
  • him constantly asking if you’re okay, if you’ve eaten yet, and if you’ve had enough sleep
  • you giving him back hugs when you’re tired and or when you just wanna hug him
  • playing mario games with him because either one of you bought new mario games
  • him letting you win sometimes, because he claims to be number one and he’s sad seeing you pout when losing
  • you learning his awesome traffic light dance moves, since he’s the dancing machine
  • you massaging his broad shoulders; an excuse really to only touch his shoulders
  • him giving you back massages when your back aches or when you can’t sleep
  • he would take his hand out for you to hold when walking out in public, to let others know that you’re his
  • him helping you study with school assignments, and you helping him as well
  • the two of you dropping jungkook off at school and embarrassing him
  • “sonny boy, are you not gonna give mom and dad a kiss goodbye?”
  • “omg, ya ain’t my parents, shut up!”
  • laughing together endlessly at anything because you both can
  • recording his eat jin videos, only to feature yourself in when you ask for him to feed you a bite of his food
  • him picking you up randomly and moving you to another spot so you’d be out of his way, rather than slightly pushing you aside
  • you two play fighting on the couch because you had stolen his comfortable spot after he left to use the restroom
  • him letting you wear his sweatshirts to sleep because it gets too cold at night and he doesn’t want you to catch a cold
  • him holding onto your hand while you both lay in bed together
  • you waking up in the middle night and hearing him talk in his sleep
  • “…love… you…”
  • “love you too, sleep talker”
But consider this:

• CS height diffrrence
• The way her head fits perfectly in the crook of his neck
• The way he thumbs her chin
• The way her fingers brush his ears
• Emma wearing Killian’s jacket
• Hugs where one person cradles the other persons head with their hand to comfort them
• Killian wiping away a tear from Emma’s eye and how she looks at him thereafter
• The look Killian gives Emma when she forgives him before he forgives himself
• Kisses on cheeks
• Forehead touches
• Emma holding Killian’s hook while they’re waltzing
• Killian playing with a strand of Emma’s hair
• Emma rolling her eyes and Killian knowing she loves his flirtations
• “As you wish”
• Everyday I love you’s
• Yelling each other’s names in panic when they don’t know if the other is alright
• Hypothermia requiring snuggly cuddles
• Falling asleep on each other (shout out to Maleficent for that: thank u bless u)
• Sitting by the ocean in sweetly silence
• Emma teaching Killian how to sword fight (because he taught her)
• Having a normal conversation and ending up less than an inch away from the other’s face
• Every smile ever

((btw, my favorite flowers are white roses))

Ponyboy and Twobit roleplay~! ((Modern day))

It’s summer and Ponyboy has on denim shorts, white tanktop, flip flops and a braided twine anklet Maddy made him. He heads downstairs, only to get looks at from Darry, old fashioned. He smiles and runs his hand through his red and brown hair.

“What’re you doing, Pony?” Darry asks, suspicious, on his laptop.

“Nothing. Why would you ask?”

“Cause you got that smirk on your face." Darry says, typing away. Ponyboy rolls his eyes and chuckles, feeling good. He hugs his brother bye, Soda already at work, unable to give him a hug. HE says he’ll be back and goes over to the house next door. Maddy’s house. Along with Hammy and Matt, the lovely trio. The house was special. The only house in all of America which was painted rainbow colors with hello kitty stuff all on the front porch and always blasting Japanese Music. He heads in the kitchen, seeing the short blonde on the counter top, using Twobit as a prop to clean the ceiling fan. She calls for Hammy and sings out with her radio.

"Hey Hey anoko was ima ichi Ne ne atarashii ko ga hitsuyou Hey Hey atashi nante iinjyanai!” He hopes down, twobit catching her and putting her down. “HAMMY!!!!” She calls up from the foot of the stairs and Ponyboy smiles, looking to Twobit. He bites his lip and looks down, whispering a “Hello.”

saixt-like hammy-tayler


Blindfolded Muslim takes to the street for hugging experiment

“I am a Muslim. I am labelled as a terrorist. I trust you. Do you trust me? Give me a hug.”

Those were the words at Mustafa Mawla’s feet as he stood blindfolded with outstretched arms on a busy Toronto street, while a camera rolled a few feet away.

The Canadian Muslim was taking part in the ‘Blind Trust Project’ - a social experiment to “to break down barriers and eliminate the fear and ignorance projected towards Muslims and Islam.”

The project was the brainchild of 24-year-old Canadian Muslim Assma Galuta - who teamed up with film-makers Time Vision to shoot the video.

She told the Huffington Post that the reason for making Mr Mawla wear the blindfold was to give complete trust.

“Blindfolded, anyone could harm him or feel very angered,“ she said. "He’s giving people his full trust and he wants to see if people trust him enough to give him a hug.”

To date nearly 800,000 people have watched the video to see what the public’s response to the experiment would be.

And to the delight of everyone involved in the project, that response was overwhelmingly positive.

Dozens of passers-by of all ages, genders and colours, stopped and embraced Mustafa Mawla in a hug.

AU where Stiles teases Lydia about using flats because of how tiny she looks, and Lydia gets annoyed and rolls her eyes because how dare he make fun of Lydia Martin? and starts walking away from him.

And Stiles just laughs and catches up with her easily only to make her stop, and gives her a goofy grin that Lydia pretends is not warming her up, and Stiles just goes “Come here” and wraps his arms around her in a hug and places his chin on top of her head and whispers “It’s okay, you’re still cute” with a smirk.

And Lydia hides her blush against him and Stiles misses it, but he still feels the way her cheek lifts up against his chest. And when Lydia steps away from him, she taps his chest with an endearing smile on her lips and says “I know, now shut it” and there’s no way he’ll ever stop teasing her because now she looks even shorter than before and he loves it, and if messing with her will make her smile, he’ll do it whenever he can.

The fact that Lydia ends up wearing flats more often than not has obviously nothing to do with it