gives up and goes home

Don’t think I need to explain why I love this Marvey scene.

i can’t wait until kun debuts so him and winwin can rule the world and be the power couple they once were… you will all see, you will all open your eyes

Touka: “Are you a virgin?”

Kaneki: “Wh-why would you…?”

Touka: “Because I was thinking you haven’t gotten to do a lot of stuff people do as adults or really even seen much outside of Tokyo so maybe some of Goat our friends and stuff… should at least have a bucket list vacation before everyone carries on with this probably deadly mission.

Kaneki: “That actually sounds… fun…”

And everyone is gone on vacation when Mutsuki comes to :RE and so he gives up and goes home and nothing bad happens as a result.

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Meant to be Yours AU where JD just can't get the door open so he gives up, goes home and cries; or better yet, Yo Girl AU where he can't even get the window open, same thing happens.

AU where he can’t get the window open so he just sits outside her house and cries for like an hour until she finally comes out and she’s like “….you good dude??” And he’s like “I JUST DONT WANNA BE ALONE” and she’s like okay let it out let it out and after like 2 hours of sobbing she sends him home with a packet of sleepytime tea and the next day his head is cleared

Randon headcanon

Batman has had to leave in the middle of trying to apprehend Joker and Harley before due to them arguing over something petty for so long that Bruce just gives up and goes home 

Is It Better To Remember? (Zsasz x Reader)

   Sorry I took so long to upload this. Things have been kind-of rough lately, but I promise I’ll try to keep uploading.

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  You wake up, the steady sound of beeping, and the bright white walls and lights,  making your head hurt. You sit up, the white sheets accompanying your movements. “Where am I?” You ask aloud, as you hold your hand up to shield your eyes. Then that’s when you notice it, a white wristband. On which it read; Y/f/n, B/d, e/c, h/c. This which informed you, you were in a hospital. Panicking your heart rate raises, and the beeping from the machine grows faster. That’s when you hear a groan, and you turned to see a man sitting at your bedside. His eyes wide open, but it was clear that he was asleep.You had guessed he had been there long, because, even though it wasn’t obvious, you could tell his clothes were a little wrinkled and there had been at least five empty coffee cups on the end table near him. Just the sight of him calms you,
  “Y/n…” He says as he blinks a few times lazily, realizing you had finally awoken, “Y/n!” He sits up straight and you could see the sleepiness on his face clear as day,
  “Hey…” You say, unsure. He looks at you, tears brimming in his eyes. Which, unknown to you, was one of the rarest sights every to be seen. He gets up immediately.
  “I know this isn’t exactly what either of us hand in mind…” He says as he wipes his eyes, and goes down on one knee, “But with you being here, and me not having been able to talk to you. All these things, doing them… just without you.. I couldn’t… It just didn’t feel as.. You know… good? Hell, even killing wasn’t satisfying when I knew you were here, struggling to live…It’s just all this… It’s just kind of made me realize how much I need you. How incomplete I am without you. I mean you are my life. Y/n you are… You’re my everything. What i’m trying to say.. Well what i’m saying is, Y/n, my love, my everything, would you make me the happiest person ever, and marry me? Would you be my wife?” You look at him, as he awaits your answer and you are torn. You look at him, tears starting to fall from your eyes,

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Red Dress

markmykookie: Then can I request one with Jungkook~? Where you try to be teasing to him the whole day in a date with him (wearing miniskirts and trying to be as pretty as the noonas he likes becuz you wanna show you’re as good besides being younger than him) but he seems to ignore it so you begin to give up AND THEN WHEN YOU GET HOME HE JUST GOES ALL DOMINANT ON YOU AND WAH YOU’RE SUBMISSIVE AS HELL TO HIM? Thank you lovely ;v; (kinda important to me but also the “you” is 2 years younger than him)

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Jungkook (BTS)/Reader

Word Count: 1,341

Summary: Being a stylist for an idol is already tough. But when you accidentally fall for them, then things start to become harder.

It has been years since Jungkook and his fellow BTS members decided to put out a new album. It was nice seeing them all again together. They have all grown up so well these past years. I was excited to hear that they wanted to do a reunion album and and tour. I have been Jungkook’s stylist for a while now and it has been my first gig as one. He is sweet and kind just like everyone says. But for some reason he doesn’t really talk with me anymore. I mean as his stylist I know there is a boundary there cause of professionalism but still. When I was first hired on he was talkative. He would tease me all the time and joke around with me. But for the past few months since all this album training was going on, he seems different. It could be just me. But I don’t know.

“Still running after noonas Kookie?” Rapmon grabbed him and pulled his head under Rapmon’s armpit. “I see nothing has changed.” It was true. Jungkook did like the older girls. Anytime we were at interviews or parties he would be staring at them. 

“Aish Hyung stop!” He pushed him off. “Just cause the noonas like me more doesn’t mean you can still treat me like a child.” 

“You still are one.” Jin laughed. 

“I’m 21 now.” Jungkook whined.

“Yeah ok whining doesn’t make you seem like a child anymore.” Suga rolled his eyes.

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If you're cool with it, could you write HCs about Ryuji's S/O (who had an abusive mom) meeting his mom for the first time and being so confused because of how nice she is?

I’m definitely cool with this, This actually seems pretty fun to write!

Here you go anon, I hope you’ll enjoy this. - Talal.

Ryuji’s S/O meeting his mother:

  • For a while now, whenever S/O wears revealing clothes, Ryuji could see a bunch of bruises.
  • He tried questioning them about it, he was completely worried about their overall health. but S/O always falls quiet after that.
  • He knew as much as not to ask about it anymore, he doesn’t want to pressure them into telling him.
  • One day, his mother suggests to Ryuji the Idea of inviting S/O over, she’d love to meet them.
  • Ryuji proceeds to tell S/O the Idea his mother proposed, only to see their facial features brooding and their speaking pattern is incoherent or nonsensical.
  • He knew something was up, But he knows his mother more than anyone else. Maybe they’re just nervous about meeting her and not living to her expectations? who knows.
  • He tries to cheer S/O up by making jokes and funny faces, but their mind is completely absent. they’re somewhere else completely.
  • He gives up once they reach Ryuji’s home, he goes inside and S/O follows shortly after. quiet, gentle and fearful steps towards the house.
  • Ryuji calls out for his mother, and she quickly comes out of the kitchen, walking towards S/O and Ryuji.
  • Ryuji’s mother stops a few inches away from her son and lifts her hands up.
  • “No!” S/O shouts, stretching their hands out as if trying to save Ryuji.
  • “What? You jealous of my mom now?” Ryuji says in a teasing tone while returning the hug to his mother.
  • His mother is a little weirded out but doesn’t pay it much attention. she smiles gently towards S/O’s direction and hugs her baby boy.
  • S/O can feel the heat of embarrassment building up in their face, all the while Ryuji’s mom walks towards them.
  • When she raises her hands, S/O forcefully closes their eyes, ready to receive the blow.
  • Only to be surrounded by a loving, affectionate and compassionate hug.
  • When the hug is over, Ryuji introduces S/O to his mother. She already knows who S/O though, he always talks about them.
  • After a while of chatting, Ryuji invites them to his room. and once S/O makes sure the door is locked and no one’s around, they begin to talk.
  • “Y-your mother.. doesn’t hit you?” S/O says, clenching their hands into a fist.
  • “Huh? whaddya mean?” Ryuji frowns upon this confusion.
  • “I… Your mother… She’s really nice.”
  • “She’s the very best!” He says, smiling radiantly like a sun.
  • That’s when S/O proceeds to tell him about their abusive mother, always hitting them, don’t give them allowances, and all the hideous things she’s done to them.
  • Ryuji falls quiet, looking intently at the ground. he can’t help but feel a connection with S/O.
  • “Y’know, my dad’s like that.” He speaks after a minute of silence, telling S/O all about his abusive dad.
  • S/O breaks down and cries, so does Ryuji but he tries his best to hide it.
  • “Y-you can call her… mom if you want… she wouldn’t mind.” Ryuji says, reassuring S/O.
  • And from that day onward, they made sure to be there for each other.
  • and S/O considered Ryuji’s mom their mom as well.

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Can I get headcannonss for Hitoshi Shinsou with a Female S/O finding she can turn into a cat, the same cat that would walk with him each night when he's out late and won't receive anything but head pats. I thought of this while looking at all the cute art of him +Cats. Have a nice day/night, hun!

awwe~ how cute! 

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • This cat had been following Hitoshi for a few weeks now, not that he minded of course. The cat was always around when he was out late, wanting nothing but attention and pets from Hitoshi. 
  • He tried feeding it but the cat wasn’t interested! Eventually he gives up on trying to give it food and goes home. The next day, he sees his s/o use their quirk, which allows them to turn into a cat! He recognises the cat straight away as the one who walks with him while he’s out late. 
  • He casually mentions it to his s/o later in the day and they say that they followed him around to be close to him and to keep an eye on him! He finds their cat form to be very cute and will gladly give them attention when they want it!

So for my fav @riverpotters birthday I’ve decided to do some beronica birthday headcannons.

-Betty loves giving Veronica gifts, especially for her birthday

-Betty plans gifts for months carefully thinking out each part of the gift 

-She starts three days before Veronica’s birthday with a handwritten letter on Veronica’s doorstep of all the things she loves about Veronica 

-Betty is completely nonchalant at school so Veronica doesn’t bring it up

-Veronica goes home that night and Smithers gives her a box of chocolates from her favorite candy store in New York that he says is from ‘that lovely Cooper girl’

-Two days before her birthday Veronica wakes to Hermione picking through a fruit basket with a note attached

-The note has an appointment for a couples mani pedi at three with a heart doodled in the corner

-Betty doesn’t mention the appointment all day at school but is waiting for Veronica at the spa after school 

-They gossip about the Vixens and laugh at Archie and Jughead’s antics while being pampered all afternoon

-As they’re leaving the spa Veronica says thank you and Betty asks for what, playing dumb

-Veronica plays along

-One day before Veronica’s birthday there is nothing in the kitchen, nothing on the doorstep, and Smithers apologizes but tells Veronica he has nothing for her

-Veronica starts to feel disappointed but chides herself because she can’t expect Betty to commit all her time to spoiling her

-But then Veronica gets to school and Betty isn’t there

-She asks Archie if he’s heard from Betty and he said that morning Polly told him Betty came down with the flu

-Veronica blames herself and instantly decides to take Betty soup after school-But when she arrives at the Cooper’s nobody answers the door

-Veronica returns home extremely disappointed and feeling even worse

-Veronica wakes up on her birthday smelling breakfast being made, but she decides to stay in bed, still upset about Betty’s absence 

-She hears the door open and sits up to tell Hermione that she doesn’t want to go to school but Betty walks through the door carrying a tray with breakfast for two

-Veronica nearly cries because shes so happy and so surprised and starts blubbering about how no one has ever done anything so special for her

-Betty kisses her so she’ll stop talking

-Ten minutes later Betty remembers the breakfast and breaks their kiss

-The two of them eat in bed and talk and laugh and kiss and kiss some more

-At noon Betty insists that they both get out of bed (much to Veronica’s objection)

-In the car Veronica asks Betty where they’re going but Betty tells her it’s a surprise

-They end up at Sweetwater River and Betty pulls out a picnic blanket and basket for lunch by the river

-Veronica comments on the morbidness of it all but Betty brushes it of because there aren’t too many places in Riverdale for a romantic picnic

-They eat hand made sandwiches bowls of fresh fruit and milkshakes from Pop’s that Betty had on ice

-When the afternoon ends and the sky starts to darken Veronica suggests heading back but Betty has one more surprise planned

-She pulls out a velvet box and inside are two silver rings one with a small cursive B and the other a V

-This time Veronica does cry

-Betty slips the B onto Veronica’s right hand ring finger and the V onto her own

-Then she cups Veronica’s cheek as she whispers “B and V forever” then kisses her sweet and slow

-This goes down as Veronica’s best birthday ever

Yoonmin fic idea:

Yoongi is a producer and he’s been working on an album, meaning he’s been away every day from about 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. and Jimin is a dancer and he goes to practice from about 6 a.m. to about 9 p.m.

Jimin has been missing Yoongi like crazy and every time he tries to wait for him he always gives up at about midnight and goes to bed. But one day he comes home and decides that this is the night he is actually going to stay up and wait.
The night starts off with binge watching different k dramas and animes and later on when it’s about twelve o'clock he blasts Yoongi’s mixtape, trying to wake himself up. But at around 1:30ish he really stars feeling drowsy. He sits on their couch, surrounded with a few blanket and holding his coffee, his eyes keep shutting and eventually he puts his coffee down, too scared he will spill it. Somehow he ends up laying down and soon he falls asleep by accident.

When Yoongi gets home at 3 a.m. he’s tired but when he sees Jimin a small smile comes to his lips. He remembers how Jimin told him he’s tried waiting up on him before but can never make it. He sighs to himself and goes to pick Jimin up. He carries him to their bedroom and as he puts Jimin down the younger one yawns and opens his eyes slightly. He calls Yoongi’s name and Yoongi smiles and kisses his forehead telling him to go back to sleep and then Jimin pulls on his hand and smiles. He says something along the lines of, “I tried to stay awake Hyung but I was so tired.” And Yoongi lays down next to him, holding him close and says something like, “You did good Jiminie, you did so good.”


Request:   Hi! Can you do a christmas request for Cisco Ramon of Flash? Like maybe the reader was too busy working at Jitters to have time to decorate her house with Christmas decorations? She has not done it, and it is already Christmas morning. She gives up the idea, and in evening when she goes home. She got a surprise. Cisco had access to her house, and decorated the whole house with Christmas stuff for her. They celebrate Christmas together and its all fluff. Thank You!

Upon reflection, you should have realised just how insanely busy today would be, yet somehow, some slither of hope had made its way into your mind, convincing you that maybe, just maybe, the day would be easy. After having covered more Christmas shifts this season than any other, it was safe to say you were rather used to the consistent stream of tired, agitated shoppers in desperate need of caffeine. But that didn’t mean you expected it to be the same today, of all days. No, surely customers would be few and far between, spending time with their family or friends. Of course, said hopes were dashed almost instantly when, the second you had opened the doors to Jitters, the customers came flooding in.

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minlace ‘la la land’ au

just stick with me here folks

  • struggling actress renée minkowski. goes to so many auditions, uprooted her entire life to move to LA, and she’s getting … nothing. no callbacks, no responses, no luck
  • passionate but equally struggling musician isabel lovelace. she has an obnoxious love for jazz the revolutionary protest music of the 1960s. her goal is to start a band that makes the music she wants to make, with the political messages she wants to get across, but nobody will sign her on for a contract when her music is so aggressively attacking the modern corporate america
  • they keep meeting. it’s always such bizarre situations — renée walks into the restaurant isabel just got fired from and she shoves past her and leaves. next, they’re at some party together and isabel is playing cheap music with a makeshift band while renée tries to small talk her way into getting casting directors to look at her twice
  • but every time they meet, they… hate each other. they annoy each other. they just don’t get on.
  • “let me walk you to your car,” isabel suggests, when the sun’s about to set and they’ve bickered enough to impress a married couple. renée can’t exactly say no, but she’s still annoyed, and the entire time she’s trying to find her car they just keep arguing.
  • imagine ‘a lovely night’ with them 
  • isabel: “this could never be, you’re not the type for me, and there’s not a spark in sight; what a waste of a lovely night
    renée: “you say there’s nothing here, well let’s make something clear, i think i’ll be the one to make that call”
    isabel: “it’s your call”
    renée: “i know you look so cute in your polyester suit—”
    isabel: “it’s wool!”
    renée: “you’re right, i’d never fall for you at all!”

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I think Neko is the most adorable and fun character in K Project. So I was wondering if you could please give some head canons for Neko in HOMRA. And for the YataNeko pairing. Thanks.

  • It would take Misaki a loooong time to get used to having her around- he’s not good at dealing with women, especially not pretty women (and Misaki is CONSTANTLY NOTICING how pretty she is) and especially not pretty women who tend to wear short dresses so he’s a blushing mess for like 3000 years
  • Most of the reason they get to know each other is because Neko comes to Homra to hang out with Anna
  • She takes a liking to Misaki when he’s making food for Anna and Neko is around, so he makes enough for both of them, and Neko is very excited about the fact he can cook
  • Before Neko’s strain powers fade after the destruction of the Slates, she likes to prank him by hanging out in cat form and pretending to be just a regular cat and nap on his knee and beg him for pets and stuff, and then turn back into a human to jumpscare him
  • Neko being direct is really good for Misaki because he Cannot Communicate so after a while of him being bashful she just comes out with “Why is Yata-chan always blushing?” and she works out he only blushes around girls, but not Anna, so she works out he only blushes around girls around his own age, but he blushes more around Neko than any other girls like Seri or Kukuri and why is that? And Misaki is terrified bc he’s been rumbled but he makes up some bullshit excuse and she buys it
  • Anna can tell he has a crush on Neko from a mile away with or without her psychic strain powers, so she tells Neko to get him some valentine’s chocolate
  • Neko does so, and Misaki blushes like a total dork and he stutters and doesn’t know what to do with himself bc wow she’s cute help
  • She basically initiates the entire relationship, asking him on dates and stuff and eventually she refers to him as her boyfriend and he’s like “w-wait we aren’t dating???” and she says she wants to date him, does he want to date her, and he nods, bright red, and he’s hella cute
  • She’s very forthcoming with her affection and Misaki loves it as much as he’s like Dying of embarrassment
  • Over time he learns to be more affectionate with her, and he likes petting her hair and giving her cheek kisses and holding her hand and letting her nap on him
  • He thinks her eyes are really pretty and unique
  • Eric makes fun of them for being a chihuahua and a cat, and Misaki punches him
  • Misaki gets kind of jealous sometimes of her bond with Shiro, but she assures him that Shiro is her king and her friend and she doesn’t want to kiss him like she wants to kiss Misaki 
  • Despite the fact that Neko is quite open with her body and comfortable with nudity and skimpy clothing, their relationship isn’t super sexual, it’s mostly loving and affectionate (but that might have something to do with my ace!Neko headcanon) 
  • He tries to teach her to skateboard and it goes badly, and he ends up giving her a piggyback home bc she scraped her knee (not even that badly she could walk fine) 
  • He plays with her hair constantly
  • She’s super proud of him bc he’s really strong and she likes to show him off
  • Her cheerfulness makes him more cheerful

thank you anon <33 we’re still new so please don’t be too harsh! :)
i kinda strayed from the original idea and it’s more what kind of person they are but aah i hope you still enjoy!

S. Coups

  • nice jock 100% that wants a girlfriend/boyfriend so they can take cute couple selfies and do couple things
  • doesn’t know how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend
  • picks up rubbish on the floor and puts it in the trash

Originally posted by babyzyx


  • two things he always takes with him are a burnbook he made in middle school and a skateboard but he doesn’t know how to skate
  • dodgy guy with a dodgy smile they’re right he’s probably a swindler
  • washes his hair at school and has shedding season

Originally posted by wonshi-17


  • lots of friends, class president, popular
  • resident nice kid you can talk to him about stuff, ask for inconvenient favours and he gives himself up to help others LET HIM REST
  • but lowkey the guy that goes home watches anime for healing time

Originally posted by 13visuals


  • was actually a really modest, cute and shy guy but now he’s a Greaseball and you can’t get away from his flirtying
  • had a glow up and now he is a Man fuckboi. he watches porn
  • thinks overused sex jokes are funny and clever until he graduates

Originally posted by gyuwoo


  • goofball and fun loving guy that wants to have a pizza party with the whole school like chill
  • loud and distracting but teachers love him anyway
  • lowkey actually a really hardworking student

Originally posted by minghaon


  • does well in everything, everyone hates him because of this
  • the guy you don’t think much about but then that one time he said something really mind blowing
  • likes to hang out in a tightknit group

Originally posted by wonyeols


  • manly man babyface short cutie
  • looks pissed 24/7, is pissed 24/7
  • good work ethic, teaches the teacher, actually a stress bug that needs a hug and a self esteem boost

Originally posted by 12fools


  • class clown, probably friends with Hoshi and they just hang out and be happy together
  • when he gets sad he smiles and laughs
  • would question his sanity based on how much he is smiling but he’s just trying to hide his tru emotions because he doesn’t want others to worry

Originally posted by pabospoiler


  • brings his pet dog to school and gets sent home
  • resident good looking Cute Boy mega hottie, doesn’t know it until someone tells him
  • tries to pull off the whole ‘i can b ur boyFriend’ player concept but doesn’t working because he’s too pure

Originally posted by giantgyu


  • quiet cool kid minghao by day, clapback god thughao by night
  • brings his friends chocolates on valentines day so everyone feels special
  • people like talking to him because he’s a good listener and keeps secrets

Originally posted by mountean


  • drama queen and cries on a daily basis. it’s a schedule. don’t deny
  • friends with all the girls and likes to gossip with strangers but it’s lighthearted
  • comic relief in awkward class fights

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here


  • does that thing where you snake your headphones through your sleeve and listens to music in class
  • always on his phone and walks really slowly
  • you would think he smokes weed

Originally posted by mountean


  • develops crushes on upperclassmen and tries to impress them with his dance moves this boy is slick but baby faced
  • stubborn and gets salty when there is conflict in group work
  • he’s probably as typical as vague typical pubescent teenage boys get

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mod kimchi ☆

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I hope you don't get mad at this question. I always wondered why fans say that Fez/Jackie was forced? I remember Jackie always got jealous of Fez's girlfriends and that in season 1, Donna makes her realize she likes Fez. Fez obviously always liked Jackie. I don't like them as a couple but I don't think it was forced. I think it was actually showed since season 1.

Hi! Not angry at all. It’s a good question.

First, an important note: early-seasons Fez is a very different character from S6-S7 Fez, and season-8 Fez shares little more than the original character’s name and accent (and portrayer).

Initially, Jackie is attracted to the sensitive romantic part of Fez’s personality but not to Fez himself. She wishes Kelso had the same romantic sensitivity, and Kelso often takes advantage of and benefits from Fez’s attempts at wooing Jackie – because Jackie isn’t romantically or sexually interested in Fez but in Kelso. 

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(1/5) Jungkook out late practicing and getting texts from jimin that say “where are you? Come back soon, I miss you” and jungkook is like “I saw you a few hours ago” and jimin is like “no I REALLY miss you” and jungkook wonders if he’s understanding just what jimin means so he just gives up and decides he’s practiced enough and goes home but when he walks into the dorms they’re empty and he’s about to text jimin “I thought you missed me?” but he goes to his room first

(2/5) to see ~lo and behold~ jimin, laying on his bed wearing nothing but one of jungkook’s own big tshirts and fucking himself on four fingers And jungkook is like “holy shit” and jimin just whines, “I told you I missed you” and jungkook goes over to him and kisses him and lets jimin keep fucking himself on his fingers as he goes to jerk jimin off but he finds that jimin has a cockring on and his whole mouth just goes dry as he asks “how long have you been waiting for me?”

(3/5) and jimin smirks and says “didn’t wanna come without you” and jungkook moans and jerks jimin off more until jimin is just like “oh my god please fuck me why are you still keeping me waiting” and jungkook scrambles to get his clothes off as jimin shoves lube and a condom into his hands And jungkook fucks him slowly still, doesn’t take the cockring off as he teases and thrusts slowly and jimin keens, grabbing jungkook’s face to kiss him and moan his name hoarsely

(4/5) and jungkook keeps a slow pace until he has jimin BEGGING saying “jungkookie please I’ve been so good please I need you” and jungkook finally relents even though jimin looks so beautiful and sounds so wonderful begging and pleading his name—and then he sounds even better as jungkook fucks him fast and hard, making the headboard bang into the wall and jimin moaning out nonsense and curse words and jungkook’s name

(5/5) And finally jungkook takes off the cockring, stroking jimin only a few times before he comes hard and clenches around jungkook, and jungkook cries out jimin’s name as he comes too and collapses on top of jimin. They breathe heavily together, panting and kissing each other softly and running light fingers over sweaty skin. And jungkook gets up to get a wash rag to clean them up and asks “where did that come from?” and jimin just grins and laughs pulling jungkook down to kiss him languidly



The People v. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is put on trial for stealing the ocean from Beach City and is sentenced to go to prison. Peridot hatches a cunning escape plan to get herself arrested in order to get inside the jail and break Lapis out.

However, the plan fails when Peridot’s supposedly-evil acts — such as stealing an old, broken microwave (that Vidalia left with the garbage on the curb) and stopping traffic in the middle of town (right before a family of ducks crosses the street) — are seen as good deeds. But just as Peridot gives up and goes home to download a torrent of a season of Camp Pining Hearts only released in Canada, she is jailed for bootlegging and ends up in a cell right next to Lapis.

After all this, Lapis reveals she could have easily escaped any time she wanted, but simply chose to stay in order to get some time away from the Crystal Gems, specifically Peridot.

Dernier Recours

Words: 1.8k
Rating: K

Adrien can’t find his ring. He’s forced to go to Ladybug for help, revealing his identity in the process. Post-Jackady/Simon Says

Inspired by @ladyofacat‘s response to this ask!
(Surprise! I wrote the thing! There may be a part 2, but I’m not sure yet.)

Read on Ao3

He never expected it would all come crashing down around him as quickly and as efficiently as it does.

“Do you really want to go to the pool with your ring on, Adrien? It’s a very nice piece of jewelry, I’d hate for it to get lost or ruined.”

The words echo in Adrien’s mind as he paces his room, his hands buried in hair that has long since lost its perfectly-coiffed look. He tugs at it as he tries his best not to look at his hand. At his fingers. At one finger in particular. At one bare finger in particular.

He turns to ask Plagg what he should do, only to be met with the harsh reminder that Plagg isn’t there. He isn’t there because the ring isn’t on his finger and Adrien doesn’t know how he managed to muck this up so monumentally. Well, he knows how he did it; he just doesn’t know why.

Because he trusted his father?

Because he didn’t want to lose the ring?

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