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Still on a semi hiatus but I had some time this weekend to do a little drawing! Believe it or not, I didn’t realize how much her design looked like Rapunzel’s until it was too late.

Her name is Percie.

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77+92 Nine/Ten x Rose (bonus points for not established relationship) :)

Hello anon!! I’m sorry, I only did one of them this time. I hope you still like it anyway <3

642 words, Ten x Rose, inspired by the iconic “beautiful boy” scene in Fear Her

#92 -  “Trust me, cuddles are a natural remedy.”

“Rose… do you… do you really have to have that thing with you?” the Doctor asked, eyeing the cat she cradled lovingly in her arms with evident disdain. At his look, the cat only purred louder, generously nuzzling its head into Rose’s cheek. The Doctor scowled.

Rose giggled and lifted her arm to scratch behind the kitten’s ear. She was a peaceful and beautiful sight to behold, lying in bed, her hair sprawled around her like a wild, golden halo. But it was a sight undoubtedly marred by their (rather unwelcome!) guest.

“It’s not a thing, Doctor. It’s a cat. And super cute one at that,” Rose said, voice rising in pitch as the cat affectionately headbutted her. She gave it a kiss, and the Doctor kept glowering.

“But you’re sick! Who knows what sort of microscopic, human-plaguing viruses it could be caring. We don’t know where that thing’s been!”

If her gaze wasn’t so focused on the cat, Rose would’ve graced the Doctor with a roll of her eyes. “Oh, stuff it, yeah? It’s fine and I’m not sick; just got a few sniffles. This little sweetheart’s doing me a favor,” she smiled. “Trust me, cuddles are a natural remedy.”

The Doctor huffed, mumbling, “That’s not a medically sound diagnosis…”

“Doctor,” Rose laughed, finally sparing him a glance. “You’re being ridiculous. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought you were jealous.”

She was messing with him, he knew it, but like an idiot he took the bait anyway. “I’m not being ridiculous!” he cried, “I’m just saying! If you’re so dead set on it, there’s—there’s safer, better things out there you could be cuddling instead. Like—”

“Like what?”

Rose was definitely looking at him now. After trying all night, ever since that cat came stalking in, he’s finally got her attention. He absentmindedly adjusted his tie, suddenly feeling caught.

“Like… a stuffed animal, or a pillow, or… or…”

“Or a Time Lord?” she teased.

He gulped, Adam’s apple bobbing. “I—well—that wouldn’t have been my first suggestion, but… Ah… Maybe…?”

The Doctor tugged at his ear, trying to keep the hope from seeping into his eyes. But, oh, judging by the look on her face she definitely saw it. She grinned.

“Maybe, hmm?” Rose sat up, gently easing the still-purring cat off of her. She set it down daintily upon the floor and let it tiptoe its way away before scooting over, clearing up some extra space on the bed. “You got me. Sounds interesting,” she said.

“It does?”

She pat the empty space beside her and cast him a meaningful look. “Yeah. So why don’t we give it a try?”

“A try,” he echoed, but he didn’t move, thoughts frozen on the impossibility of what she was offering. He’s been aching to hold Rose Tyler in his arms—properly hold, not just a seconds-long hug—for as long as he could remember. And now…

It took another pat on the mattress before he snapped out of it. Walking over, he shucked off his suit jacket and kicked off his trainers, lifting the covers and easing himself underneath them. His legs brushing delightfully against hers, Rose gestured for him to lie down before turning around and lying down herself. They scooted closer together, his chest meeting her back, and he reflexively wrapped his arms around her. She held his arms in place with her own and used one hand to intertwine their fingers together. With a sigh, she settled into him.

It took the Doctor a second for him to find his breath again. “How’s this?” he whispered.

She hummed contentedly. “Perfect.”

“Better than the cat?” he asked, unable to resist.

Rose chuckled, “Yes, Doctor. Better than the cat.”

He beamed, finally satisfied and just a little bit smug. “Good!”

The Doctor could feel her mirth in the way her body shook.

with how buff and tall craig is, and how absolutely tiny nadine is, this show is crying out for a scene in which lucien sweeps jean up into his arms. 

the woman probably weighs the same as a feather, so unless craig has back issues there is no excuse not to.

he has to bend his knees half way down to kiss her anyways, so why not just pick her up to his level?

I never really had a true OTP until I found Sterek. I really liked some other pairings, even one or two that I called OTPs, but they weren’t, honestly. They weren’t my One True Pair.

But then I found Sterek. I heard legend of two characters whose chemistry was so undeniable, whose connection was so profound, that they had an entire fandom just for them. I saw gifsets and fic recs and so many headcanons on their tag that I felt like I knew them before I even started watching the show. (And tbh I still feel like I know them better than the show does, as many of us do).

Sterek just pulled me in the way no pairing ever had, or ever will. Even my first and forever love, Supernatural, has no pairing that can, to me, truly compare.

So now, the show that spawned Stiles and Derek has ended. But Sterek won’t. Sterek will never end, because we have given it life. Sterek has been put in motion and will keep going until long after we can remember where it began. Sterek will forever have a special place in my heart.

Sterek is eternal.

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would you mind to explain why you think it's good that the season is moving fast? because I don't see it as a good thing but quite the opposite....


I think it’s good because we won’t have to wait that long to see a space/ground/bunker reunion. The sooner they get together, the faster they will fall into their dynamics again.

but I can see why you disagree. It’s also a negative thing because it might mean writers keep focusing on the plot instead of characters and relationships.

In my opinion the problem with s3 and s4 was that they over-plotted their story and forgot that their characters are the ones that make the story special and worth watching.

I hope they’ve learned from their mistakes and have taken the time to build characters and relationships.


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Slides in heyy lol~ Hmm I'd say I'm sassy yet sweet. I love jokes/puns. I can be blunt when I feel it's important but I try not to be harsh. I feel comfortable with expressive people but I appreciate those who know how to be subtle too. The traits I admire the MOST in a person is passion and empathy.

Actually…. against all odds I think you would have a totally satisfying relationship with Ykhar.

Your sass could madden her but at the same time your sweetness would console her easily. She would absolutely love how happy you are on daily basis and even if she doesn’t get some of your puns, she absolutely would love your sense of humour nevertheless. 

She also would love the fact you’re a sweetie that even if blunt still remembers about people’s feelings. 

Tbh I believe she would be the passionate and empathy-filled partner that would make you feel loved so much it could even kind of overwhelm a normal person. Expect many impossibly well-thought small gifts showing just how much she adores you too. 

There’s so much love this bunny would give you <3