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TLJ Plot Leak that I am actually believing to be true

So earlier this week some people (i completely forgot who but if youre this person on Tumblr please lemme know) mentioned a specific set of leaks from Reddit about the entire plot of The Last Jedi and I was skeptical at first but now rewatching the trailers and analysis and what we know, it seemed too fucking accurate and too objectively specific to just be “speculation”.

SO I’ve pasted what was written [SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT] and why I think this is the closest we’ll get to actual spoilers. The OP also correctly predicted details and the plot of Rogue One prior to the release and he is already well known on Reddit for this. We know some specific individuals already saw secret screenings. So I’m very VERY intrigued by this.


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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: (young)Sirius Black x reader
Genres: Marauders Era, romance, fluff
Words: 1.652
Summary: While working on an astronomy assignment, Sirius and reader develop a friendship and then, deeper feeling for each other. During a day in Hogsmeade, confessions are made - requested by Anonymous 

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The Grumpy Man in Blue

Paring: Leonard McCoy/Reader

Tags: female reader, reader is a doctor, psychologists, fluff and angst, medicine, outer space, divorce, tenderness.

Summary: Reader is aboard the USS Enterprise, and works with Dr. McCoy. Or, known to as his staff as the grumpy guy, which everyone tries to take advantage of, and try and make him not be his sarcastic self for a while. Or, at least until a special guy from HQ comes down to give Reader a heads up on her boss…

Notes: You have no idea how much I love Bones. He’s my favourite in Star Trek for the simple reason that he’s so sarcastic and I love metaphors. If I ever met Bones, he’d be first, much, much taller than me, and more importantly, much better than me because I would be nearly useless out in space on the Enterprise. Unless they want a creative writer?? Or even an assistant? That’s basically my use in life. 

I actually pre-wrote this when I was getting my wisdom teeth out (all four out in the dentist’s chair). 

Word Count: 2,040

Posting Date:  2016-09-18

Current Date: 2017-05-23

Originally posted by steverogiers

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Arrested Development Starters

For the lazy option if you can’t pick on, send Arrested Reverse & the mun will generate a random number for the muse to react to or say ( mun’s choice ) // Any words with <highlighted like this> can be replaced with different words, pronouns, nouns, and names. 

  1. AI’m just hoping to get mildly injured.
  2. Will someone please have the decency to punch me in the face?
  3. Stop lying. Stop manipulating. Just be nicer.
  4. I don’t know what I expected.
  5. No sugar for you. You just get more awful. 
  6. I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.
  7. I don’t know who that is, and I don’t care to find out.
  8. I made a pun! Even in this time of stress.
  9. Here’s some money, go see a Star War.
  10. I’ll be in the hospital bar. 
  11. It’s <his/her/their> glasses. They make <him/her/them> look like a lizard.
  12. Oh, <she/he/they> thinks I’m too critical. That’s another fault of <hers/his/theirs>.
  13. You spent $68 on hair conditioner?
  14. A small price to pay for self-esteem, <name>.
  15. Would a coward have this?
  16. If you’d tried and failed, I’d understand, but you didn’t even try.
  17. So, I didn’t even fail, and I don’t see you giving me credit for that.
  18. You seem more villainous than usual, <name>, are you sober?
  19. You know, I think you are looking for a reason this isn’t going to work because you can’t handle happiness, and you like to suffer. 
  20. How am I supposed to find someone willing to go into that musty old claptrap?
  21. A trick is something a whore does for money. Or candy.
  22. Look what the homosexuals have done to me.
  23. You’re not the one staring 5 years in the face. 
  24. Well, right now I’m staring 100 years in the face!
  25. If you’re saying I saying I play favorites, you’re wrong. I love all my <children/etc> equally.
  26. You taste these tears. Taste my sad, <name>.
  27. I’m a failure. I can’t even fake the death of a stripper. 
  28. My gut is telling me “no” but my gut is also very hungry. 
  29. All I could think was if something were to ever happen to me, how sad I’d be, you know?
  30. I’ve got friends, <name>. I just don’t talk to them because I work all the time. 
  31. Listen if you insist on speaking to me like you’re my <wife/husband/partner>, then don’t be surprised to find my dick in you and then you never hear from me again. 
  32. There’s only one sleeping bag so we’re gonna have to double up. Pigs in a blanket. 
  33. I need you to act as my <boyfriend/girlfriend/partner> to help me get in.
  34.  If you feel something moving down there, it’s just the bird. 
  35. <name> I appreciate your bravery. And I know everything seems doomed now, and believe me, I’m in a similar situation myself, but trust me. We are fucked. We are fucked. 
  36. Oh, I have a list of men that could fill every opening you have. 
  37. Excuse me, does these effectively hide my thunder?
  38. I don’t see you crying, robot!
  39. I’ve got it down to two, but honestly, I don’t even want to choose. 
  40. I just feel… I feel like the prettiest <girl/boy/dancer> at the dance. 
  41. Please tell me there’s some coffee left!
  42. I don’t want no part of your tight-ass country club, ya freak bitch!
  43. We have unlimited juice? This party is gonna be off the hook. 
  44. We loved her/him/them just as much as any of you normal kids. More than <name>.
  45. It’s a great day…. For being sad. 
  46. I was just wondering if you might want to… Bid me fair ‘morrow.
  47. This is no longer a peace pizza. This is a war pizza. 
  48. I’m afraid I just “blue” myself. 
  49. Daddy/Mommy horny, <name>.
  50. If that’s a veiled criticism about me, I won’t hear it and I won’t respond to it.
  51. Oh, boy, I got some looks on the bus ‘cause of this. 
  52. Look who feels the sting of an ungrateful <child/friend/etc>. 
  53. <Mother/Father/name/etc>, you have to receive something to be ungrateful. 
  54. “I’m <mom/dad/name/etc>, and I want to shoot down everything you say- so I feel good about myself.”
  55. Here you go, hot tea, ‘cause that’s what you are, a hottie.
  56. I like to fuck with people. That’s what I do. 
  57. I will not take this sacred duty lightly. 
  58. I am going to get you the single most healthiest call <girl/boy/etc> that this town has ever seen.
  59. This is why I’m calling it a “witness,” and not a “<best man/bridesmaid>.”
  60. Look, all you have to do is watch.
  61. Oh, I’m not going to spend this money and not watch.
  62. Actually, I was going to stay in my office tonight and work on my law blog. 
  63. Why should you go to jail for a crime someone else noticed?
  64. If you weren’t all the way on the other side of the room I’d slap your face.
  65. I was like a cat. I always ended up on all fours.
  66. You want your belt to buckle, not your chair. 
  67. I mean, it’s one banana, <name>. What could it cost? 10 dollars?
  68. You’re telling me there’s no alcohol? What the hell are we supposed to do for two days?!
  69. Oh my god! You still doing breakfast burritos?
  70. If that <man/woman/etc> is straight than I am sober. 
  71. What are you doing? Are you trying to cry?
  72. OH, MY GOD, WE’RE HAVING A FIRE.. sale.
  73. I suppose I’m buy-curious. 
  74. Hey, where the fuck are my hard-boiled eggs?
  75. For there’s a <man> inside me, and only when <he’s> finally out I can walk free of pain. 
  76. Well, I spend so much time making sweet love on my <wife/husband>, that it’s hard to hear anything over the clatter of <her breasts/his chest>–
  77. We shan’t be telling your <mother/father> this, shan’t we?
  78. <name>, you blowhard!
  79. Who’d like a banger in the mouth? Oh… right, I forgot; here in the states you call it “a sausage” in the mouth. 
  80. It’s a tough job, might require some agility.
  81. And that’s why… You always leave a note. 
  82. You know, the universe works in mysterious ways, <name>. You never know where help is going to come from until you look for it. 
  83. I’m a saint, you know. I’m a living saint, and I get absolutely nothing out of it. 
  84. Well, you get a false feeling of superiority. 
  85. That is nice, but this time it’s not enough. 
  86. Illusions, <dad/mom/name>! You don’t have time for my illusions.
  87. Don’t judge me. You’re the selfish one. You’re the one who charged <his/her/their/your> own <brother/sister/friend/cousin/etc> for a frozen banana. 
  88. You’ve never actually set foot in a supermarket, have you?
  89. I don’t criticize you! And if you’re worried about criticism, sometimes <a diet> is the best defense.
  90. I know you’re the big marriage expert– Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. Your <wife/husband/partner> is dead. 
  91. Let me ask you, are you at all concerned about an uprising?
  92. Oh! <He’s/She’s/They have> got a sharpened noodle! <pronoun> trying to noodle-stab me!
  93. The next thing I know, I’m running for my life. 
  94. Check your lease, <man/dude/etc>, because you’re living in FUCK CITY. 
  95. <She’s/He’s/etc> trying to prove that <pronoun> closer to my <children/friends/family> than I am…. but jokes on <pronoun>, because <pronoun> doesn’t know how little  I care for <name>. 
  96. I feel like a fucking idiot. 
  97. Well, I’d rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona.
  98. Everything this <family/team/etc> does is so dramatic and flamboyant. It just makes me want to…. set myself on fire!
  99. Why should I have to sit and cheer <name>? <name> never cheers for me.
  100. I can’t. Because I’m… Don’t want to.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! I saw your analysis on choromatsu and your personality types really interested me!! I just wanted to ask some questions, if that's okay. What kinds of personality types are there? Is the ruler and servant personality type connected in some way? What are jyushi's and Totty's personality types? What makes osomatsu a prophet and ichimatsu a ruler? Sorry for all of these questions!! Thank you ;D

Sure thing!! I love talking about the Expressions so I am glad to provide any answers!! And I will do this using Osomatsu-san characters since you asked. ;)

There are 7 Expressions(personality types) and they can be catagorized by ‘most logically lead thinking’ to ‘most emotionally lead thinking’. I can provide a quick over view of each of them!

Most Logical Base Thinking

- Prophet (Osomatsu)
- Ruler (Ichimatsu)
- Servant (Karamatsu)
- Giver (They… don’t have one…. Probably their downfall tbh)
- Exhorter (Todomatsu)
- Teacher(Choromatsu)
- Mercy(Jyushimatsu and myself!)

Most Emotional Base Thinking

Prophet - Osomatsu

Prophets are the overly blunt, leadership types. They have to practice tact in order to have it, and they tend to overlook their own faults until its pointed out and made aware to them. Once they notice it, they’ll usually beat themselves up over it making them very prone to depression. They’re super great problem solvers; give them any sort of problem, they’ll probably have it solved within a few hours! They also tend to seem very well collected on the outside, and on the inside most of the time they think they are until, again, they’re made aware of it. They can be some of the most stubborn people, but once they understand that they need to mature and they’re not perfect, they are also quick to change.

In the case of Osomatsu, he’s a prophet who has a lack of motivation. It seems like his drive in life was kicked out of him, and a prophet who lacks motivation is… well… Osomatsu! Prophets live off of having a drive to do something long term, without that they tend to lose sight of where they’re going. He’s a super great leader; his brothres tend to rally behind him without even thinking about it when he’s present. It’s not just due to the fact that he’s the oldest, but also because he has a natural ‘follow me, I know what I’m doing’ aura about him. He  also gives his brothers good advise when the situation calls for it, something Prophets are super great at! 

Ruler - Ichimatsu

Rulers are the people that are super great problem solvers and give off a very “calm” aura. They always seem to be even-tempered. They prefer to solve problems and issues on their own, and only when they absolutely have to do they go to other people for assistance. This can be both a good and bad thing. They are also another natural leadership type - they like to lead from behind and most of the time you wont even notice they’re in charge. However, when a Prophet or Mercy is present they will usually let one of them lead. Time management is one of their greatest assets, but ask them and they’ll tell you they suck at it, when, in fact, compared to the general population, they’re very, very good at it.

Ichimatsu is a Ruler. He likes to handle problems on his own, and he’s very good at solving problems. However, this can get a bit too much for him as he doesn’t know when he should open up to others and let them help him. He doesn’t like showing emotion, thus always keeping that ‘even-tempered’ vibe to him. When he does show emotion, its usually in small bursts and it can be a lot or a little at a time depending on the situation. He is also seen very often leading from behind - usually done through the things he says by reading the atmosphere. “Let’s go home,” “Hey… shouldn’t we go?”, etc. More often than not, his brothers always listen to him(unless something else happens and the situation changes).

Servant - Karamatsu

Servants are people who tend to put others before themselves 98% of the time. They love to help others and give to others, but accepting help from others is super hard for them. They have a hard time saying no because of their generous nature. They’re usually always trusting of someone unless proven otherwise, and when you prove that they shouldn’t trust you, you have made an enemy for life. Do. Not. Mess. With. A. Servant. They will fuck you up if you betray one of their loved ones!  They don’t like to lead, and it usually scares them, however when no one is able to do the job, they will step up and take authority over a situation, and they are some of the best leaders when they do. Once that authority is no longer needed, they step down from the position.

Karamatsu being a servant is one of the reasons I have such a hard time with parts of the fandom that call him ‘fake’. He is so not faking, he is one of the most genuine people of their whole group. Which is one of the reasons they pick on him so much! His brothers are put off by the fact he is honestly being so legitimate when he says he loves them, and that he wishes love on the whole world. Karamatsu puts others way before himself, and he would sacrifice himself for any of his brothers without a second thought. You usually never see him taking over as a leader, but the one time we did, HOO BOY, it was a time! When Osomatsu punched Jyushimatsu, the protective ‘do not fuck with my loved ones even if you are a loved one’ side of his Servant personality kicked in. He wrecked Osomatsu’s shit! Do. Not. Mess. With. A. Servant. 

Giver - The lack of a member that they really, really should have

Givers are kind of a mix of every Expression. They are like chameleons and change the way they act based on the people they are around. Givers have a specific ‘feeling’ to them thats really hard to describe, but some of the best ways to find them is by asking: “Do they collect things?”, “Do they have a super great sense of humor?”, “Do they change the way they act with different groups?”. If there was a 7th brother, you could probably assume that he would be a Giver since these types don’t ever repeat in siblings(unless theres more than seven). They really do need one, as Givers tend to be both a logical and emotional sounding board, and because of their chameleon tendencies they can bring an entire group together super quickly. 

Exhorter - Todomatsu

Exhorters are super interesting people! They are super friendly and have no problems making friends with anyone they meet. Both my dad and my brother are Exhorters, and they can make friends just by starting a conversation with someone on the sidewalk! They have a plethora of acquaintances and usually have a booming social life. Even though they know so many people, they usually only have a few very, very close friends that they actually share everything with. Exhorters are also very conscious about the way they present themselves! Sometimes they’ll act, but most of the time it usually they just pay close attention to fashion and style. Some Exhorters, however, won’t care at all just to prove that they can still be ~the best~ without looking the roll - this is less common.

Totty is a wonderful, wonderful soul. He’s an Exhorter, made obvious by the amount of friends he has compared to his brothers and his love for fashion. He cares highly about the way he looks, even going to the point of saying he is the best looking out of all six of them! (Honey, you all look exactly the same…) Exhorters can be very selfish people, but they also care greatly about their close friends, and when mature, if they do something very selfish they usually will back up and try to make up for it. Todomatsu does this very well when we get into the 2nd cour, as seen with “The Star of Hope, Todomatsu” where he forgets about them, then tries to see who he can bring, and then self-sabotages himself because he couldn’t bring any of his brothers. 

Teacher - Choromatsu

I made a more detailed post on him here if you would like to read that!

Teachers are very complicated, and can be some of the hardest people to get along with. They can give off a “know-it-all” vibe and are very stubborn. This can come to both their advantage and disadvantage! They are great advisors, and they love to research and talk about that research. They are also very emotional, but they try to act as logical as possible because more often than not, they dislike their emotional side. There is more detailed information in the link about Teachers and Choromatsu as one!

Mercy - Jyushimatsu

Mercys make great leaders, and usually think “how does this benefit everyone?” in their choices. Most of their choices are based off of emotional feeling and their ability to just “know” things. Somehow, they can pick up on if something will work out or not, where something is, etc. If a Mercy tells you “Things are going to work out! I don’t know how but they will!” chances are they’re saying this because something tells them it will. Most often, you find that they ended up being correct. They can be both selfish and selfless, and when they are being selfish they are very aware of it but with sometimes still go through with it. Mercys can be manipulative, and in some ways it is good and in some ways bad - they usually use their natural manipulative tendencies while being selfish, however when they stop using it for their own gain it becomes a great asset in helping others through bad situations. Mercys also either show no emotion, or ALL emotion. They also don’t speak much unless they’re called upon to, or they are excited about something or feel their input is needed.

Jyushimatsu is a Mercy, like myself! He tends to only show one emotion - happiness - instead of no emotion, which I think is just his own personal quirk! When he releases all of his emotions, theres a lot of them. He usually stays calm in situations and doesn’t speak much, especially in group conversations. He keeps quite until his opinion is needed or things just get off the walls crazy. Often times, he seems to be this backbone for the group that without they just wouldn’t feel as safe with. This is due to his ability to just ‘know’ things will be okay, and that knowledge and calm nature about the situation spills over to the others. He doesn’t step up to the leadership plate much, but when it’s just him and Ichimatsu, he does. Jyushimatsu, despite being the fandoms “happy-do-no-wrong-baseball boy” can be very selfish sometimes. He also knows how to manipulate a situation to get what he wants. 

And that is some more insight into the sextuplets with the Key Expressions! As for the Ruler and Servant type having a connection, the best connection they have is that they are both logically based thinkers! @calblog

Misery Loves Company

Fandom: VLD

Words: 1128

Pairing: Mateith (Matt x Keith)

G. Sickfic.


The sneeze is brutal, even if he’s been expecting it for some time. The annoying, tingly sensation on the back of his throat had been a dead giveaway, as well as the itching inside his nose. Matt felt the bastard coming long before it happens.

But even prepared for it, it takes him by surprise.

And God, he hates it.

His temples throb, his throat hurts, and his nose is dripping. Disgusted, he promptly dabs at it with his too abused tissue, thinking that he needs to change it soon. It’s so wet, it’s almost useless.

The sniffing noise he makes then is rather pathetic, if he’s being honest with himself.

“Bless you,” Keith says at his side, voice nasal.

“Thanks,” Matt grumbles, sniffing again. “I hate being sick,” he moans, discarding the sodden tissue and extracting a new one from the box they’ve been sharing.

He blows his nose and relishes the brief moment in which he’s able to feel fresh air entering through his nostrils. It’s over before he can actually enjoy it, though, and he scowls to show the world his misery.

“I know,” Keith says drily, but the tone lacks his usual grumpiness.

In fact, he’s smiling, and Matt thinks he looks beautiful even with a red nose and sunken gray-blue eyes.

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Star Wars Preferences: Having Low Self Esteem

(Requested by @13skullyhorror13 I hope you like it my beautiful buddy! )

Obi-Wan: He tells you how much he loves you and gives you lots of sweet kisses.

Anakin: He lifts you up in his arms and might tickle/kiss you until he sees you smile again.

Padme: She hates that you are feeling down so she tries and pampers you the whole day.

Qui-Gon: He says how everyone is special and can’t compare ourselves to others and how much he loves you.

Darth Maul: He asks who made you feel bad about yourself and is ready to attack them with his lightsaber.

Luke: Won’t shut up about how wonderful he thinks you are until you admit it too.

Han: He says he thinks you are crazy because he things you are the most amazing person he has ever met.

Leia: She proves you wrong by showing you how important you are to her and all your friends.

Boba: He tells you how great you are and asks if you want to go on a mission to make you feel better.

Finn: He thought you must be joking and laughed. But when he saw how sad you looked he apologized and told you all the things he loved about you.

Poe: Gives you lots of compliments but specifically gives you compliments on what you are feeling bad about.

Rey: She was confused why you would think bad of yourself but then talked it through with you and asked you why you felt like that.

Kylo: He reads your mind to see what made you feel that way and if it was a specific person he would take care of them real quick.

Hux: Tells you how special you are to him and that you should trust him because he is a great judge of character.

Captain Phasma: Just plain tells you that you are wrong and then tells you how lucky she is to be with you.

Jeremy and BB
Moderator Sonja, Lee
Jeremy and BB

[ Okay, this was really, really fun to do. The good man Lee agreed to do some voice acting for Jeremy, and this happened.

Expect more of these in the future, both of us had a lot of fun.

…No one likes you, Billy.

Original comic by rebornica.

Jeremy - pyschadelicsnake
Billy the Balloon Bitch Boy - Me

Now all we need is Mike giving Jeremy a star badge with ‘you tried’ written on it in unfilted Comic Sans. Poor kid. ]

Here is my first hair recolour in my own palette, which I’ll probably change every other week because I’m indecisive.

♦ Available in the 16 colours shown above
♦ Young Adult - Elder, Male and Female
♦ If you find any issues, please message me and I’ll try to fix it
♦  All credit goes to mintyowls for the mesh, thank you!


Awards for The Signs
  • Aries: Award to the one who wears their heart on their sleeve and cares too much but is unable to say a lot.
  • Taurus: Award to the one who takes care of everyone without asking for anything in return, selflessly and without motive.
  • Gemini: Award to the one who can move on even when the entire world is against them and no one helps them.
  • Cancer: Award to the one who trusts blindly and has faith in everyone even when they've been hurt a lot.
  • Leo: Award to the one who can bedazzle everyone and has a big-heart with extremely frail trust that tends to shatter easily.
  • Virgo: Award to the one who can logically see their way out of all situations and helps the ones they care for.
  • Libra: Award to the one who chooses to listen to both sides of an argument before giving advice.
  • Scorpio: Award to the one with thoughts so deep in depth and length that no one can exactly understand and who wants to help those in pain.
  • Sagittarius: Award to the one who uses sarcasm as self-defence and overcompensates generosity for everyone.
  • Capricorn: Award to the one who tries so hard and doesn't give up even if everything is practically useless.
  • Aquarius: Award to the one who teaches and learns constantly and sees life as a big exciting experience to be amazed about.
  • Pisces: Award to the one who can teach the world about self-loving and that sacrificing yourself is not always beneficial to you or anyone else.
A Bit Too Familiar

Type: Gravity Falls/Transcendence AU

Word Count: ~1700

Summary: Dipper goes to a play about supernatural safety at Toby’s school.

(Transcendence AU. Not sure how close to canon this is – I can’t get to Toby’s bio as of right now – but when this idea occurred to me, I just had to write it out.)

Dipper was still twitchy when it came to Toby. Sure, he was a teenager now, old enough to keep himself out of trouble, and he was living in the house Alcor had provided, having long since gotten off the streets – but the seemingly bottomless well of bad luck from which he was constantly drawing made Dipper more than a little anxious about his well-being.

Hence, when Toby called him, he was there in a flash, regardless of how urgent it was.

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Shoujo Manga Moments starring Mod Amelie
  • [Part 1]
  • Me: [tries to go to seat]
  • Dude: [blocking my way and talking to person at the front row]
  • Me:
  • Me: Um-
  • Guy: [sees me and tells dude to give way]
  • [Part 2]
  • Me: [talks about course shifting plans with guy]
  • [hair suddenly goes to my face]
  • Guy: Uh you have hair here-- Wait-- [reaches to tuck strand away from my face]
  • Me: [immediately fixes self]

#undertale spoilers

it’s been some time since my last roundup post, so i guess we’re due for another one! here is all the new undertale fic i’ve done since!

most of what i write about is the kids, so a lot of my body of work touches on issues depicted and implied in canon (so: #suicide #abuse #neglect #self harm among other things). most contentious stuff is tagged in the respective ao3 headers.

receding into indefinite rain - five years after the true pacifist ending, toriel and frisk receive an unexpected visitor with potentially hopeful news, and go on a journey to see if it’s true. this is a pretty long fic at 11k, and was inspired by a really good post my friend made. it deals a lot with toriel’s grief for asriel and chara, and the ways her relationship with asgore has changed and continues to change even now. i’m very proud of this. please read it. then reread it and watch frisk very carefully.

worth a thousand - charasriel. asriel and chara and their camcorder, or a possible explanation for how true lab tape #5 got recorded. this was inspired by a post zoe made, a comic adrienne drew, and a talk i had with josh.

bright on a gray background - everyone lives au. alphys and undyne are supposed to be babysitting the kids for toriel, but alphys isn’t having a very good brain day, so it’s up to undyne to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

a door ajar on the top floor - queerplatonic frischara. in which frisk wakes up in a familiar place, and both they and chara have to struggle with the consequences of things that can’t be taken back. there’s not much i can say about this one without giving it all away.

Good Company - everyone lives au. chara enjoys getting piano lessons from undyne, and undyne enjoys being their mentor/big sister figure. inspired by this short fic kay wrote, which you may want to read first for context.

lord of red, lord of gold - three versions of frisk and chara explore the ruins: older chara and younger frisk, older frisk and younger chara, and both of them as ten-year-olds. basically a study of the different dynamics that these age differences might create, and all the ways two sad messed-up kids try to look after each other. i’ve drawn designs for each pair, by the way.

evoke the stars above - no mercy route. chara explores new home, or tries to, or tries not to. either way they aren’t having a good time here. gross and sad. all of this fic but the last scene is actually written in first person, which should give you an idea of chara’s mental state.

joy of your desiring - everyone lives au, frischarasriel. it’s not easy being jewish during christmas season, but frisk has an idea to make this year more bearable. the problem is how to get chara to bite. this is just totally self-indulgent ot3 smoop and i’m not even remotely sorry ok

with my heart uncrossed - papyrus makes an offer, and is a little surprised by the way frisk reacts to it. but he is a responsible friendmom, and will do his best to look after this tiny human!! costarring sans and (though they’re mostly quiet) chara.

the sun like a morning moon - steven universe au in which the monsterfam serve in the role of the crystal gems. while the rest of the family is out on missions, frisk and chara are left to look after the temple and each other. deals a lot with chara’s ptsd and grief. i’ve written a little more about this au here.


Imagine Luke being to shy to ask you out, and stuttering every time you look at him or talk to him. And Han and Leia finally give him the courage to ask you out. - requested by anonymous. 

Sidenote: I may turn this into a one shot some time this week when I get the time!

“H-hey, uh, (Y/N)…I–I have to go…see ya!” Luke had desperately tried to get the words out, but abandoned ship all together. Han and Leia exchanged similar looks, and knew it was time to intervene. 

“Now Luke,” Leia began. “(Y/N) is never going to know how you feel unless you say something!”

“Yeah,” Han butted in. “get in there, kid, make some magic happen!”
“But what if s/he laughs in my face? I couldn’t come back from that!”

“(Y/N) wouldn’t do that, don’t discourage yourself! You’re a very handsome guy, Luke.” Leia tried to build his self-esteem.

“You’re alright, kid,” Hans said, ruffling Luke’s hair into messy perfection. “Now go on, try again.”

Luke sighed, “I’ll give it a try…” Luke spun around and headed again towards (Y/N). 

“oh, hey Luke!” Han called out. Luke turned over his shoulder. 

“ ‘May the force be with you!’ “ Han teased, trying not to laugh. Leia playfully smacked his shoulder, and Luke replied with a smirk. He hoped he could be with (Y/N) how Han and Leia were together. 

look at this 2 star review that my local Lush store has:

i was only about two feet into the door of the newly opened lush cosmetics store when a woman with clown shoes and green dreadlocks started rubbing my back and asking me if i wanted to smell any of the different cheeses they were offering that day to rub into your scalp at night, I refused and tried to keep to my self but it was of no use THESE PEOPLE DON’T GIVE YOU PERSONAL SPACE. They pulled me into the back of the store and started rubbing bath salts into my eyes chanting “CLEANSE HIM OF HIS IMPURITIES” my eyes were red and swolen and i could barely see, then they dunked me under water and made me bob for apples for 20 minutes, I WAS HORRIFIED. Frantically searching for a way out of this nightmare i finally agreed to buy one of their products that they said would help me grow hair on my back in a matter of minutes, It was called “sasquatch stop watch”, But in reality it was a emptied out bucket of paint filled with dirty rain water and a broken piece of a formyca table top. My expirience here was terrifying… Please help me

Just Another Walk In The Park

!!! SMUT - NSFW !!!

Reader Request from bythebloodofafangirl: protective / jealous Dean x Reader (holy shit those are my faves)

Warnings: smut, fluff, language.

Author: oheyitscryssi

A/N: Yeahhh, my hand slipped and then oops! This one turned into smut. Lol. I hope that’s okay! xox


The pool balls clacked together as you sent the six to join its brethren down below. Two more balls including the eight and the game was yours. It was almost laughably easy how you had managed to work these guys. Dean and Sam had sat back and enjoyed your display as you hustled them. It was the usual spiel: drunk girl wants to bet ten bucks on a game and loses terribly. In a show of poor sportsman ship, she demands another try. Instead of ten bucks, the stakes are raised to fifty. The brothers dealt in the higher numbers, but you weren’t comfortable enough to go that route just yet. During the first round, Frat Boy tried getting touchy feely. No doubt thinking you were an easy score when intoxicated. That was when Dean had started looking tense. You knew the signs well. His jaw muscle started to twitch, his hands fisted, and his eyes narrowed. You knew that if you didn’t handle it fast, he was going to. You played it off, but let him know that was not allowed. Problem solved.

You closed one eye as you lined up the shot, and sent the two sailing away. Frat Boy and his friends edged closer to the table as you aimed the kill shot. To a chorus of hisses and groans, the eight disappeared and you turned to them with a smile.

“So, boys, that’ll be fifty please,” you said with a smile. They looked none to happy as they slapped the money down on the table and you scooped it up. You counted the bills before depositing them in your back pocket. “Pleasure doing business with you. Count your lucky stars I’m not charging you extra for the ass grab you pulled in the first game.”

You placed your stick back in the rack. Before you could walk away, a hand seized you roughly by the arm. You found yourself face to face with Frat Boy. Beer breath washed over you making you cringe back.

“How about you give the money back and count your lucky stars all I did was grab.”

You tried to jerk out of his grip, but it only tightened. From behind you came the sound of chairs being pushed back. The calvary was on its way.

“If you value your life and that ugly polo of yours, you’ll let me go now,” you warned. You had to admit it was interesting watching his face go from a self-satisfied smirk to wide eyed terror. Then, like a magic trick, one second he was there and the next he was gone. Your upper body gave a jerk when Dean’s punch from your left connected with his jaw and he went down. Frat Boy rolled to his side, covering his face with his hand. A pained whine was all that he uttered as he rocked himself side to side. His buddies made like they were going to step up, but all it took was a look from Sam to bring them to their senses. You crouched down next to him and plucked a cigarette from where he had it stashed behind his ear. You stuck it behind your own, patting his uninjured cheek before you stood up. You couldn’t help tossing one last remark before leaving. “Not gonna do that again, are ya?”

Outside, the night air was warm and muggy. You pulled your hair up into a ponytail as you waited for the boys to decide what you were doing next. Dean slapped Sam’s shoulder and tossed him the keys. You rolled the confiscated cigarette between your thumb and forefinger. Sam waved to you before folding himself into the driver’s seat of the Impala, honking the horn as he drove past.

“Where’s he goin’?” you asked, motioning to the retreating headlights with the hand holding the wrinkled roll of tobacco.

“Back to the motel. I wanted to walk around bit.” Dean draped his arm around your shoulders and began strolling down the deserted sidewalk. Streetlamps made yellow pools of light on the concrete lining the quiet roads. You leaned into Dean as you matched your stride to his. He looked down at the cigarette in your hand. “I thought you didn’t smoke?”

“I don’t,” you affirmed. You curled your lip in disgust and threw the nasty thing into a sewer grate. “I just figured I’d poke the bruise a little by taking it.” You felt Dean’s chest shake with his laughter, and the sound of it drew your own out as well.

“Ya know, there may come a day when I’m not there to run interference with douchebags like that.” His fingers began tracing small circles on your bicep left bare by your tank top. Dean steered you into a park densely surrounded by trees, and you came to a small natural clearing amongst the foliage.

“And there may come a day where pigs fly, but I don’t like to muddle over hypotheticals,” you tossed back, wrapping your arm around his waist. He always made you feel safe, secure. You had been with him for so long. It was hard to imagine a life without him and Sam around. Then, a thought flashed through your mind that made you stop dead in your tracks. Your arm dropped from around Dean as he turned to look at you. Your chest tightened with anxiety and your eyes narrowed. “Is there a reason why you wouldn’t be around?”

“I… What? No,” Dean stammered. His expression cleared when he put together what you were thinking. “No, I’m not going anywhere. No deals have been made, no dead brothers to bring back.”

“Alright,” you mumbled, still eying him suspiciously. “Don’t you look at me like I’m crazy, Winchester. It’s not like there isn’t a precedence for martyrdom when it comes to you two.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he repeated.

Dean hooked his fingers into the belt loops of your jeans and pulled you close. His lips found yours, and you couldn’t help but melt into the kiss. You were like putty in his hands. The upside was you knew you had the same effect on him. Your sex life was anything but a problem. You arched your back to press against his chest which earned you a growl from Dean. Taking your cue, you backed him up until his back met one of the many trees lining the clearing. You taking control drove Dean over the edge. It was an advantage you took often. Your hands ghosted up and under his shirts, your nails bumping over his torso and making him shiver. You smiled against his mouth when he uttered a low moan at your explorations. You could feel him growing hard against you, and let your fingers trail down, down, down. Dean sucked in a breath when you popped the button on his jeans and sent a hand down inside to grasp him. At your touch, he laid you gently down on the ground. You worked to move the troublesome denim down his hips and off his legs. That task accomplished, Dean shucked his shirts and helped you out of your tank top and jeans of your own. Soon, all that was between you was your lingerie and his boxers. You tugged down the tented fabric and freed him, pumping him steadily once you got a hold of him.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he moaned. He yanked your panties off your hips, guiding them down your legs and tossing them to the side. His fingers delved into your folds, and your back arched against him. “Wet already?”

“For you? Always,” you breathed.

He pulled out of your reach, hitching a leg over his shoulder and lining up at your entrance. The two of you had done this so many times that there was no need to stand on ceremony. In one quick thrust, he filled you completely. You moaned loudly, and Dean bent to cover it with a kiss. He began to move - slow at first, but quickly building to a pace that had you both on the edges of orgasm. You moved your hips to meet him thrust for thrust. All coherent thought went out the window as you rendered eachother incapable of nothing but hastily strung together sentences and the need to be ever closer. You knew there would never be any such thing as ‘close enough’ with him, but it didn’t stop you from trying your damnedest. You clawed at his back as your body spiraled out of control. Dean turned his head and bit gently at your inner thigh that was still held aloft by his shoulder. That was what threw you over the edge. The slight pain that rode along with the nerve shattering pleasure was your undoing. Your mind and body exploded under him, your muscles quivering with the intensity of your high. Dean followed you, crying your name out to the heavens like a prayer.

When the peak of it was over, he sagged down on top of you. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead and you wiped them away before replacing them with a lingering kiss instead. Your hearts were pounding, the feel of them mixing with the aftershocks of your orgasm. You brushed your fingers through his hair as you looked down at his tired and sated expression.

“I love you. So much,” you whispered. Dean’s gaze locked with your own and he tilted his head up for a kiss.

“I love you, too, Y/N,” he said against your lips. “Always will.”

Please Like and Reblog if You Agree that Amelia is Beautiful! Today we visited Amelia in the hospital where she has been stuck for nearly three months. Not only is she fighting an extremely rare case of lymphoma in her brain but she has to struggle with the awful side effects from steroids, Methotrexate and other toxic treatments.

When we were taking these photos, Amelia was very self conscious about her puffy cheeks. Her mom tried to tell her that she was beautiful but Amelia didn’t seem to believe her. So will give Amelia your objective opinion? If you think she is beautiful - inside and out - please like and reblog this photo.

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