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“Stay clear, Saskia Ryder, and strong.”

I find really sweet and cool that Jaal basically writes a play by play to his mom frequently and how cute it would be to watch the evolution of his emails from “I’m on an important mission to see if this pathfinder alien is trustworthy” to “Ryder is a good person and we’re friends now” to potentially “I love her can I bring her over?”.

And his true mom just being really happy and supportive as she watches her son emotionally grow more and her basically adopting Ryder because that child is a small awkward bean who needs all the family love in the Galaxy.

So I was thinking about the High Noon quest and Reyes had no way of knowing until maybe last minute that Ryder was going to show up with Sloane. Depending on how things end up and Ryder saves Sloane he loses them faster than his brain probably can process. We know Ryders side of betrayal and hurt but let’s talk about Reyes’. We know that he agonized over telling them and the decision was ripped from him and all he had was the hope that Ryder cared about him enough to know him, that this was the better option, that he wanted the outpost, anything please God anything. But it does go south and maybe he gets shot in the back by the person he’s fallen in love with. And that shot speaks louder than any words could possibly say and he e-mails Ryder hoping the tone comes off unaffected and aloof becuase he is the goddamed charlatan damn it. He doesn’t have any weakness. (He does. He has so many and the top one is Ryder) He moves on though. That’s what he tells Keema, he’s moved on. But he really just learns to live with a Ryder sized hole in his heart and the empty feeling that follows him every step of the way. What makes it worse, is he knows things could have been different. If he had told Ryder about his less than honorable altar ego before everything happened, he might still have them. He might have lost them too, but at least it would have been on his own terms and he would have been ready for the blow. But this is what he got, a scare, a floundering hope for a better life for people like him, and a broken heart.

there was this #concept i came across in a book once i think it was the young wizards series?? and it was like….. every species in the universe considers their own homeworld to be “earth.” it’s not a single designated planet. it’s a moving concept, like “home.” it means your home. it’s not a name, it’s a place.

and idk i like….. really like that for mass effect?? especially since we know, for definite realsies, that official documents say things are “terran,” not “earthling” or “earthian” or whatever. terra is our planet. stuff in m.e. is terran animals, or terran plant life, or terran defenses. it’s terra nova, not earth nova. terra and earth mean the same thing to mass effect humans. both designate the same planet.

so like…. what if that’s what’s going on. “earth” is not any single planet. to us humans, hearing human words come out of alien mouths, they refer to “terra,” and we hear them talk about “earth.” it’s the same thing for them. earth is simultaneously terra, palaven, thessia, sur’kesh, khar’shan, tuchanka, and so on, all at once. which one the word refers to just depends on what species you are.

Moments of Togetherness, part one

Her hands move deftly as she applied the cream to her hair. Working with precision and purpose because time is of the essence. She stressed the importance of how she needed to be ready to finish within mere minutes or else the results would be outside of her expectations.

He aided with all the preparation beforehand. Helped her part her hair and clip sections. Applied oil to her ends and her scalp, basing and protecting is what she called it. Small kisses pressed along her shoulders as she worked sections in the front. Occasionally she’d pause, lips turning towards him, ready to receive the same attention and he happily obliged. His finger would graze her sides, trace them up and down, noting the ticklish spots and basking in her pleasant, melodic giggles.

In the Pathfinder’s cabin, it was just the two of them together in moments dressed in routine. Enjoying each other’s presence, spending time doing everything and nothing all at once. Adrift​ amongst the stars, they were afforded those moments of togetherness.

there are so many things about mass effect that give me so many feelings but the one thing i think i will /never/ be over is how selfless shepard is. like even if you’re playing renegade shep, shepard is always the last one out of the crashing ship, always the one throwing themselves in front of their squad mates to protect them, always the one putting everything and everyone before themselves no matter what. not once during their entire mission does shepard think about turning back, even after they fucking die and are brought back to life. not once does shepard question their duty in the fight against the reapers or in anything they do to help people. and all of this is so well encapsulated by that heart shattering moment at the end of the third game when the crucible doesn’t work at first and hackett calls shepard and their immediate response is ‘how can i help’ even while their burned and broken body is slowly bleeding to death, even after everything they’ve done shepard is still so determined and selfless, right to the very end, without question or remorse. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to put into words how blown away i am by the selflessness of commander shepard

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When did Tsovik decide to have children and how did the conversation go down?

gfds sorry for late reply
I actually imagine javik being the one to suggest it
liara had thoughts of it but she never really thought javik wanted children, so she never brought it up
javik telling her he wants a child kinda shocks her

he tells her that he wishes to “create a life instead of taking one” and wants to 
be able to protect something
have a purpose again u kno

this gives me feels i need to draw something


Things I want to see in Mass Effect: Andromeda

  1. Decent hair styles (a variety to), Eyebrows, Eyelashes and a range of Skin textures / colours.
  2. Female Drells and Turians please thank you!
  3. Open world, let me explore dammit!
  4. While we are at it I’m guessing we can jump because of the trailer with the awesome jetpack. LET US HAVE THE JETPACK!
  5. A Mako that doesn’t feel like your pushing around a melted block of cheese.
  6. A pet, I don’t care if its a bird, hamster or something alien I demand a pet.
  7. And model ships, maybe a Normandy one *wink wink*
  8.  Romance options that don’t have us guessing, Do i need to bring up talking to Jacob because that was weird why was it all flirting why couldn’t we just be friends?
  9. Either a male quarian, Female Turian, Female Drell romance or all of the above. You could chuck a krogan in for laughs and why not a sexy AI to if we are going for laughs?
  10. Side missions to be fun and interesting, or sad and interesting. Give me feels i know you can do it Mass effect i still have emotions over ME3.
  11. Maybe make our choices matter? (laughs bitterly)
  12. To have more time to get to know our companions, more time outside of the main story line (but do not take away from the main storyline)
  13. an interesting story line. No more star children please or bullshit endings.
  14. A Citadel DLC inspired piece maybe? I dunno about that one ignore that one if you will.
  15. Don’t go breaking my heart into millions of pieces and not give us some joy, ME3 was emotional okay.
  16. MORE ALIENS LESS HUMANS, please thank you and goodbye.
  17. ps re-read 11.