gives me confidence to cosplay

Too gay to function


i was the anon who told you about you giving me confidence to cosplay viktor at a con. i thought i would give you some pics that i took ☺️

((AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! Not gonna lie I was low key hoping you would send in pics but I didn’t want to ask for them in case you didn’t want to haha, but oh my god you’re the cutest Viktor!!! You look amazing!! You look just like our Viktor aaaa this is the best <333 also that’s a great Yuuri with you! And the other Viktor! You’re all so perfect! Thanks so much for sending these in!!))


Jonna and I as Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter.

I really love cosplaying Jupiter, I feel like I relate to her in a lot of ways, and the costume just gives me a huge sense of confidence in myself. 

Cosplaying along side Jonna is always so much fun, and I’m so thankful to have such a beautiful, talented, fun friend. We are really able to work off of each other, and just seem to fit really well when it comes to posing together. She’s also really fun to photograph, once again because we work together so well.