givenchy pre fall 2013

Alana Zimmer is the epitome of ‘model’ ; statuesque, natural charm, killer height and a portfolio that is unmatched (and she’s also Canadian!). Alana first became one of my favourites after I saw her in Raf Simon’s second collection for Jil Sander:

For some reason, she stood out to me and I can’t really give you a reason as to why. Perhaps it was her natural, easy-going gaze in comparison to the other girls. Whatever it was, it seems like I was not the only one captivated. Rumour has it that for her first show season, she booked every show she had a go-see for in every major city. Not hard to believe when you look at her, right?

Most recently, her ad and print work includes:

[Akris Spring/Summer 2013]

[Givenchy Beauty Spring/Summer 2013]

[Max Mara Pre-Fall 2013 lookbook]

[Vogue China Beauty June 2014] 

If you’re at the newsstand and happen to pick up the newest issue of Harpers Bazaar, you’ll find Alana working her magic in the shoot entitled “Chic in The Street”:

Photography: Julia Noni

Styling: Joanna Hillman

- franny