MindTheTap Diaries - Meet Adnan!

Hey I’m Adnan, a summer Intern at HM Treasury. I live in London, so have been commuting to Westminster from home everyday. I found out about GiveMeTap from a friend in Manchester and as an Economics and Politics student, I loved the benefits of the scheme!

I’ve been using my bottle to save money. It’s been really hot this summer and it’s too expensive to buy bottled water everyday. I don’t need to carry anything else to work, so the carabiner is so useful as it can attach round my trouser belt loop.

I can fill up my bottle at work, as it fits under our drinking water tap and stops me having to go again and again with a flimsy plastic cup. Also, if I’m having lunch round Victoria station, I can easily fill up at Costa Coffee Boutique.


Adnan :)

You can get your bottle at a 10% discount AT OUR MINDTHETAP WEBSITE and see what taps are near you by using the FREE WATER MAP.

If you would like to share your daily grind with your fellow Tappers and Tappees, give us a shout at and we’ll throw in a free bottle in order to take those GiveMeTap Snaps!



Since GiveMeTap’s launch we’ve only had our shiny blue bottles available and this was a great way for our bottles to remain easily recognisable on the streets and in stores. But we realised that our bottle was feeling a bit blue… and a bit lonely… it wanted a friend!

The time has now finally come, for GiveMeTap bottles to move past their blue colour origins. 

To celebrate us launching our #MindTheTap campaign and already signing up 42 new cafes, we created our super hot, Metropolitan Line-inpsired and (extremely) limited edition bottle: The Hot Pink GiveMeTap bottle! There are just 20 available of these so we wanted to share this opportunity to purchase this new bottle with our faithful GiveMeTappers first. You can get your bottle for just £12 at

Travel in style and show off your bottle with pride. Let the world know that you’re committed to being more sustainable by drinking tap water and you look good at the same time.

Remember, every bottle you purchase from us, provides one person in Africa with access to clean drinking water. Help us hydrate the world!

Water for You, Water for Everyone.

Mucho Amor,

Sanum x

MindTheTap Diaries: Meet our GiveMeTapper, Jess!

Hi, I’m Jess and I work in Canary Wharf! I recently got my GiveMeTap water bottle as I’ve been appalled by the amount of plastic waste I’ve been seeing this Summer. All the parks and bins are over flowing and so I thought it was time to switch to tap.

This bottle is perfect to take to work. I always struggle to find things in my bag when on a packed tube, but the GiveMeTap bottle attaches to my bag and saves the hassle. It is a lifesaver as the tube is so stuffy during rush hour!

Sometimes, I end up working until quite late and have to get dinner on the way to the station. Organic Chickpea is a food stall on the way to the station and is part of GiveMeTap’s free water scheme. This means I can grab some dinner and refill my bottle for the long commute back to West London.

Cheers, GiveMeTap!

Jess xx

You can get your bottle at a 10% discount on our MINDTHETAP WEBSITE and see what taps are near you by using the FREE WATER MAP.

If you would like to share your daily grind with your fellow Tappers, give us a shout at and we’ll throw in a free bottle in order to take those GiveMeTap Snaps!

MINDTHETAP: The FREE Water Network for the London Underground

This summer we making things super simple. We expanding our GiveMeTap network, so that whenever you are about to make a tube journey you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a ‘Tap’ that will refill your GiveMeTap bottle with some cold, refreshing tap water!

Our map is the only Water guide that shows you all the cafe’s in central London that are actively part of the GiveMeTap scheme for free water.

You can access the map and find out more about MindTheTap HERE.

Water for You, Water for Everyone.

GiveMeTap nominated for 2 awards!

Ete-sen GiveMeTappers!

Please vote to help us win two British Young Business Awards

So the Water Guy, Edwin, is currently in Ghana completing a water borehole project in Upper West Region of Ghana, but we really wanted to share some great news with you on his behalf.

For our socially based business practices we’ve been nominated for TWO British Young Business Awards: Best Social Enterprise and Best Social Corporate Responsibility! It’d be awesome if you could vote, as awards like these really help us raise awareness of our mission to bring more people clean water.

We’d really appreciate as much support as possible to help us win this, so get voting! Tell your friends, tell your boss and tell your Mum! It takes about 20 seconds to vote at


The Droplets

Festival Season: Survive It

Tap It, Bottle It, Survive It.

Festival season in calls for three main things – Beer, Dancing and Sun (well, more likely rain in this country!). However, what it also calls for is the long haul of standing in queues for an overpriced bottled of water.

Beat this bore by bagging a GiveMeTap water bottle. Refillable with a deceptively large volume, it’s a convenient way of staying hydrated during festival season without feeling guilty about littering the park with thousands of plastic bottles. Plus, it fits in your bag.

The charms of the festival can take its toll if you don’t look after yourself during the day. GiveMeTap will be your best friend (along with a pack of baby wipes and one of those rain macs that folds into a tiny square).

The bright blue colour of the GiveMeTap bottle proves it to be the perfect summer accessory. The stainless steal body can battle the crowds and won’t get crushed like plastic. The handy sports top can attach to your ticket lanyard, making it easily accessible so it won’t slip through your fingers during a crowded smaller-stage gig.

Not only does the GMT bottle reduce plastic waste and dehydration but it also leads to a great cause. For every GiveMeTap bottle you purchase, we are able to run water projects across Africa, providing access to clean, safe drinking water for people in remote villages.

Come Monday, the bottle can be an added reminder of your festival weekend, helping you through your post-festival blues. Using GiveMeTaps extensive café/bar network across London [and the UK], you can top up your bottle for free on the way to work and discover some great cafes near you in the process. 

Visit to get your bottle and complete your festival survival kit. Whether you’re at Wireless or Outlook, T in the Park or Latitude, SEND US EVIDENCE of your bottle having fun. 



Let there be WATER!

The best thing about doing what we do at GiveMeTap, is seeing the fruits of our labour - clean water for African Villages. We are so proud to announce the successful drilling in Kpakpalamuni, North Ghana (I dare you to try and pronounce this right the first time!)

Kpakpalamuni Village is home to 700 people who have lived in danger of disease and suffering due to dangerous water sources. Interestingly, there are significantly more women and many children in the Village, who are more vulnerable to the threats of unsafe water. 

It is thanks to all of you who are part of the GiveMeTap movement, the people of Kpakpalamuni now have access clean water and more importantly, the opportunity to enjoy a better standard of living as a result. 

Great job, GiveMeTappers. By staying hydrated and reducing your own carbon footprint, you have simultaneously given these people water for life. Share this great news with all your friends and family.

From all of us at GMT HQ, WE THANK YOU ALL!

Sanum - The Chatterbox

It's raining Interns: Welcome the Droplets!


It’s that time of year again. Here at GiveMeTap HQ, we have an influx of newbies ready to help us change the world through water. The Droplets are keen and ready to show us what they’re made of through their roles and through their personal interests. Over the next few days, they will be introducing themselves in their own words Let’s meet them… 

Much Love,

The GiveMeTap Team