Ed Sheeran Wallpaper Pack:

1 I see Fire iPhone 5/6 Wallpaper

2 Matching All Of The Stars iPhone 5/6 Wallpapers

1 All Of The Stars iPhone 5/6 Wallpaper

1 All Of The Stars Facebook Cover 

1 Lego House iPhone 5/6 Wallpaper

1 Give Me Love iPhone 5/6 Wallpaper

1 Photograph iPhone 5/6 Wallpaper

1 A Team iPhone 5/6 Wallpaper

1 Thinking Out Loud iPhone 5/6 Wallpaper

Marcas do passado

Queria tão somente lhe dizer o quanto eu te amo, de forma que acreditasse, mesmo de coração vazio e com dores profundas das marcas do passado este coração age de forma medrosa… Singela, porém culposa. Mesmo sendo tão cheia de defeitos e fria, eu sempre te amei.

Give Me Love - Chapter One

Here’s the first part of my new story! It’s very vaguely based on the video from this song. (Hence the name of the story). This one’s very different, but I hope you like it - please do let me know what you think, and I’ll post this as often as possible, since it’s still a work in process it probably wont be posted as quickly as the others. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: “Phil was a Deos Amoris, which translated itself to ‘gods of love’, but Phil thought that was very pretentious. Some people made the mistake of calling all of his kind ‘Cupids’, and that wasn’t right either…”

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Give Me Love - Final Chapter

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Okay this is it! I’m so relieved this is done, it’s been super tedious. I hope you all enjoy the chapter, and thank you for sticking with it till the end and taking the time to read it. Like I said, I’m writing and beta'ing for the Big Bang, so I might struggle to write substantial/chaptered for this blog until that’s all over, but I plan to do little things and a few prompts I’ve been sent, so if you have any prompts/little ask fics/ drabbles you want me to do - feel free to send them :)

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