Can I also have a story about the bad guy again, but he’s actually the good guy. The hero is really self centered and narcissistic with a literal hero-complex, who’s also shipped with the lead female, the typical reporter. Have you honestly ever met a reporter that was nice, honest? No. She’s the typical sleezy brunette with too much makeup that will twist the truth for a story. Now this piece of trash has an unwanted triangle with the villain, but he’s not all about that. He is actually a good guy. He sees the corruption, but he’s willing to be hated as long as the right thing is done. The fun part is where justice has no limits, but crime does. last but not least, there’s the detective’s assistant who’s side-job is waitressing at some dumpy diner, which happens to be the villains favorite hangout. He’s got a total crush on her but has social anxiety and she’s way to good for the undercover millionaire, with her sarcastic, cynical and very realistic outlook on life, normal body type and nine year old son. She’s hungry for the truth, and is all to aware of how it is tainted by said hero and reporter. Give me a story:)