911|Clint and Sharon

The file landed on her desk, it was filled to the brim with information on the terrorist attack that devastated the entire country. Fury wanted to take the mission, but he was busy with Iraq. So what did he do? He gave it to Sharon. Second in command, next best thing to the top dog himself.

She scanned the file and looked around the cafe, if her calculations were correct he’d be stopping by soon enough. But how was she going to take him, that was the case. So, she decided on a simple approach. Start a conversation.

Carnies Reunited || closed w/ givemeaneyeinthesky

Clean, efficient, skilled. Three words that came to mind immediately as Patrick walked on the scene. Three bodies, all killed the same way, and all meticulously placed. Holmes shook his head a little at the sight, squatting to look at the wounds and do something most found grotesque beyond belief. He sniffed the bodies.

Upon finding little of interest on the victims, outside of the few details the county missed in identifying them, Patrick moved to see the items used in their death. The sight sent a slight chill down his spine and made so many memories surface, he thought he would pass out.

Three arrows, all the same, and all of good quality. He knew someone who used such weapons, but the man couldn’t be doing this… could he?

Brought from his thoughts by Lisbon calling his name, Patrick turned quickly, walking toward the car. When she asked what he had found, he shrugged. “Nothing of importance,” he mumbled, masking his lie as best he could.

Now he had to find the man behind the arrows, or let the other find him. Clint Barton was back on the scene.

Crossroads || Closed

December 3, 2004

Natasha knew she was being watched from the moment she stepped outside, but she didn’t care. Wrapping her arms more firmly around herself to fight the way her chest rattled with every breath, Natasha ran from Barna’s apartment. Blood ran down her face, chest and arms in sopping rivulets with the downpour.

Shoving past anyone in her way, she staggered until her legs felt weak as water, then took refuge in a narrow alleyway to huddle against the brick wall and shiver. She sat on the ground and put her head on her knees to catch her breath.

Whoever had been watching her was still there. Natasha could feel it. She looked up at the rooftop where she knew the spy–or sniper–probably nested and glared. What were they waiting for, her to do a little song and dance?

bite the hand that feeds you | Clint & Barney

The first thing Barney realized once he stirred was that he was in laying in mud.

He groaned quietly in pain, trying to remember what in the hell had happened to him. His body ached as he pushed himself up onto his knees, and his arm never felt more sore as he raised it to brush the mud off his cheek. Nothing seemed broken, at least. The archer, once the haze faded from his mind, searched his pockets and found that his weapons were missing.

Except for his crossbow. It sat beside of him innocently and undisturbed, nestled on the side of the creek. Barney swallowed thickly and looked around, discovering that he was in… the woods? Confusion settled in, but before he could think much about it, he heard twigs snapping behind him and his instincts kicked in. He swiftly grabbed his bow, stood and turned, prepared to fire at whatever the hell was coming towards him.

Babysitting ll Clint and Maria

“Thank you again CLint for doing this. I know this isn’t what you probably want to be doing on a Saturday.” Pepper said finishing uo getting her things together. “Numbers for everything are on the counter. A list of things she can and can’t eat are also there, Remember you two can do anything but Maria isn’t allowed to go into the lab.”

Natasha was caught off guard by the sudden dominance of her partner, and her brows raised minutely before she nodded. She had to obey him, there was no point in fighting it. 

She sauntered past him, though, with a coy smile and stopped at the foot of his bed. She said not a word as she stripped from her clothes, slowly, but kept her eyes on him the entire time. Finally when there was nothing left, she turned around and slid onto his bed. “And?” She prompted, her brow arching. 

Kid, You're Getting Old || Closed College-Age AU

To say that Natasha was a drifter wouldn’t really have done her justice. Natasha Romanoff did not drift, aimless and without purpose; she flitted and flew and dove headfirst into awful jobs that paid shit because she wanted to and she could. Being pretty had its advantages, including perverted managers who hired her the moment they found out she was over eighteen and she leaned forward in a low-cut top. The same with landlords. They knew they couldn’t touch her, not really, but they could look and hope and dream about her at night, and if it kept her housed, with a steady source of income and interesting things to do, well, she’d endured worse.

She waitressed at a little diner off 84th, flirting with old men and burning all the hair out of her nose with the smell of coffee so strong it may as well have been acidic. They asked about her soft accent, of course, they all did, but she never told anyone where she was from. They asked what she was doing with her life, too, if she had a boyfriend, where she went to school; Natasha never knew what to say to those questions. She wasn’t going to school, she tended to scare off most people, and she had no idea what she was doing.

When night fell and she was on the graveyard shift, she sat in her favorite booth under the center window and looked at the people passing in the street. Such a funny country.

anonymous asked:

Did I read those tags right, you have a Clint blog?

Ahhh, yeah. You caught me. 

I made a Clint blog a few weeks ago, but it’s a totally invite only type of deal. A few of my regular partners enjoyed my rendition of Clint and asked if I would consider it since they’ve not found a Clint for themselves. I have only about three or four partners over there and that’s how I want to keep it. I don’t have the time or energy to run two full time blogs.

The url is Sassassinwithabow and there I’ve provided links to other Clint blogs that I’ve come across that would likely end up being a better choice for you to RP with: Mastermarksman, Give-me-an-eye-in-the-sky, thats-why-I-never-miss, and Hawkeye-is-dead 

Feel free to follow, but I won’t be opening up RPs there in the foreseeable future because I’ve got enough on my hands with Natasha. Sorry to disappoint.