A huge thank you to Robert Downey Jr. for getting involved and helping raise awareness for the great work #CollectiveProject student Albert Manero and his Limbitless team are doing for #BionicKids.


Coasting along…

Ma'ma gifted me this gorgeous donk porcelain cup coaster, ‘Gentle Jack’ immortalised on fine art greeting cards.

Look out for the chance to win a pack of ‘Gentle Jack’ greeting cards by following over April in anticipation of International Donkey Day (8th May 2017) Donkey Week (8-12 May 2017).


Working on a beautiful Allure Tail for @merman_arion and his up in coming trip! We are very excited about this tail and the wonderful future we have planned with optimistic opportunities! Over the past few months, Mertailor has privately been working on our official “Troop”. We have yet to go public as we are working out all of the kinds and rough waves. There’s a lot that goes into creating a solid troop and brand ambassador program. It’s about giving back to those who are going to support you in your journey. Stay tuned to for information. Until then, enjoy this beautiful video of artistic mermaid tail creations! #mertailor #themertailor #merman #mermaid #mermaidtail #instavideo #instagram #instadaily #instaart #instagood #mermaidvibes #positvevibes #red #natural #original #allure #alluring #alluretailbymertailor #troop #mertailormen #journey #lifestyle #bts #liveyourdreams #dreamy #support #giveback

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How my son wanted to spend the $120 he saved this year.

“Saturday morning, my son walked into my room and said he wanted to use his money to help the homeless. I asked him what he had in mind, and he said he wanted to make them lunches. I have to be honest, I almost tried to talk him into just holding on to his money and having mom and dad pay for it, but the light in his eyes told me to just roll with it.