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Australia’s top fashion collectors, celebrities, philanthropists, and designers  convened today at Westfield Bondi Junction for a star-studded launch of entertainment, fashion and pre-loved luxury shopping.

Miranda Otto, ambassador to the Westfield giveability program has donated her Tan & Brown Limited Edition “Minxy Martini” python clutch valued at $932 USD. We admire Miranda’s involvement in such a worthy cause.

To bid for this item, please click through the link:

Please reblog this post and spread the word, so that we can get as many people to be aware of Giveability.  Let’s raise lots of money by digging deep and bidding online for this wonderful charity.

The store will be open for two weeks leading into National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week in Australia. 100% of the proceeds from all sales will go to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance in NSW and Scope in VIC, which provide vital services to people living with cerebral palsy and their families.

Another still photo from the Giveable Films shoot last week.

Check out the video by following @giveablefilms and finding the video link in the bio.

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