Today in my Art History class we discussed the hype about Mona Lisa, like how it became a symbol of fine arts when it’s actually a pretty standard portrait. So my professor pulled up this copy of the Mona Lisa painted by one of Leonardo’s students and questioned us why it isn’t equally praised since both are very similar. Obviously there’s the technique factor, the student couldn’t reproduce the mysterious look but it’s still a magnificent work.
One of my classmates pointed out the different palettes, saying that the copy’s makes things more realistic while Mona Lisa’s is more ethereal. However, it turns out that the dark colors were actually caused by deterioration, they aren’t the original colors picked by Leonardo. Perhaps if it weren’t for the poor conservation Mona Lisa would be even more similar to the student’s copy.
In addition, the Mona Lisa became extremely popular after it was stolen from the Louvre. Until then, it used to be hung up on a wall with a bunch of other paintings without all that protection we see today. All the media coverage practically worked as marketing and everyone became familiar with it or at least heard of it.
The thing is: thanks to a series of mistakes, the Mona Lisa was able to become, well, THE Mona Lisa. There are other much more conserved, bigger pieces by Leonardo Da Vinci but, again, they’re not Mona Lisas.
So what I got from all of this – maybe I’m reading too much between the lines but I’m actually glad I am – is that the Mona Lisa is another sign that we really don’t need to strive for perfection because mistakes can be good. They can cause greater outcomes while perfection… can have sort of a stagnation effect.

Boueibu 30 days challenge

And here I thought I was gonna win again, @fillyrika XD. Computer at work is too damn slow…

Day 7: Forbidden OTP ( any couple that is so ilogic but you still like it for any reason)

Huh. I don’t ship anything that is particularly illogical, so I’ll go for guilty pleasure instead.


Idk, their personalities are a fun contrast, and they already have how much they care about Atsushi as common ground. For me, they are the leaders of their groups, and in case of troubles their dynamics must be amusing while also surprisingly efficient. They can learn a lot from one another.

Also, I’m even considering Enkinatsu OT3 as long as the Kinatsu part remains as the ultimate platonic (I can’t really see those two working in a romantic way despite it all, but as BROTP they are absolutely adorable). In here, turns out En can be the voice of reason and a counter to all the awkwardness, being also a calm source of support; Atsushi is the gentle heart that keeps them together (or was the original reason for it), and Kin is the responsible and diligent tsun that won’t say how much others mean to him. He will show it.

But basically, I just think this ship is hot XD.


Presents to: my badass!Mama Bear @nancylou444, my precious jewel Branwen @nancysfaveanon, Mama Bear’s awesome wifey Nicole @hello-nicolexoxo-love and @wincestheaven.

My comments: Hahaha! As you can see it’s not completely finished but very close to it. I’ll post my final complete art alongside with my “The Winchester Wedding” wincest fanart 😉😊! Until then, hope you awesome people like how this is coming along!

Hearing Megalovania and Hopes and Dreams...

My favorite songs always have certain memories behind them. Hearing Sans and Asriel’s battle theme always gives me the freedom feeling I had now that my one year of being a freelancer is coming close. Don’t listen to what others say or try to bring you down from doing what you love, and be filled with determination!

Thank you so much a thousand times to Toby Fox for gifting us with Undertale.

And who told you that you could touch me. Did i trust you to; did i give you permission to. Under no circumstances are you ever allowed to touch me. Now I’m the one in ruins and you’re living your life.
—  Don’t you dare