Happy Go Lucky

Happy Lowman was a conceited, pompous, pain in your ass! He had been sent to your apartment in Stockton by your brother Opie, to drag your ass back to Charming. SAMCRO had pissed someone off, yet again, and the whole club was on lockdown.

You refused to come in on your own, when Ope called you yesterday, you’d informed him that you were staying put. Your big brother, had sent Mr. Grouchy Ass, to bring you back.

“Look Princess, pack a bag and come on, I don’t have time to play with you!”

“You can tell my brother, to go piss in a live wire. I’m not hauling my ass to Charming because you guys can’t play nice with other outlaws. So bye Felicia!”

“What the fuck did you just say to me little girl?”

“Do I need to speak slower? Maybe use simpler words? Let’s try this. I’m not going!” You plop down on the couch, you realized you were being a spoiled brat, but you were so tired of the shit and drama.

“You have five minutes to haul your little ass in the bedroom and pack a bag. Then we’re leaving, I will carry you out, and tie you to my bike!” He growled at her.

Your at a stand still, staring at each other, you get yo and stomp to your bedroom. Grabbing a bag, you stuff some clothes inside, smirking because you are a Winston, and known to be difficult. You were all right with it, you owned that shit, you grabbed your purse, phone, and car keys, and climbed out your bedroom window.

You’d go out of town for a few days, check in with Opie, let him know you were fine. As you climbed out of the window, massive, tattooed arms snaked around your waist, pulling you against a rock hard chest.

“Mother fucker!” You hear him chuckle, you spin around glaring at him.

“Opie told me you’d try to give me the slip, now crawl your ass back inside, and lock up! I’ll hold your shit!” You secretly plan the demises of Happy Lowman, he is the spawn of Satan, here to make your life hell.

You make sure all the windows and doors are locked, going out the front door, he thrusts a helmet in your hands. You begrudgingly put the helmet on, climbing on his bike after him, wrapping your arms around his waist.

He takes off for Charming, at break neck speeds, your somewhere between Stockton and Charming when a two motorcycle rides up beside you, pushing you off the road.

Happy pushes you behind him, the Mayans approach the two of you slowly. “(Y/N), take my knife. When I tell you I want you to run.”

You weren’t going to argue with him, right now, but there was no way in hell you were running and leaving him behind. You took his knife,sticking it in your boot, and waited, for him to give you the sign.

“Go!” He charged the Mayans, you took off running, but stopped turning around and going back, jumping on a Mayans back. He flung you to the ground, he smiled down at you, dragging you off.

You heard Happy call your name…..