i’ve slept horribly the last two nights and i’m trying to keep a relatively steady schedule because i have class at 8am every day; i think it’s time to turn to my old friend, coffee

Reaper being Sombra’s mentor like he was with McCree, except Reaper is actually very proud of her and McCree secretly gets super jealous of their father/daughter relationship, even with them hating each other now.

Young McCree thirsty for approval, always desperately trying to impress Gabriel but never being good enough. But now Sombra comes along and McCree sees them having the relationship he always dreamed of having with Gabriel and it hurts

janoda  asked:

I am so here for the shoe talk! Seriously the whole reason that the outfit from Raising Hell (especially without the jacket) is my favorite is because those amazing pants fit into those amazing ankle boots. Like, that moment where he straightens the table with his foot? STRAIGHT UP SEX if you ask me. I'm so here for a season of Boots of glitter and glory. On the other hand, I'd probably give an arm for Magnus in casual wear and BARE FEET (WITH NAIL POLISH AND A TOE RING), so um...I have feelings

WHY WOULD REMIND ME THAT OUTFIT IS PURE SEX AND I CRY EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT……..but also listen: Alec on his knees, unlacing Magnus’s boots???

also also i just want at some point for there to be a close-up shot of Magnus stepping on someone’s hand with his boot as they reach for a weapon. LIKE. I would die. I would gif that two second clip 100x and you will all be sick of it but it doesn’t matter i’ve already thrown my underwear across the room