We're Standing on Shaky Land


“I swear to god, Cas, if you don’t give me my book back I’m going to burn all of your favorite shirts for real this time." What a great way to start off the morning, with an argument. He’s not even sure what it’s about, it just sort of happened. Maybe once they’re both calmed down the origins of this mess will come back to him, but for right now, he’s mad and blinded by that and fighting without purpose. "Just hand it over.”

It’s one of his favorites too. It took him forever to find it. He wasn’t even looking, just passed by it in the book store the other day when browsing. He nearly had a heart attack right then and there, seeing as they aren’t printing them anymore. It’s about pirates and sisters and female empowerment. He knows, not exactly the kind of reading material one might think he’d like, but he does. A lot.

And Cas is holding it fucking hostage.

Signs that i am falling in love:

Everything has begun to smell like you, sweet and fresh.
You never leave my mind, even in the most terrible dreams.
I don’t want to so much as speak after I kiss you; I want you to stay on my lips for as long as possible.
I can’t stop staring at you… Your hands, your neck, your hair, your smile.
Hearing your name makes my heart shake in my chest.
I will (and have) give(n) you the shirt off my back, the shoes off my feet, the hat off my head, the bra off my breasts.
I will never be satisfied with any drawing I make of you; you are just too damn beautiful to be captured on even your favorite paper.
I could watch you laugh for hours. It’s an honor to know you laugh because of me.
I am afraid for the day when you will inevitably leave.


“What are you staring at me for?” you asked, looking to Dan and self-consciously pushing your glasses up a bit. 

“What?” He blinked at you as though he’d been lost in thought.

“You’ve been staring at me. Kind of all day.”

“Have I actually?” he asked with a laugh. “I just don’t usually see you with your glasses on.”

“Ugh, I hate them.” You took them off and frowned down at them.

“I think you pull the glasses look off quite well,” he said, taking them from your hands. He wiped the lenses gently with his shirt before placing them back on your face and giving you a smile.



What if...

…Mark and…

[Thats strange…usually Mark has said something to distract me by now. Maybe he’s given he?]

Mark seriously?

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So what? You’re not going to say anything instead just do stoopid stuff to distract me is that it?

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hmm..real mature..what you going to do next take your shi- …

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annnnd he’s taken his shirt off…

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TWICE !!! 


Vanessa agreed to save Liz. “I only have a few conditions,” she said, unrolling a long scroll. “The conditions are as follows:

1. If either of you win HoH, I would expect Johnny Mac and Steve to be the frontdoor.

2. If I do go up as the replacement nominee following the veto, I expect to be safe.

3. If the nominations remain the same, I get to choose if Steve or Johnny Mac stay, even if you are the Head of Household.

4. If I end up in the Final Three with just one of you guys, you will take me with you to the Final Two.

5. You both promise me a firstborn child. Should you break up and ultimately conceive with other partners, I will expect the firstborn child from both couplings.

6. Should you ever come across me shivering on a cold night, you will give me the shirt off of your back and offer to swaddle me in blankets and carry me like a child until such time as a warm interior has been reached.

7. You promise me 2 percent of all profits of films and TV shows put into production and/or acquired during my tenure as executive of the Walt Disney company.

8. You agree to forfeit all life rights for yourself, your immediate family, your distant family, and Tupac Shakur.

9. You agree that someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me.

10. You agree that I shall wait on you while you live, and you will buy my service with your soul. And, Liz and Austin, thou must bequeath thy souls solemnly, and write a deed of gift with thine own blood. For that security craves great Lucifer. If thou deny it, I will back to hell.

11. When I say “dance,” you will dance, puppets.

“That seems fair, right?” said Vanessa. Liz and Austin nodded their heads, secretly plotting one final betrayal, secretly hoping that they hadn’t already been played completely by Vanessa, secretly knowing they only had enough rope left to hang themselves.

—  Entertainment Weekly’s review of last night’s episode
The idea of love scares me. Because if I am in love with someone, I would dedicate every minute of every day to make them happy. I would give everything I have, even myself, to them. And that’s why it’s scary, because I would be willing to give them so much, more than I even can, just to see them smile. And that’s why there is this insane risk. You can give them every single thing you have, right down to the shirt off your back, and you could end up alone. That’s why after someone breaks your heart, it takes so much time to find yourself again. Because the day you gave yourself away, was the day you lost who you are. And that, is why love is life’s biggest gamble.

“It’s Guy Love”

Let’s face the facts about me and you,
A love unspecified.
Though I’m proud to hug and muss your hair
The crowd will look at us and stare.

I feel exactly those feelings, too
And that’s why I keep them inside.
‘Cause a Guy’s got to disguise his pain
And sometimes it’s easier to hide,
Than explain our

Guy love,
That’s all it is,
(Just) Guy love,
He’s mine, I’m his, (Mine i’m..)
There’s nothing gay about it in our eyes.

(In your Eyes) You ask me 'bout this thing we share,
And he tenderly replies,
It’s guy love
Between three guys.

You’re welcome to a pull on my beer or my smoke
'Cause I would never care if our spit was combined
I’ll give you this shirt off my back if you’re broke
So go ahead and put your tender lips to mine…

My…beer I mean
There’s no need to clarify,
Oh no?
Just let it grow more and more each day.
It’s like I married my best friends,
But in a totally manly way.

Let’s go!
Our guy love
Can’t be denied
'Cause i’d shove the World aside (Shove it)
To stand by you guys
Through whatever may arise
I’ll be there to care through all the lows.
I’ll be there to share the highs.
It’s guy love,
Between three guys.

And when I say, “I’ve got your back,”
It’s not what it implies.
It’s guy love

(Not gay at all…Just Three Guys)


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Alex MacLean knew the key to marketing his clothing line was to get celebrities wearing it — so he gave Sidney Crosby the shirt off his back.

The 21-year-old Acadia University student is the owner of popular clothing line East Coast Lifestyle. He had arranged to attend one of Crosby’s workouts, and gave out T-shirts to the group of trainers and players on the ice. But when it came time to meet Sid the Kid, he was all out of size large shirts.

“I was wearing a large myself, and Sidney said ‘I’ll wear it if you can give it to me,’ so I gave him the shirt right off my back,” says MacLean.

(i’m mad at you)
(we are on skype)

(i am giving you the silent treatment)
(because sometimes you really really piss me off)

(you are across the country, far far from me)
(the only thing remaining is your shirt on my body)

(and this big ball of fiery emotion)
(jumping back and forth: from my heart to yours)

(from your heart to mine)


(so fast,)
(it’s hard to breathe)

i’m mad at you but you are playing your guitar for me
the strings whispering apologies

the strings humming in love
your fingers strumming my ribs

you want it to end, you want me happy
singing for me, your handsome voice

right now i will say the words ‘i love you’
because god dammit, i do

(and what’s the point of holding it back)
(i love you, i love you)

there is silence
there is relief

you sigh
you say

i love you too.’
—  vanessa garcia, “i love you”

Oikawa: *Stuffs ball under shirt* oOOOOH MY GOD IWA-CHAN, HELP!! *yelps painfully* 

Iwaizumi: ???!?!??!??!?!

Oikawa: I-i’m having a baby!

Iwaizumi: ….*Walks away*


Iwaizumi: *Neck cracks back* Swear at me go on I fuckin’ dare yOU GO ON SWEAR AT ME FUCKING DO IT!!

Oikawa:….Fuck meeeee~

Iwaizumi: *Slamdunks the ball out of his shirt*

Oikawa: OOOOOOOOOW!!! WHAT THE HELL MAN?!? THAT HURT! *falls to ground holding stomach*

Iwaizumi: You did just give birth, so I’d assume so.


Ushijima: If you came to Shiratorizawa that wouldn’t of happened. 


Iwaizumi: *Dropkicks Oikawa* Oh look at that, its bedtime. 

Bucky Barnes Imagine

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“Annnnd… Done.” You clipped the end of the bandage off. You looked up and smiled at Bucky as you gently ran your hand over his bandaged arm smoothing them out more. *gif* “Thank you (Y/N).” Bucky said quietly. “You’re welcome… You would do the same for me.” You causally brushed a strand of hair out of his face. He nodded curtly and went to put his shirt back on as you put away the first aid kit. He sighed watching you move across the room. What he wouldn’t give to be able to get closer to you… You were one of the few he wanted closest to him… Which is the reason why he wouldn’t dare… He prayed every night that his feelings for you would go away as easily as they came… But with every moment he silently loved you more and more. 

“Come over here and make me.”

with Deadpool

„Wade give it back! Are you fucking serious?” You scream while he runs away with your shirt, “Who even let you in?”

You had just wanted to take a quick shower, chasing deadpool through the mansion hadn’t been on your to-do-list. The guy was lucky he couldn’t die because pissing off a bunch of mutants could end badly.

“I invited myself.” He yells back at you.

You run down the steps, along the corridors and out into the garden all while dodging people appearing in your way.

“Y/N you’re naked!”

“Thanks Logan I noticed.” You reply with sarcasm not bothering to stop. True, a bath towel wasn’t the best way to dress but you weren’t completely naked, so it was better than nothing.

Wade finally stopped and turned around towards you. You paused as well, a bit away from him ‘cause you never knew what kind of shit he was planning.

“Stop right there and give me my clothes back.”

“Come over here and make me.”

world’s end | Ginny & Ollie


“I don’t mind either way” she said as she zipped open her sleeping bag. They hadn’t been running together very long, and she was a bit apprehensive about sharing a bed with him. She knew his reputation after all, but she had no other choice. It was freezing outside, and their flimsy sleeping bags wouldn’t do much to keep them warm.
“Here, give me your sleeping bag, I’ll zip them together” Ginny said matter-of-factly, zipping the bags together quickly and tossing them on their mats. She then turned her back on Oliver, taking off her pants and unhooking her bra, pulling it off through the sleeve of her t-shirt. Her clothes went into her backpack at the foot of the bed, shoes next to it, allowing for a quick getaway if need be.

Oliver nodded and tossed his sleeping bag to her. He moved towards the broken windows of the home they’d found for the night and sighed as he looked up at the sky. It would probably start snowing tonight, dammit.

As Ginny worked on the sleeping bags, he did his best to use broken furniture and debris to block the window and as much of the door as possible. It might help some of the cold, anyways.

He brushed the dirt and dust off his hands, then turned to look at Ginny, licking his lips as he noticed her pants were off. “Ah, um. I could try starting a fire, again?” he offered, knowing the last time he had attempted to do so it hadn’t worked too well. Life was so much easier with a wand around.


Aaaand we’re back! Thanks for giving me a week off to catch up and work on other projects. Let’s get back to business.

That’s Richard Burbage, Shakespeare’s leading man and business partner. They make a great team, don’t they? I’d certainly prefer to see them on my TV every night as opposed to… certain other people. Person. Thing.

Speaking of which, this is your last chance to pick up my election-themed t-shirts and bumper stickers from the Good Tickle Shoppe! These won’t be reprinted (obviously) so get ‘em before they’re gone. I’ll be wearing my t-shirt at the polls next month!

(PS - I am not in any way endorsing you to write in Shakespeare on your ballot. Please don’t do that.)


A couple more of Michael. I am really blessed to have this dude in my life. We broke up at the beginning of June after three years. But, he showed me how you can still have a wonderful friendship with an ex. There was no lying, no deceit, just a realization that we weren’t meant to be. I truly wish this dude all the happiness in the world, as he deserves it. He has a heart of gold, and would give the shirt off his back to help others. If you see him in your city, go say hi! Here’s to no bad blood, and a good friendship! Cheers!

Imagine #245 T-Shirts

Niall: “Should I roll the sleeve on this?” Niall had gotten sucked into the trend or rolling t-shirt sleeves ever so slightly. You smiled and straightened his shirt. “You look good either way babe,” Niall shook his head, “You’re so helpful.” You smiled and kissed his cheek. “Roll ‘em. It shows of your guns, and it’s a huge turn on." 
Zayn: "What are you doing?” You asked as Zayn set out one of his white t-shirts on the ground. “I’m going to cut the sleeves off and make a tank.”“Zayn you can draw, but you can’t cut a straight line to save your life. Give me the scissors.” Zayn sighed and handed over the scissors. “I hate when your right,” he mumbled when you handed him back a perfectly cut shirt. 
Liam: Liam’s favorite t-shirt on you was one that you had made with your friends before you and he had started dating. It was a plain white t-shirt that you had ironed on the saying “Liam Payne doesn’t have a girlfriend, I’m still single.” You hated when he brought it out of the back of your closet and showed it to friends and family. 
Harry: You loved wearing one of Harry’s black t-shirts. It was way too big for you and it rested right on the top of your thighs. The sleeves reached almost to your elbows. You loved how it smelled like him, even if he hadn’t touched it yet. He never left for tour without giving you one to remind you of him on nights when you got lonely. 
Louis: Louis had a tradition that every place the boys went on tour he would get a t-shirt. At the end of the Take Me Home tour you took all the t-shirts and made a blanket out of them. He panicked when he couldn’t find the shirts, but was overjoyed when you presented him the blanket. He took it with him on every tour, every overnight trip, and on every long flight. It was something that he would treasure forever. 

Cat xx