also! An old client of mine from my days at the clinic and needle exchange lives near me. I saw her when I was unpacking and asked if she needed extra dog food–she always had a little dog with her back then. He died, she said. They both did. I didn’t know there was more than one, that’s how long it’s been! I’ve seen her around you know, but never under circumstances where we can shoot the shit. I felt terrible, because I do still cry if people ask after Manny, it’s the worst. Somehow instead of me giving her dog food she gave me these flowers.

So: another household to make cookies for!

So, last night as I was talking with some friends it hit me that my birthday is only a few months away, and it brings me another year closer to 30. I’m clearly not in Portland, and there is more uncertainty at this point if that is what I really want. However, the last thing I want to do is spend another winter in Ohio. With that in mind, and the fact that my mom and step-dad are moving back into the house in Oceanside, CA that has a separate living space, I may just pack up and spend the winter in SoCal until I really figure out what is next in my life. It would allow me to travel more out West, give me better opportunities to pick up a dog walking/dog sitting job to bring in some more money, while still not being tied down, and I already know a good amount of people out there from all my past trips. There really just isn’t anything here for me, and it’s time I just get out. Oh, and most importantly it would allow me the possibility of getting a dog.

yourfluffiestnightmare asked:

give me a headcanons about David Bowie, gooooooooooooo


Headcanon 1: Since the Joneses do not own a cat, David will randomly pick up their dog and carry him to Iman saying “you gonna give me some of this?” forgetting that it’s actually a dog and is really trying to say “gimme some pussy”. Iman will correct him. every time.

Headcanon 2. The real reason we’re not getting new music very frequently is because in part of his intergalactic contract, he has a set number of songs he can write before his anti-aging device wears off. Once he hits a certain number, he’ll start aging. He doesn’t want to age.

Headcanon 3. David Bowie is actually one of God’s angels sent here to monitor us. He got a little sidetracked… Probably hasn’t checked in with God in decades.

Headcanon 4. Sometimes he tries on his old dresses. When Iman finds them, she takes them and either wears them herself in private, or trims them down and makes them all cute and gives them to Lexi. One time they sent one to Duncan as a birthday present. It has not been confirmed whether it was a joke or not.

Headcanon 5. One of the first things Bowie got right after landing here were dad jokes.

So my very religious (but also very sweet and quirky) aunt and I were talking about the legalization of gay marriage and she was very much grumpy about it. So I finally decide to tell her…

Me-“But I’m bisexual. If I fall in love with and marry a wonderful lady, won’t you still play your ukulele for me at my wedding?”

She is shocked.

I give her puppy dog eyes.

She crosses her arms and looks away all begrudgingly.

Aunt- “FINE… I’ll still do it, but I will ONLY play the most disapproving ukulele songs I know.”

…I almost want to leave my current relationship and find a lady to marry so I can hear her collection of disapproving ukulele songs….


I’m three hours drive away from home, at a family party where pretty much is everyone is like 40-50 years older than me, and there are accordions and folk songs and every other discussion is either about health problems or how everything was so much better before - but at least there’s a doge. You, my little friend, might be the only thing that gets me through this day. You good lass.